TruthCures Position on Federal TBD Working Group

Dear Dr. Wolitski,

On behalf of TruthCures, the only science-based tick-borne disease patient advocacy and activist organization, I am writing to express my objection to the vast majority of appointments to the tick-borne disease working group.

To be clear, this group has been in the making since the 1990s, with Pat Smith, the primary obstructionist to any progress, squarely behind it for the past 20 years. Victims of this crime against humanity deserve much, much better.

The federal members appear to be primarily involved in biowarfare issues. That is very telling, as we have wondered whether that is the reason for the government’s continual denial of “chronic Lyme” as a disease of acquired immune deficiency, as well as the government’s ongoing color-of-law abuses of the victims. Therefore, our expectation is that those members will seek to protect the government’s position that tick bite AIDS does not exist.

Gary Wormser should be immediately disqualified from the working group. He has published several times about the disease being one of immunosuppression, but as a founder of the racketeering organization (ALDF) at the root of this public health crisis, his interest lies with avoiding prison for himself and his associates. He can be expected to promote the false dichotomy of the disease: that it can only be about antibiotics v. no antibiotics, in total disregard for the true disease mechanism of which he himself has published.

Richard Horowitz has risen as the spokesman for the other side of the false dichotomy. ILADS either does not understand that the disease is a B cell AIDS, or they have decided as policy to deny it, in order to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Dr. Horowitz can be expected to promote his books and his unscientific theories which will conveniently divert discussion away from the true nature of this cancer-like, AIDS disease.

John Aucott, the working group chair, has a history of falsely advocating for Lyme AIDS victims. Those in-the-know, know that he only prescribes psych remedies, implying that the victims are catastrophizing or somehow conjuring their disability. Indeed, his employer, Johns Hopkins, has a long history of involvement in crimes against humanity. (See Tuskegee and Guatemala syphilis crimes.) That should be a gigantic red flag in any discussion of spirochetal diseases. Hopkins will be named in the lawsuits that eventually get filed against the cabal that created this disaster and has allowed it to explode over the last 40 years. Is it appropriate for an employee of the institution that committed such parallel crimes to be head of this working group?



Additionally, it does not appear that any patient or family member of a patient was appointed, as was required.

If you’ve appointed Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner to that seat, you’ve completely missed some important facts. Karen formed the very first Lyme disease nonprofit (LDF). The RICO organization (ALDF) at the heart of the Lyme “Cryme” was created in part to destroy her science-based advocacy. Her qualifications eclipse those of Pat Smith and the other public members, obviating a gaping hole in the patient/family member role of the working group.

In closing, I remind you of the presentation given to you by TruthCures on October 5 of this year. The TBD working group must understand that “Lyme disease” as it is currently defined by the CDC, means an arthritic knee, only. The definition excludes the very people for whom we advocate: the victims of suicide, the homeless victims, the disabled and left for dead, the children who face a lifetime of disability. The “bad guys” on this committee will speak the “Lyme is a bad knee” language, while the supposed “good guys” will only talk about persistent spirochetal infection, biofilms, and other such nonsense.

We predict the result to be another couple of decades of the same ignorance of the true Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that plagues us. You must do whatever is in your power to direct the agenda of this group toward meaningful change.

Best regards,

Laura Hovind

CEO & Executive Director




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  1. I totally agree, John Hopkins influence needs to stay out of this as they only treat till post lyme syndrome which is no longer than 28 days. WORMER is another jackass. So much continued corruption. Just sue Zhang for not releasing that water contamiation is the root of all. He knows he has done research on this. So in my opinion global warming causing ticks who love animals with infections includung humans. Zika is also lyme and are attracted to persons infected equals double infection an we know the results. All creatures need water. Sooner or later all will be contaminated and people are also contaminating each other with chlamidophela C pneumonia. People are being fooled with only focusing on ticks. Just because they attach. Morgellon also due to aureus bacteria. Also occurs in combination with the pneumonia.


  2. I really hope the truth will give us justice. I hope I see them all rotten in jail before I die.

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