First Vaccinate the Government Officials

Recently I filed a complaint with the Nebraska Attorney General regarding the Lyme “vaccine” trials that are being conducted by a company called Celerion in Lincoln, NE. I think I was pretty clear about the problems with the “vaccine,” but the response was unbelievably lame.

Here is what I said:

“There is a clinical trial underway in Lincoln that has the potential to cause egregious harm to the unwitting participants.

As you can see, this is a Phase I trial for a Lyme disease vaccine. First of all, it is important to know that the organism that causes Lyme disease CANNOT be vaccinated against because its mechanism of immune evasion is called antigenic variation. Antibodies produced against the antigen being expressed become useless because the organism sheds its outer surface to express different antigens, thereby becoming a moving target. Secondly, the antigen being used in the vaccine is one of the outer surface proteins, OspA. The vaccine maker claims, ridiculously, that an attached tick will ingest human OspA antibodies which will then travel to the tick’s midgut and kill the spirochetes. Never mind that ticks have been called “nature’s dirty needle” and can transmit disease within hours of attachment, or that antibodies against a single outer surface protein do NOT have the ability to kill an organism which undergoes antigenic variation and has been known since at least 1911 to be unkillable.

Additionally, the antigen being used, OspA, is a well known “fungal” type endotoxin, meaning that it is co-managed by toll-like receptors 2 and 1 (TLR2/1), immune receptors that manage other “fungal” type antigens such as mycoplasmas, m. tuberculosis, and some of the antigens on the surface of the meningococcal serogroup B organism, among others. These types of antigens have the ability to cause sepsis and subsequent “post sepsis syndrome” or” immune paralysis” or “endotoxin tolerance” (see NIH or search PubMed; this is well documented), or a type of B cell AIDS.
Valneva is injecting unwitting victims with a known sepsis-producing endotoxin that is THE CAUSE of LYME DISEASE, and calling it a “vaccine.” In this report,!po=37.8788 

they state that it is the lipidation of the molecule that causes the immune response. That is correct, and that is the definition of OspA, being a triacyl (3 fatty acid chains) LIPOprotein, or “Pam3Cys.” You simply cannot INJECT this stuff into humans. The degree of surface exposure of the lipids can affect their immunogenicity, but the authors state quite plainly that the unlipidated version does not produce the same immune response.

FYI, this is an exact repeat of the failed LYMErix vaccine which was pulled from the market via FDA ultimatum in 2002.

The perpetrators have gotten away with it to this day because the class action lawsuits against LYMErix focused solely on the few cases that have a genetic predisposition to an an autoimmune arthritis response. The CDC officers who held the patents, redefined the disease to suit those patents and dictated the diagnostic guidelines so that only those few arthritis cases could get a diagnosis. They did this in 1994 when LYMErix trials were underway and they knew that OspA could never be a vaccine because of the immunosuppression outcomes that the majority of victims suffer. They simply changed the testing to exclude those cases that do not have an HLA-linked arthritic knee.

What this means is that there is not a valid (by FDA standards for scientific validity) test to determine whether someone has Lyme disease. Subsequently, there is not a VALID way to determine whether any Lyme “vaccine” is effective, even if one completely ignores the scientific basis for the IMPOSSIBILITY of vaccinating against Borreliae. It also means that victims of Lyme tick bite post-sepsis have been lied to, slandered and medically abused since 1994, unable to get diagnosed, unable to get disability, ending up deathly ill, unemployed, broke, and homeless. You might want to let your health department know, as they seem to think that the testing is accurate and that “Lyme disease” doesn’t exist in Nebraska.

I live in Kansas and have contacted my AG, Derek Schmidt, about the Lyme crime, in general. You have a bigger problem on your hands with this “vaccine” trial. I have friends in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin who also are in contact with their AGs and legislators on this matter. It would be nice if we Midwesterners could team up and prosecute this crime so the millions of victims can get treatment and restitution.

PS: The easiest target is Yale who owns a patent for a scientifically valid test for Lyme, but did not use it to assess the outcome of their other patent, the fake LYMErix vaccine, because they knew LYMErix did not work.


They’re also the source of the majority of the slander and libel against the victims.
For more info see,,


This is the response I received:




So, I told the AG, whose job it is to protect consumers from fraud, that this “vaccine” is a scientific fraud, it has a likelihood of harming unsuspecting consumers, and that the Nebraska Department of Health is clueless about ANY of this. Yet the AG says, “Thanks, but that’s not our job, so we gave it to the morons who insist that the disease doesn’t exist.” Oy.
Trial participants: I suggest you lawyer up now.
Anyhoo, I bring this up because I’ve been thinking about the ridiculous claims by the “vaccine” developers that anti-OspA antibodies actually migrate to the tick and disinfect the tick’s midgut before any disease can be transmitted:


“OspA is expressed in culture and on the spirochete surface when in the tick gut. It is down regulated once the tick begins to feed and is replaced by OspC on the surface. Anti-OspA antibodies act in the tick gut to block transmission. Therefore, protection is dependent on a sufficient level of circulating anti-OspA specific antibodies.”



This was the Exact same claim as was made with the fake, failed, fraudulent LYMErix…


“B. burgdorferi express OspA while residing in the midgut of the infected tick, but OspA is downregulated after tick attachment and is usually undetectable or absent when B. burgdorferi is inoculated into the human host.15 Thus, a novel hypothesis has been proposed to explain the effectiveness of lipoprotein OspA vaccination: when infected ticks bite humans who have been vaccinated with LYMErix, the vaccine-induced antibodies are taken up by the tick and interact with the B. burgdorferi in the midgut of the tick, thereby preventing transmission of the organism to the host.”


It’s also the claim that Lyme Krook Mark Klempner is making about his OspA antibody product.


So I’ve been thinking, how do these guys get away with such blatant lies? Because the honest scientists, whoever they are, are afraid to call out their colleagues’ bullshit? Because doctors don’t read? Because our education system is designed to produce drones who are incapable of producing a critical thought? I really don’t know. But it’s a seriously stupid claim that my good friend has likened to creating “walking canisters of tick disinfectant.”


I said to myself, “Self, what do you think the CDC has to say about this?”
Well, they said this, first of all:


“Recently, confocal microscopy has allowed direct determination of specific spirochetal proteins synthesized in salivary glands. This approach has shown that small populations of spirochetes expressing OspA are present in the tick salivary glands and the dermis at the site of tick feeding early during the tick bloodmeal, but these spirochetes do not appear to be infectious.”
Schwan TG, Piesman J. Vector Interactions and Molecular Adaptations of Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever Spirochetes Associated with Transmission by Ticks. Emerg Infect Dis. 2002;8(2):115-121.


They said, “…these spirochetes do not appear to be infectious.” Ummmm…okay. Never mind that it’s the OspA, as a triacyl lipoprotein, that causes disease. So there are OspA-expressing spirochetes in the tick’s salivary gland, making it entirely possible for OspA-SLYMErix disease to be transmitted upon initial tick spit injection. (Do I really have to cite the CDC saying so?) “Small amounts of saliva from the tick may also enter the skin of the host animal during the feeding process. If the tick contains a pathogen, the organism may be transmitted to the host animal in this way.”

And if you’re thinking, “But the chances are slim, because there may only be one or a few spirochetes there,” think again.
1951: Relapse Phenomena in Rats with a Single Spirochete

Felsenfeld and Barbour talking about the Single Spirochete Phenomenon:
OK, good to know that the CDC said OspA- expressing borreliae may be present in the tick’s salivary gland, but the topic was, “Are OspA Antibodies Stealth Spirochete-Killing Drones?” From the same CDC report as above, the tick disinfectant theory is debunked:


“Originally, it was suggested that anti-OspA antibodies actually sterilized the tick, eliminating all spirochetes present before they were transmitted (13). ***Subsequent studies with variable levels of anti-OspA antibody showed that ticks were only occasionally sterilized, at the highest levels of antibody in an immune host. More subtle effects were demonstrated with passively transferred anti-OspA antibody, which demonstrated that spirochete populations in the midgut were diminished but not eliminated.***

CDC says, “Tick disinfectant? Nuh-uh.”
They went on to say:

“This diminution also prevented the switch from OspA expression to OspC expression and prevented dispersal of spirochetes to the salivary glands and transmission to the host (21). Thus, the action of anti-OspA antibody ingested by the tick had subtle effects on spirochete populations that blocked transmission to the host.”


Only some of the spirochetes were killed by OspA antibodies, and somehow the survivors continued to express OspA instead of switching to OspC. Hmm. Interesting.

In case you missed that citation earlier:
Schwan TG, Piesman J. Vector Interactions and Molecular Adaptations of Lyme Disease and Relapsing Fever Spirochetes Associated with Transmission by Ticks. Emerg Infect Dis. 2002;8(2):115-121.



Here Mario Philipp also debunked the tick disinfectant theory, in 1999, saying anti-OspA antibodies are inefficient without complement:

“We compared the in vitro killing efficiencies of anti-OspA antibody elicited in rhesus monkeys by the OspA vaccine, in the presence and in the absence of monkey complement. Killing in the absence of complement was between 14 and 3,800 times less efficient than with complement present, depending on the spirochete strain.”

Infect Immun. 1999 Jan; 67(1): 443–445. PMCID: PMC96334 Jena M. Nowling and Mario T. Philipp*


And here, German Lyme crook Volker Fingerle explains what a great vaccine candidate OspA is, since it’s entirely possible for it to be present in the tick’s midgut AND salivary glands during feeding.

“These results indicate that in I. ricinus removed from humans OspC is up-regulated during the blood meal of the tick, but in most ticks OspA is still detectable and might even be present in the absence of OspC expression in the midgut and salivary glands of nearly fully engorged nymphal ticks. Furthermore, we found strong evidence that borreliae expressing solely OspA while in the salivary glands can cause Lyme borreliosis. Our findings indicate that during tick feeding, humans are exposed to borreliae that may express either OspA or OspC or both, or lack both OspA and C. These findings suggests that, at the minimum, both OspA and C should be considered as vaccine candidates for prophylaxis of Lyme borreliosis in Europe.”


Additionally, here we have Stephen Barthold (currently of UC Davis) confirming that when spirochetes do undergo antigenic variation in the tick’s midgut upon initiation of a blood meal, the OspA is deposited into the toxic soup of the gut.


“After ticks attach and begin feeding, the spirochetes rapidly multiply (12), down-regulate or ***shed OspA,*** and up-regulate OspC during their migration to the salivary glands (41).”
INFECTION AND IMMUNITY, July 2002, p. 3382–3388 Borrelia burgdorferi Population Kinetics and Selected Gene Expression at the Host-Vector Interface; Emir Hodzic, Sunlian Feng, Kimberly J. Freet, Dori L. Borjesson, and Stephen W. Barthold*


Isn’t this why we’re always warned against commando-style tick removal, like matches, solvents, squeezing and twisting? Don’t use your bare fingers to yank that sucker out, because it might puke its gut contents right into you!

At this point it should be really freaking obvious that anyone claiming that OspA is a vaccine needs to be brought up on homicide charges. Nebraska AG, take note.


This is reference 41 from Barthold’s report above:

“However, it is unclear how long spirochetes continue to produce this protein after entering mammalian hosts because few animals, including humans, make antibodies to this protein during infection (20-22).

T G Schwan, J Piesman, W T Golde, M C Dolan, and P A Rosa; Induction of an outer surface protein on Borrelia burgdorferi during tick feeding. PNAS 1995 92 (7) 2909-2913; doi:10.1073/pnas.92.7.2909


Oh, so it’s those CDC guys again, during LYMErix trials, saying they didn’t really even know when that OspA-OspC switch happens, and that humans generally don’t make antibodies against OspA, anyway. Right. As we know, very few do, and they’re the ones who tend not to be sick. So….what is the point of an OspA “vaccine,” again?

Exactly: none whatsoever. Unless someone is looking for a payday.



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