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My mother in law, who recently passed away at the age of 86, lamented a few years ago that all of her friends were dying. She was referring to other women and men who had lived long lives, retired, traveled, been blessed with grandchildren, and for the most part, were dying happy and fulfilled.

It’s an entirely different thing when all of your friends are dying and they’re mostly under the age of 60.

We know that this was the experience of the AIDS community in the 1980s, because they got angry and vocal and told the world that their people were being treated like human trash and left to die.

Now, in the year 2017, after 40 years of mystery, intrigue, research, advocacy and activism, all of our Lyme friends are dying and “awareness” and the pursuit of justice only seem to be going backwards.

People need to understand that at the root of the problem is a crime of scientific fraud, and that the reason we never get anywhere is because the criminals have all the power, hold important positions at universities and federal agencies, and maintain the FALSE DICHOTOMY argument of persistent infection or not, through controlled opposition, bought media, crooked journal editors, pharma funding, medical societies, political influence, and disinformation campaigns within the patient realm.

Anyone who has been around more than a couple years should realize that in 40 years things have only gotten worse. Doing the same old activism and making the same tired arguments have not worked. Why is that so hard to see?

How many times do we have to don our neon green garb and throw ourselves at IDSA members, begging them to change the treatment guidelines, before we realize that tactic isn’t working? Is that the definition of insanity?

Anyone who has suffered the long term consequences of a dirty tick bite knows, deep down, that antibiotics are not going to fix the problem. In fact, we’re seeing more and more Lyme patients getting immune deficiency diagnoses from mainstream doctors. Yet, the majority of non-profits and self-proclaimed advocates still stand staunchly behind the dogma that “chronic Lyme” is a persistent bacterial infection that requires more and better antibiotics, more money for research, and better tests to detect spirochetes.

Better testing is key, yes, for detecting early infection. But what are we supposed to do with such a test if and when it comes into existence?


  • New patients still won’t be able to get an appropriate treatment.
  • Doctors, having been kept in the dark for 40 years won’t know what to do with those patients.
  • It won’t do anything to address the physical and immune damage that is inflicted very early in the infection.
  • It will distract from the true disease mechanism by implying that if spirochetes can be detected, then the disease is one of spirochetal infection, only.
  • It will deny any justice or medical help for the millions who have already been suffering for years with the chronic OUTCOME of immune system and organ damage precipitated by spirochetal infection.


That’s right. Every “advocate” who advocates for more research, better tests, better antibiotics, different treatment guidelines, or even whacko biowarfare theories, is either completely missing the real issue or is working for the bad guys. Because all of those arguments exclude the very sickest of us, those among us who have endured years of torture, those of us who have lost everything and lead an empty existence, and those of us who already died or took their own lives.

There, I said it. I’ll say it again. Lyme community, start advocating for meaningful change.

Start advocating for all of your friends with whom you commiserate every day.
Start talking about the issues that can lead to the change that we all know is desperately needed.

What is the disease? It’s a wrecked immune system from the toxic lipoproteins that the spirochetes dump when avoiding attack. It’s the chronically reactivated Epstein-Barr and other herpesviruses that result from immune suppression. It’s B cells that don’t function, red blood cells that can’t transfer oxygen, all kinds of opportunistic infections that overwhelm us.

Updated treatment guidelines, better testing and more antibiotics cannot fix that.
This is why TruthCures insists on prosecuting the crime that’s at the heart of the issue. The criminals changed the disease definition and testing to facilitate the approval of their Lyme vaccine which was made with the immune suppressing toxic lipoproteins that cause the disease itself!  The “vaccine,” LYMErix, was the very first product to kick off an intended monopoly on vaccines and test kits for all tick-borne diseases. It was pulled off the market after multiple class action suits and testimony of whistleblowers. The crime of falsifying the testing constitutes fraud, racketeering, antitrust, and human rights abuses on a grand scale.

Face it: as a community of very ill people, we’ve been duped. We’ve been trained to believe, all these years, that our plight is one of antibiotics vs. no antibiotics. This is the false dichotomy that I mentioned earlier. We’ve been kept prisoners behind walls of lies upon lies upon lies, guarded by people who were supposed to be on our side. They were supposed to protect us, heal us, help us escape. They have failed.

Forty years.

It’s time to tear down the walls and break free of the Lyme criminals’ grasp, and the grasp of their agents and proxies. It’s time to demand truth and justice.

How are your friends doing? All of my friends are dying.



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  1. Lyme disease has taken my life and I don’t think there will be any kind of cure or help during my lifetime. I was diagnosed in 2011 after being misdiagnosed by numerous Drs, in 2008, when I became sick. I’ve become so weak and can’t do much of anything without being in bed for days. Family members think if you exercise you’ll feel better and have more strength when it’s just not the case. Lyme has cause hypothyroidism, muscle atrophy, shaking hands, anxiety, body twitches, severe head pressure, severe pain, and isolation. I don’t leave my house except to go to my Dr. I don’t have the desires to do things that used to make me happy. I tested very positive on the western blot and never had a bullseye rash. I don’t know when I became infected, but In 2008 I had a lot of stress, then became sick with severe fatigue and other symptoms. It’s as if my body is slowly disintegrating day by day, without any hope in sight!
    Beaux, you are my hero, fighting for all of us suffering from this horrible disease. Thank you, for everything you do to help. I’m indebted to you and have such admiration for you! I hope and pray there will be cure soon, for everyone fighting lyme disease.
    Thank you, Karen


  2. Thank you for allowing me to vent. The medical community has totally let us down… I am afraid for the kids who will suffer and not get the proper care…this disease will have a profound impact on our nation… I guarantee… the most productive will be incapacitated… and instead of providing us with new developments they will be dying….


  3. BTW… I have researched different sites for Lyme literate doctors… most of them are psychiatrists???? Some neuro….


  4. Ticked off!! I had the bullseye rash over a year ago..went to Giles FAMILY practice in Pearisburg VA. Got 2 wks of doxy… Almost 1yr to the date…got the damn same shaking chills flu like crap and sore mouth with Candida…these people were clueless!! I heard shit like I didn’t know lyme caused Candida and thrush…have had sore mouth all summer with no relief..have spent boat load of money on supplements.. no help…prior to this I never missed a day of work for sick pay…thank God I did retire…this shit will kill us all…ps…I am a nurse case mgr 16 yrs…was in Army for 12 yrs..always took care to make sure people were taken care of …WTH? Our government cares more about illegals and Muslims that also want us dead. Let me say again…I am mad as hell!!


  5. I feel terrible after reading your blog. This is because I know you speak the truth. Which leaves me hopeless. I have circled through the medical community. I’ve been given the diagnosis of depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and mitochondrial disfunction but nothing quite rang true to me until I read your blog. My immune system is failing, I have orthstatic hypotension, exercise intolerance, swollen lymph nodes, Chronic Epstein Barr, premature menopause, pain in every joint… nothing really shows up in my blood work and yet I know I’m slowly dying and I can find no one who can help. Any suggestion on where to turn for help managing chronic post sepsis. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


    • I’m sorry. I don’t want anyone to feel hopeless. I find hope in the knowledge that when the crime is exposed, research and treatments will start going in the right direction. Many patients are turning to immunologists based on the knowledge that this is an immunodeficiency disease. The Immune Deficiency Foundation provides referrals. I know the illness is very isolating, so I hope you are not alone. Please remember that in spirit you are NOT alone. So many of us have been in the exact same place. 💚


  6. I don’t have friends anymore


    • I’m sorry. Sometimes the isolation is worse than the illness itself.


      • Perhaps. But that is actually the least of it…
        I found myself responding to the final words of your post. Truthfully, my comprehension has been severely compromised, despite being rather intelligent for a good part of my life, and find myself in awe when i see my fellow victims able to articulate so well. I long for the day when I am able to advocate on behalf of the countless sufferers.
        In the meantime, i am grateful to be a survivor. Thanks to my child I have no option.
        Rarely do I read, and never do I comment, on the overwhelming wealth of info from the courageous contributors like yourself.
        Thank you for your strength, courage and wisdom. And for being a catalyst in inspiring me to find some of my lost words in order to participate in the conversation. While I would never want to recount the horrors I have endured, I am certain that one day my experiences will allow me to be of service to others affected by this travesty.

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      • You just wrote three beautifully articulated paragraphs right there. 💚


  7. LymeRix gave me the same disease it was suppose to protect me from. Given a choice, I would much rather have a Cancer that was recognized and could be cured. This is an awful disease to deal with for 15 years with a misinformed medical community, I’m dying a slow and painful death on my own. Thank you Beaux Reliosis for your words.

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