Mental Health Death Match: Vodka v. MDs

Always remember that when it comes to celebrity advice, following the money is easier than taking a trip to the bathroom. However, you may want to shower or at least wash your hands after doing so.

I saw a “PSA” of Ted Danson saying “talk to your doctor about your feelings” and immediately had a WTF reaction, wondering who he was whoring for, and how anyone with half a brain could make such a ridiculous suggestion.

I guess when you’ve had several highly successful TV series and you’ve whored for other corporate marketeers (see Ted and vodka, which may be a better emotional sounding board) without a second thought (money weighs more than principles, of course), the concept of doctors having all the power in the doctor-patient relationship is completely foreign. After all, doctors are just whores in white coats, and in the same way Ted Danson doesn’t discriminate against his paymasters on the basis of product/principle, doctors are eager to please the highest bidder, whether that be an insurance company or a celebrity.

So, apparently this is a campaign by Cigna, and they’ve enlisted the tall and creepy yet soft spoken John Malkovich to help roll it out. (For real, I met him once and he is really tall.)

“Talk to your doctor about your feelings.” It’s a nice concept, from a place of privilege, without any understanding of what the average person goes through trying to obtain “care” for their “health”. The horror stories of victims being accused of faking illness are even making it into the MSM—like the 7-year-old who employed advanced witchcraft to concoct the illusion of self-paralysis:

We normal people know that the very last thing you want to do in a doctor’s office is admit any emotional vulnerability, because that’s what goes on your permanent record or gets kids taken away, or worse. Just use your imagination—it probably has happened.

So, thanks, Cigna, and Ted and John (and whatever other celebs with no health or money worries might soon be signing on), but we don’t need and won’t accept your paid schtick for the druggem-and-forgettem purveyors of iatrogenic medical fraud. If we all could afford to pay doctors to do the right thing rather than to do what the sponsor wants, maybe then we could have a real conversation about mental health. But first these whores need to figure out basic things having to do with physical health, like how different microbes cause disease, and what’s actually being injected into babies every couple months, and how that might be unhealthy.

Yeah, that’s a start: figure out why perfectly healthy babies are dropping dead, then talk to me about who’s the crazy in this relationship.

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  1. I have been trying to teach SOMATOpsycho origin of disease since 1978. Of the few people who now accept that reality, they were only able to come to terms with it by having experienced it themselves. Psychosomatic has been sold as a meme for so long that it is burnt into the Read Only Memory of the human herd. Neuroborelliosis is a prime example of this. With worms and spirochetes burrowing through your brain and spinal cord OF COURSE you’re going to have emotional problems. All doctors are taught that if a patient reports migrating pain that they should be referred to the psyche ward, yet migrating pains are a hallmark of lyme and also toxocariasis = visceral larval migrans. As with all of these dealings with a profession recognized by the courts as ‘expert OPINION’ THERE ARE NO CLINICAL TESTS FOR ANY OF THE ABSURDITIES IN THE DSM. Consensus opinion. You’re nuts – because we SAID SO. Whom the gods would destroy they first declare mad. With that as an absolute foundation then it is clear that all of those involved in the mental unhealth industrial machine should have a nice round of electroshock therapy to disabuse them of their god-complex before the whole operation is disbanded as unlawful.

    Regarding actors selling anything: they are behavioral liars. It is their trade. Why would anyone listen to anything they have to say? So why the aging star-power to sell an agenda? The previous administration is finalizing the work started by Jose Delgado in the 1950s of Mapping The Brain, so it is my considered opinion that they are attempting to map Dissent so that they can eradicate it so that everyone accepts their permanent Lyme infection without even knowing it is there. After all: there aren’t enough ticks on the planet to have infected the numbers of folks with this pandemic so, like the recent Italian vaccine expose they have to be shooting it into people at the very least and then letting the communicable aspects of the disease work its way through the population. And THAT kind of speculation is the the very thing that they are trying to erase out of the human creature because if we can think and project how we are being predated and parasitized then we can hunt the hunter and eliminate the problem at the source. One out of two boys are predicted to get autism by 2020. Who among them, even if idiot-savants could put together the conspiracies and then formulate a plan around it? Talk to your doctor about your feelings so that they can tag you as threats to the Plan and remove you accordingly.


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