Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome: *wink, wink*

I have been learning quite a bit lately about the inner workings of Google and how to turn up on the first page of search results. Put quite simply, the content should have as many key search terms and phrases as possible to reach the intended audience.

For example, if someone suspects he or she may have chronic Lyme disease, which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)–headed by Tom Frieden, along with the AstroTurf non-profit American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) and Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) Refer to as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, he or she might Google the following terms:

  • Lyme disease
  • Chronic Lyme disease
  • Post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome
  • Lyme post treatment syndrome
  • Post Lyme disease treatment syndrome
  • Lyme disease post treatment syndrome
  • IDSA Lyme treatment guidelines
  • IDSA post treatment Lyme disease
  • IDSA post Lyme treatment syndrome
  • IDSA Lyme disease post syndrome treatment
  • Neuroborreliosis 
  • Chronic neuroborreliosis
  • Permanent spirochetal brain infection
  • OspA Lyme disease bleb factor
  • CDC Lyme post treatment syndrome
  • CDC Centers for Disease Confabulation syndrome
  • Lyme disease post non treatment sepsis shithole vortex of death
  • You get the picture

Our team at the Society for Advancement of Scientific Hermeneutics (SASH) discovered that our coverage is excellent when the term “Lyme post sepsis syndrome” is searched.

SEO, baby!

Check it out: there’s the sorry little CDC in the #9 spot. Let’s give them a nice big LOL and thank them for their effort!

Even more interesting: when did they remove the “treatment” from “post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome?” Crap! I just started putting those keywords and tags into all my posts. Now I’m gonna have to change everything to post Lyme disease syndrome!

But wait! What are they really saying there?

Oh, I see! They got one of their hideous trolls to do some SEO of their own! Looky there, in the link: postLDS. But when you go to the site, BAIT AND SWITCH! False advertising!

I was starting to think they were talking about the same thing we are–after all, post-Lyme disease syndrome (without the “treatment”) really has just about the same meaning as Lyme post-sepsis syndrome, or post-sepsis syndrome, which is what the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is calling it.

In conclusion, while it appears the CDC is scrambling to get some better search results, we just tell it like it is.

Hey, I also heard Google is going to start making hashtags searchable. I guess I have my work cut out for me, making all those updates! #LymeWarriorSEO

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