Why There Can’t be a Real Lyme Test

If you have Lyme disease and ever wondered why the tests suck, you need to watch the film, “The Bleeding Edge.”


It explains how medical device manufacturers get away with putting harmful devices on the market through FDA 510(k) approval.

Diagnostic tests are considered medical devices, so they are subject to the same ridiculous approval process as the birth control devices and hip replacements featured in the film. A manufacturer must simply prove that its diagnostic test, or device, is “substantially equivalent” to another one that’s already on the market. As explained in the film, this creates a “daisy chain” of products that are approved based on one that may subsequently have been found to be harmful. In the case of Lyme testing, the original test that has been used for substantial equivalence since 1995 detects only 15% of actual cases and is based on research fraud.

This is why TRUTHCURES insists that the only way to get accurate testing for Lyme and acknowledgement of its severely disabling effects, is to expose and prosecute the CDC/ALDF/SmithKline/APHL 1994 Dearborn scam. This event created the original false standard on which ALL Lyme tests have been predicated since 1995.

We are striking at the root of the problem, as opposed to whacking at the thousands of branches. Once you understand this issue about the testing, you will see that it is the only way to truth and justice.

There is a lot of noise lately about new Lyme diagnostics being developed. Notice that most of the tests in development are part of a new! “modified two-tier” system, which is essentially two ELISAs instead of an ELISA followed by a Western blot. Why is this significant? Because there is a new vaccine in development, of course.

Remember that the current testing detects only the HLA-linked hypersensitivity cases that typically have an arthritic knee with no other symptoms. These cases represent about 15% of the population. They are genetically competent to produce enough antibodies to fight the bug. The rest of us—85%—suffer immunosuppression from the outer surface proteins of Borreliae. We can’t test positive to save our life, yet there is plenty of proof from before the Dearborn stunt that the “seronegative” patients are sickest.

When Lyme vaccines were first in development, in the early 1990s, there was no way to “prove” LYMErix’s efficacy if there was no way to accurately diagnose the disease. They had to be able to identify an expected proportion of vaccine failure, which can only be done by having a test that says definitively, Yes You Have Lyme Disease, or No You Do Not Have Lyme Disease. The “seronegative,” or low-antibody, immunosuppressed, sickest cases became a confounding factor. So SmithKline, working with government insiders and the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), changed the entire disease definition to fit the vaccine model. They threw out 85% of cases, the sickest victims who they then trashed as psych cases, Munchausers, fakers and frauds, and created the false two-tier testing scheme that we’re stuck with today.

They managed to get LYMErix on the market, but there was a problem with the Western blot portion of the testing scheme they used in their trials. Participants had such a strong immune response that the blots were smudged, like ink smeared across the strips, rendering them unreadable. After all the trouble of producing expensive research fraud, years of manipulating meetings of federal agencies, and putting in place a testing scheme that misses the majority of cases—again, the sickest among us—they still had to lie about their ability to identify cases of vaccine failure.

What the blots looked like, 2 & 3:

Unreadable Western Blots in OspA vaccinated people:


LYMErix was pulled off the market after a few years. The popular mythology is that it wasn’t selling well. If it wasn’t selling well, that’s because word had gotten out that it was maiming and disabling people. There are reports that 1.5 million people were “vaccinated” with LYMErix. Actually, there were about 1.5 million doses distributed. That doesn’t mean all of them were administered, either. I’ve seen figures that estimate only a couple hundred thousand people got the death shot during the few years it was on the market.

The thing is, it’s impossible to vaccinate against “Lyme” because Borreliae are relapsing fever organisms. The nature of the relapse is such that the immune system goes after the surface antigens and the bug simply sloughs them off and creates different antigens that the immune system must now fight with different antibodies. Since most of these outer surface proteins, or Osps, are triacyl lipoproteins, what ends up happening is that we become quickly “tolerized” to them, meaning the immune system simply becomes oblivious to them. This then causes the cascade of symptoms that we call “chronic Lyme.”

Immunosuppression reliably reactivates latent herpesviruses, and the tolerance spreads to immune receptors for other types of infections (such as viruses, according to Nicole Baumgarth). Our immune systems become overwhelmed, according to Alan Barbour, and according to Adriana Marques, we have humoral immunosuppression with ongoing inflammation in the brain. Obviously this all means that OspA, and the rest of the Osps (according to Mario Phillip), are the opposite of a vaccine.

Now we have a European company called Valneva developing a do-over of LYMErix. They’ve enlisted Eugene Shapiro, of Yale/ALDF Lyme Crook fame, to consult for them.

I suspect that during Phase I trials they discovered the problem with the smeared blots and are behind some of the recent push for the “modified two-tier” scheme. At this point they’ve probably invested hundreds of millions of dollars and are looking for strategies to save their investment. If an FDA-approved testing scheme that doesn’t involve those pesky Western blots is available to them, they only need lie about OspA being an immune stimulator rather than an immune suppressor. They are turning outright lies into an illusion of truth through manipulationof the regulatory process.

An additional benefit that this change will confer to the crooks is that we’ll no longer have access to our Western blot bands. Over the years, many of the crooks/CDC officers have published that one band or another is diagnostic of the disease. Throwing out theWestern blot as the second tier helps them pretend that they never said those things. Most of us know that all you really need for diagnosis is band 41, for flagellin antibody. Will the masses be more complacent and compliant for our masters if we aren’t allowed this bit of information?

Watch this video to see that all of the establishment “scientists,” the ones who participated in the Dearborn/LYMErix stunt and sought to profit from it via vaccines and test kits for all vector-borne diseases, confirm that OspA never could have been a vaccine.

And if you’re interested in the politics of the HHS tick-borne disease working group, watch my video, “Dissection.”


It shows how they are backing vaccines and the further trashing of “chronic Lyme” victims. It also explains some of the same regulatory issues explored by “The Bleeding Edge.”

Until the criminal matter of the Dearborn scam is prosecuted, we will never have a diagnostic test that identifies the true disease of tick bite post-sepsis, an immune deficiency condition that has been ruining lives for four decades while the “authorities” cover their asses.

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  1. A lyme friend of mine who lives in NYC, about a year ago was selected to be a case study for this second Lyme vaccine. At that time it was no revealed to her the exact purpose of the study. Now she is one of those ppl who have always tested positive for lyme, although she is still very sick. She explained to me how difficult was to even be part or accepted in this study. Aside from being positive in both tests the requirement included a recent rash bulls eye or a photo of it…..now it just happened that she also had photo of it. The photo was taken years ago and of course she tested positive years later as well.
    At first the white coats crooks in charge of this particular study, told her she was definetely positive (something she already knew). You know it was like a Duh moment……
    Things got interesting later on. Months later, they called her and told her she had to be rejected from the study because that positive was not a positive. It was all a mistake of the test, she was told….
    hmmm….she was flipping out with outrage.
    It was obvious that the criminals continue to fudge and modify test results in order to get a certain outcome.
    I told her then it was because they are probably working on a vaccine and she was not the person they were looking for.

    It gets always more and more interesting with the lyme test.
    I know of a family member who recently had the 2 tier lyme test and it came out negative. Although this person had already a bulls eye rash.

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  2. The large scale criminal plan includes a significant portion of the population totally incapacitated and on their knees and death beds.
    This is the ultimate population control.

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