Vaccines. Would You Rather?

I don’t want to be “that crazy mom.”

That’s what a friend said when I explained all this vaccine business to her and suggested that, if she intended to continue vaccinating her children, she should always request single-dose vials and inspect them to make sure they are new and un-punctured.

I don’t want to be “that crazy mom.”

I can’t get that sentence out of my head.

It’s not like I went all anti-thimerosal on her and said she should quit poisoning her kids with all those toxic ingredients and quit vaccines cold-turkey. No, I told her to be smart about them. I gave her real science. Should I have been insulted? Outraged? She just called me “that crazy mom!”

I would rather face disapproval, ridicule and venom from a doctor who is nothing more than a pusher for Pharma, than let him assault my child with a needle. I would rather endure harsh scowls from nurses who now have to dispose of that shot they had prepared, after assuming I would roll over and let them jab my child. I would rather argue for days with parents who think they know better and that my child should somehow bear the burden of protecting theirs. I would rather throw myself in front of an oncoming freight train than ever let my daughter get another vaccine.

I know that my friend feels just as strongly about protecting her children, so I’ve drawn the conclusion that I simply was not convincing enough. What’s it going to take to convince the moms out there that it is up to US to take a stand and reject the outright maiming of our kids?  Because it is NOT acceptable for a mother to be more afraid of judgment from a doctor than she is of the consequences of a contaminated vaccine on her precious children. (And I’m not being facetious–they ARE precious. All of our children are precious and it is our duty to nurture and protect them, just as it is a doctor’s duty to first do no harm.) It’s unfortunate that the majority of doctors are too cowardly to accept their portion of responsibility in this matter, and put it all on us moms–pitting us against each other to fight it out in the Wild West of social media.

Let me remind: I’m not talking about thimerosal or aluminum or aborted fetal tissue here. What I’m pointing out is that a vaccine that’s contaminated with a mold/fungus/anything starting with ‘myco’ is BAD NEWS. It is well known that fungi are immunosuppressive and have the ability to un-attenuate any attenuated viruses in live-virus vaccines (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).


That’s why it’s so important to transport and store vaccines at the required temperature, ensure that they are not used beyond the expiration date, and minimize their exposure to oxygen and repeated syringe insertions.

A lapse in any of those controls can encourage fungal growth and increase the chances that a given vaccine could be a child’s last. I thought I was being pretty reasonable to say, “yeah, go ahead if you must; just try to get single-doses.”

Look: This is the New York Times (1) revealing the reason that thimerosal was put in vaccines in the first place.

“A group of prominent doctors and public health experts warns in articles to be published Monday in the journal Pediatrics that banning thimerosal, a mercury compound used as a preservative in vaccines, would devastate public health efforts in developing countries.

Representatives from governments around the world will meet in Geneva next month in a session convened by the United Nations Environmental Program to prepare a global treaty to reduce health hazards by banning certain products and processes that release mercury into the environment.

But a proposal that the ban include thimerosal, which has been used since the 1930s to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination in multidose vials of vaccines, has drawn strong criticism from pediatricians.

They say that the ethyl-mercury compound is critical for vaccine use in the developing world, where multidose vials are a mainstay. Banning it would require switching to single-dose vials for vaccines, which would cost far more and require new networks of cold storage facilities and additional capacity for waste disposal, the authors of the articles said.”

Is this mechanism really so difficult to understand?
Is it really so hard to believe when we have stories like this one (6) from 2012, about 64 deaths and more than 800 cases of meningitis from a fungally-contaminated steroid injection?
Is it really so hard to believe, when the deadly steroid was manufactured right here in the U.S., while most vaccines are manufactured overseas, with little real oversight?
Have you seen the FDA’s reports on the conditions at some of these manufacturing facilities? I wouldn’t want to do my laundry there, let alone welcome one of their moldy-ass concoctions into my daughter’s bloodstream.
Here’s a letter from the FDA to Sanofi Pasteur in 2012, citing multiple incidents of non-compliance.

“There have been no less than 58 documented non-conformances relating to the isolation of mold within the BCG aseptic processing areas (Grade (b)(4) areas) of Building (b)(4) since August 2010.”

Am I “that crazy mom?” Would I rather tell a doctor where to stick his vaccine than cross my fingers and hope my kid’s shot didn’t come with a bonus stray mold spore? Would you? Still need convincing?
Here (5) is an excellent study from Russia that tells us,

1. Between 15% and 100% of the cell cultures used for pharmaceutical manufacturing are contaminated with mycoplasma.

2. Such contamination causes problems like immunosuppression, viral proliferation and cell death.

3. Such contamination is both extremely difficult to detect and extremely difficult to eradicate using currently available methods.

4. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately, and may necessitate scrapping all existing cell cultures and starting over.

“In 1956, for the purpose of investigating the effects of mycoplasma on eukaryotic cells, Robinson et al. infected cell cultures with these microorganisms. they found that the original cell culture had already been contaminated with mycoplasma. This was the first report on the detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures [4]. Subsequently, it became clear that mycoplasma contamination is the scourge of cell cultures. It turns out that all cell cultures originating from various eukaryotic organisms (mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects and plants) are subject to mycoplasma contamination. Experimental studies conducted in various countries have shown the mycoplasma infection rate among cultures in different laboratories to vary from 15% to 80% and, in some, to even reach 100% [3, 5].”…
“Despite the fact the hundreds of genes whose expression changes upon contamination of eukaryotic cells with mycoplasma have been identified [41–45], no common markers of mycoplasma contamination have been found. Mycoplasmas may trigger the activation of macrophages cultivated in vitro, suppression of antigen presentation, modification of the immune reactivity, signal transduction, viral proliferation, and apoptosis [40, 46–54]. Mycoplasma contamination may remain unnoticed for a rather long time; visible changes appear only at high multiplicity of the infection [1, 3]. The most serious effect of contamination is the loss of the cell culture due to the growth of microorganisms and, respectively, the irreversible worsening of the condition of the cells.”…

“Thus, mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures and mycoplasma diagnosis and elimination remain serious problems [1, 3, 7, 69, 83, 84]. It is absolutely clear that reliable methods for detecting infectious agents and decontamination methods are needed, which would be based first and foremost on a thorough investigation of mycoplasma genetics and physiology. the discovery of the extracellular vesicular traffic in mycoplasmas mediating cell-to-cell interactions and pathogenesis makes it necessary to take into account new infectious agents. Since cell cultures are used to produce vaccines and physiologically active compounds, quickly solving the discussed issue is topical both for fundamental science and the biotechnological production of pure, next-generation products.”

Moms, it’s up to you. Don’t let them shame you into Russian roulette with your children’s lives. Would you rather put on your best bitch face and play doctor’s office smackdown, or kick yourself every day for the rest of your life wishing you had?

1. Vaccine Rule Is Said to Hurt Health Efforts

By Sabrina Tavernise

The New York Times, Dec. 17, 2012
2. 1953: Fungi activate viruses


John B. Nelson

J Exp Med. 1953 October 31; 98(5): 441–450.

PMCID: PMC2136329

“The combined infection of Princeton mice with eperythrozoa and the virus component of Gledhill, Dick, and Andrewes, which is nearly inactive when injected alone, resulted in acute hepatitis with fatal outcome.”
3. CDC

Human Exposure to Brucella abortus Strain RB51 — Kansas, 1997

MMWR Weekly

March 13, 1998 / 47(09);172-175

“The vaccine had caused active B. abortus infection because the 14-month-old heifer delivering the calf was not known to be pregnant [immunosuppressed] when she was vaccinated with RB51 at approximately 8 months of age, which was within the specified age range for vaccination. The heifer was administered the RB51 vaccine dosage recommended for calves, which was 10 times the dosage recommended for adult or pregnant cattle.”
4. United States Patent 7,632,510

Chang, December 15, 2009

Methods of inducing flavivirus immune responses through the administration of recombinant flaviviruses comprising an engineered japanese encephalitis virus signal sequence

“Finally, there is the risk that the virus may not be fully or completely inactivated or attenuated and thus, the vaccine may actually cause disease.”

5. Mycoplasma Contamination of Cell Cultures: Vesicular Traffic in Bacteria and Control over Infectious Agents

V. M. Chernov1,2, O. A. Chernova1,2, J. T. Sanchez-Vega3, А. I. Kolpakov2*, О. N. Ilinskaya2

1Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Kazan Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Lobachevskogo Str., 2/3, 1420111, Kazan, Russia

Click to access AN20758251-22-041.pdf

6. Killer Pharmacy: Inside a Medical Mass Murder Case

Newsweek, April16, 2015

By Kurt Eichenwald

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