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Still standing after 20 years of chronic Lyme disease AKA post sepsis.

  • TruthCures Position on Federal TBD Working Group

    Dear Dr. Wolitski,   On behalf of TruthCures, the only science-based tick-borne disease patient advocacy and activist organization, I am writing to express my objection to the vast majority of appointments to the tick-borne disease working group.   To be… Read More ›

  • Fighting LYMErix 2.0

    When offense is the best defense, have a complete do-over of the fake vaccine that  ruined science for 30 years and gave people the chronic illness that it should have prevented. SmithKline was forced to pull LYMErix off the market… Read More ›

  • Lyme Cryme 101

    Lyme Cryme 101 BACKGROUND INFO The first thing to know when discussing “Lyme disease” is that the term “Lyme disease” itself means different things to different sets of people. For the victims it is obviously a disabling, chronic, neurological condition… Read More ›

  • A Monster of Their Own Creation

    A dramatization of some actual, some probable and some made-up-for-kicks-but-could-be-true-events that comprise one of the most horrifying human rights abuses of all time: Lyme disease.

  • This Week in Lyme

    Score two for the Lymish this week, as we have some unexpected media coverage that sheds light on important topics. First, my Norwegian friend Vidar, who we consider our TruthCures international representative, was published in The Herland Report, a popular… Read More ›

  • First Vaccinate the Government Officials

    Recently I filed a complaint with the Nebraska Attorney General regarding the Lyme “vaccine” trials that are being conducted by a company called Celerion in Lincoln, NE. I think I was pretty clear about the problems with the “vaccine,” but… Read More ›

  • Lyme Caste of Characters and Victimization

    People with Lyme disease often lead a life of extreme isolation. They’re victimized over and over again, each time adding to the pile of trauma. It’s no wonder they frequently end up withdrawing entirely. My friend Lori Dennis, author of Lyme… Read More ›

  • Lyme Friends

    My mother in law, who recently passed away at the age of 86, lamented a few years ago that all of her friends were dying. She was referring to other women and men who had lived long lives, retired, traveled,… Read More ›

  • Lying Lyme Liars

    Alan Barbour, who owns more than 30 patents in this commercial space, insists to this day that there should be a separate genus called “Borreliella” for “Lyme” and “Lyme-like” organisms, and that the genus Borrelia should be reserved for relapsing fever organisms. This is so dumb, one wonders if perhaps he was marching against himself.

  • Lyme and Punishment

    Being a long-tortured victim of the Lyme criminals, it’s easy to fantasize about justice being done, and their pathetic sacks of heartless flesh being dragged off to a cold, dark prison cell that reeks of toilet and mold. But I’ve… Read More ›