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  1. This video contains an enormous amount of information. Many of us hadn’t grasped the scope of the issue even though we know bits and pieces of the story. If a transcript could be edited down to 10-20 pages it could provide valuable information for Congress. I’d be happy to help with editing. Please feel to contact me personally (at the email I provided when I signed up) if you have any interest in this. I also have some info related to one of the organizations that may (or may not) be useful to you.

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  2. Is there a transcript of the latest video?


  3. Beaux, I got your email, I am happy that Kathleen and you found each other! Also Vidar! You all are highly intelligent and I thank you for working so hard to get these cryminals put behind bars! I do the best I can understanding all the chemistry, etc.I am right behind you, and again thank you for all you do! I know it consumes a hell of a lot of time, as I have spent a lot of time reading what I can understand of all of the literature you guys put out!

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  4. We want these criminals to pay for the Cryme’s they have committed to put $ in their pockets!

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