Ice in Their Veins, Blood on Their Hands

To say that I am angry about the state of affairs with Lyme disease would be a grievous understatement–right? If you have been following my blog, that much, at least, is clear. The thing is, once you understand the chain of events in the Lyme Cryme, and who perpetrated what, it’s impossible NOT to be pissed off beyond repair.

It’s like a DirecTV commercial–you know, the ones that describe an increasingly horrible chain of events that start with choosing cable over DirecTV, and end with an elephant crashing through your roof. But worse–much worse.

Don’t wear a bear suit to a Cosplay convention! When you wear a bear suit to a Cosplay convention, you get trapped and released into the wilderness. When you get trapped and released into the wilderness, you get multiple tick bites. When you get multiple tick bites, you get a permanent brain infection, but nobody believes you and you can’t get diagnosed or treated. When you can’t get diagnosed or treated…need I go on?

Take that Lyme Cryme knowledge, and add the anguish that we in the Lyme victims’ world experience every single day. Then, add the pain and sorrow and grief and suffering and death of others that we witness primarily through Facebook support groups, and it’s a formula for an uprising of epic proportions. If only we could physically uprise. The fact that most of us are barely functional enough to keep ourselves fed, clothed and sheltered, let alone help other victims or take an activist position, just adds fuel to my anger.

I may come across as a hardened bitch. It’s true, I want the Lyme criminals prosecuted, bankrupted, and rotting in jail. But I cry almost every day over friends and strangers alike, who are suffering and dying because of the greed, cowardice and malice of those who created this situation.

I cry for people like the teenage daughter of a woman who contacted me out of sheer desperation. She was trying to find any information that could help her daughter–anything to give the doctors the slightest clue as to what could be going on. As I type this, the girl is in her local ICU fighting for her life, while the doctors stand around with their thumbs in their asses. How the hell can this be happening? This once smart, active, vibrant, funny girl has encephalitis (which they diagnosed there, at the hospital, by the way) so bad that she can’t communicate, can’t remember her dog’s name, can’t straighten her head to forward-facing position, can’t move her arm, can’t get out of bed. She has been sick for four years, getting progressively worse. Doctors who made house calls had the gall to suggest she was faking it. Now she is just hanging on, and still, they are doing nothing for her–and apparently, the neurologist is off for the weekend. My tears tonight are for this young woman, and her warrior mom, and loving family.

Earlier today we heard news of a young MIT student who took her own life by jumping from an upper deck of a parking garage. She had been experiencing symptoms of pain and fatigue, among others, and couldn’t take it any more. Sounds suspiciously like undiagnosed Lyme, or what the crooks call “post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome” (PTLDS), AKA post-sepsis syndrome. I cried for her this morning.

How about all these dozens of people on YouCaring, trying to figure out how to pay for treatment, or their rent, or food for their family, or medicine for their sick kids? How about the young man in Canada, abandoned by his non-believing family, who’s lost his career as a photographer, and just about everything else? His only support comes from a ragtag bunch of Lyme patients who formed a Facebook group whose purpose literally is to save his life. They make me cry, too.

I recently asked a rhetorical question: What is illness without dignity? A dear friend replied, “hopelessness.” I bawled.

Through my Lyme groups, I have made good friends who have cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, diabetes, MS, you name it. I have shed many tears for those friends. I’d like to save up the crackly dried tear-crystals to rub into the shackle-sores of the Lyme criminals as they rot in jail. I’m sorry if that’s overly dramatic, but, they deserve that and much more.

Based on the chargeable offenses in the Lyme Cryme (take a look at the charge sheets, also here) and the resulting series of ever-more-unfortunate events (including deaths), I believe that the alleged criminals are the worst kind of low-lifes. They would rather turn a blind eye to the suffering of children (or worse, encourage their kidnapping by DCF, a la Justina Pelletier), than man-up and admit any wrongdoing. That would require a conscience. Apparently, they look forward to taking their warm seats in hell.

Make no mistake: the falsification of Lyme testing and the execution of the Dearborn farce have led to thousands upon thousands of deaths and the disablement of millions. The perpetrators know who they are. We know by their cowardly lack of action on our behalf that they feel no remorse. That kind of narcissist only feels remorse over himself getting caught. I guarantee that is going to happen, and when it does, we will cry tears of joy, my friends.

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  1. I have always thought that it was interesting that conventional doctors were unable to help me, but as soon as we started working with a naturopath we started to make progress in treatment for Lyme. When I went down the whole rabbithole of Lyme Cryme, it all made sense. NDs are not in the pockets of big pharma or the insurance companies.


  2. They’re in cahoots with BigPharma, B. Kaiser-Permanente was in with the from the beginning.

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  3. “Thinning of the Herd” as this disease robs you of 20+ years of life and ONLY profits the Pharmas and lines the pockets of ill-informed physicians with billable insurance hours. One would THINK that insurance companies would catch on to this scam, but in actuality, they are aware that the less time you live, the less they have to pay out of pocket in the long run. It’s all about $$ for them and their bean counters.

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