Immunosuppression Diseases

ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, GWI, Autism

The Fibromyalgia Lie

What is fibromyalgia? “Unsurprisingly, the exaggerated pain in the dorsal root (pressure points) of Fibromyalgia is the result of infection (likeliest, herpes) and “nerve growth factor over-expression,” meaning the actual pain is in the actual nerve root and this is… Read More ›

Dear, Dear Mrs. Steere

FACT: All of this medical abuse is a direct result of the lies spoken and published by the ALDF/CDC/Yale enterprise since the early 1990s. That’s right: 25 years of ABUSE heaped upon FAILURE TO TREAT a real, organic illness that Allen Steere said was similar to cancer, before he said it was just a bum knee.

Independence Day WTF

“…when all else fails–even the one about the guns–this place is still for the people and by the people, and our God-given, individual rights as humans on this planet take precedence over everything else.”

Moms are Scary and Lyme and Surveillance

To recap: The government says women are more likely to get immunosuppression diseases but denies that they are real diseases with a valid biologic cause and says to “treat the symptoms” with pharmaceuticals even though such drugs are contraindicated for, and can even cause death in, this patient population.

Yay government!