Hope in Unity in Truth

What does hope look like? A sunrise? A fluffy puppy? A day of no pain, no worry, no sickness or despair?

Or does it look like the people we know; the fighters, the benevolent warriors, the shining lights of this never-ending crusade for justice? The ones who never give up, who keep giving until they have nothing left to give, and then give some more?

David Skidmore is one such glimmer of hope. He is known throughout the Lyme world as the artist behind the “Lyme Loonies” cartoon series. He has always been there for us, and he will be immortalized in his illustrations. But he has been fully spent, having recently announced his retirement. I can’t blame him for needing out. This activism business is brutal.  And I can’t thank him enough for fulfilling my wish for this particular illustration. He has given me—US—sheer perfection.

Beaux 1

Take note, Lyme Criminals:

What this signifies is something far bigger than even your egos.

This is a pivotal moment. We Lymish are growing wise to your scam. We are unifying behind the truth. And we are hungry for justice. The lone advocate in the sandbox has made plenty of friends, and the playground is now full of kids who know better—kids who know the truth and will stop at nothing to ensure that it is unleashed upon you.


Say it with me:

Lyme is not a controversy; it is a CRIME.

The testing is not flawed; it is FRAUD.

Justice is within our grasp. Keep reaching. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

Hope looks like unity behind the truth.





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2 replies

  1. Hmmm, but It really seems like that day never will come.
    Is hope really the last to die? or death comes while we keep up hope?

    I have lost my hope a while ago.
    These days I just ride along more like a dead fish. I Rx myself antibiotics and try this, try that……In the hope I can get out of bed, another day to go to work, to earn money to pay the bills I accumulated while trying this, trying that, …..hoping something will work. These days I know more what to treat on my own. And I am one of those lucky ones.
    One day I stopped contacting everyone. I wanted to see how many people would reach back to me first. Phone was dead. The phone died before hope. Because when you have lyme people steer away.
    So one day I forwarded to 50 people my ospA message with a link and an explanation….couple times I did this.
    SILENCE stood still for days.
    2 weeks later someone (out of 50 people) contacted me. They tried to convince me to enroll is some MLM fancy lipstick shit.

    Nobody cared (except for the lipstick girl)….. I should have txt msg “woman eats live kitten…” I would have got 50 replies back.

    I love the vignette by the way, it just wraps it up so well. 🙂


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