Lyme Cryme 101

Lyme Cryme 101


The first thing to know when discussing “Lyme disease” is that the term “Lyme disease” itself means different things to different sets of people. For the victims it is obviously a disabling, chronic, neurological condition that destroys lives. For the individuals and institutions with the power to declare an official definition, “Lyme disease” is defined by the diagnostic testing that the CDC purports to detect most cases. The problem is that the CDC changed the definition (testing) in 1994 to exclude all of the chronic, neurologic cases.

The conference that we refer to simply as “Dearborn” was promoted as a “consensus conference,” in which the participants were to agree on standardization of the testing. What happened instead was that the participating labs reported an average accuracy of 15% with the proposed two-tier serology, which was a drastic departure from the existing 1990 diagnostic method. Despite numerous objections, the proposal was adopted anyway, and the case definition that has been in place ever since then detects only late-Lyme arthritis, or about 15% of cases—those with the strongest immune response.

Therefore, when the CDC, Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), etc. mention “Lyme disease,” they are referring to this minority of cases whose symptoms are limited to an arthritic knee, only.


This is a semantics game that they have been carrying on for the last 23+ years. The victims who are excluded from the case definition are given alternate diagnoses of hypochondria, anxiety, somatoformia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, compulsive MD-annoyance, medically unexplained symptoms syndrome, catastrophizing, vocabularily challenged, confused, Lyme-like, test-happy, unobjective-unscientific-unsupported-unvalidated, let’s not even check because we said it’s hard to catch why won’t anyone listen to us, and rarely, “post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome,” only if the victim tested positive on the two-tier serology, received “adequate” antibiotic treatment and still has symptoms other than an arthritic knee. The perps have outwardly and hostilely slandered the victims to the point that anyone who is sick from a tick bite is ostracized by all of medicine and can’t get treatment or disability benefits despite being very ill with an acquired immune deficiency disease.

The second thing to know about the disease is that it is not curable with antibiotics (being an AIDS disease) and it is not possible to create a vaccine against it. This is due to the genetically distinct spirochete organism that causes the disease, and I won’t bore you with scientific details at this point. Suffice it to say that a scientist who studies such organisms is well aware of these facts. These facts are integral to any case against the perpetrators because they have consistently denied knowing the mechanisms of disease, and claimed falsely that one of the antigens that cause the disease (OspA) was a vaccine. It is, in fact, the opposite of a vaccine.


We have always been advised that this is a RICO complaint (Blumenthal’s staff in 2003 when he was CT AG, and other attorneys), and we assert that the central RICO organization is the ALDF–not, as many others contend, IDSA.

  • ALDF was founded at the time that “Lyme disease” was being commercialized via vaccines and test kits.
  • Members of the ALDF Board of Directors simultaneously owned patents for such products, sat on the CDC committee that approved Dearborn, and were members of IDSA’s panel responsible for setting diagnostic and treatment policy for all of North America, and which is followed internationally, and by all insurance companies.
  • ALDF Board member Edward McSweegan (the notorious “Man With No Work”) was employed as Lyme disease program manager at the NIH, and one of his responsibilities was to make grant awards, which he did with bias to other ALDF members and associates. He was also always the most vicious in attacking the victims.
  • CDC officer Barbara J.B. Johnson, who along with CDC officers Alan Barbour and David Dennis ran Dearborn, owns five European patents with SmithKline, the manufacturer of LYMErix (the failed Lyme vaccine). One of her patents from 1992-93 explains the two distinct outcomes of “Lyme” infection, the more serious of which she conspired to leave out of the case definition.
  • Also in 1992-93, Allen Steere (at Tufts University at the time), went to Europe to publish the research upon which the Dearborn case definition is based.
  • Yale (Erol Fikrig & Richard Flavell) simultaneously owns both the patent for LYMErix (5,747,294) and the only scientifically valid test method (5,618,533) that detects approximately 95% of ALL cases—not just the arthritic knees. I believe these both are now expired, but what is notable is that they did not use their own valid test method to assess the outcomes of the LYMErix trials. Instead, they used the Dearborn method because the “vaccine” would have been proven a failure if the actual cases had been detectable.
  • Dave Persing (Mayo) owns a patent (6,045,804) for testing based on Steere’s European research: a method for distinguishing vaccine recipients from others who acquired “Lyme” from a tick bite.
  • Persing formed a biotech company named Corixa, in 1994, and formed a partnership with another diagnostics development company, Imugen (Victor Berardi), to commercialize this testing. Along with Yale’s L2 diagnostics, these companies planned to monopolize the market for tick-borne disease test kits and vaccines as the only labs licensed to test for “Lyme.” These entities were listed with the SEC as formal partners and advertised as such. With all tick-borne disease blood samples being processed through only these three labs, they would have had sole access to whatever other tick-borne pathogens could be identified and then commercialized as additional “vaccines” and test kits. Corixa & Imugen have since been sold to European interests.
  • Other culpable individuals and organizations not already named (in the interest of succinctness) include but are not limited to: New York Medical College (John J. Connolly, Gary Wormser), Additional ALDF founders and members (Durland Fish & Robert Schoen, also of Yale), IDSA’s Lyme guidelines panel, any of the administrators or safety monitors of the vaccine trials, Mark Klempner (UMass, research fraud in support of the guidelines), Leonard Sigal (“Lyme disease, although a problem, is not nearly as big a problem as most people think. The bigger epidemic is Lyme anxiety.”), members of the “Work Group” for standardization of the testing, including Arthur Weinstein (NYMC), Russell C. Johnson (U Minnesota), and others. See the charge sheets here.


  • On the most basic level, the falsification of the testing excludes the sickest victims. This has been adopted as federal policy. It is not so much a denial of access to healthcare as it is an abuse of power with intent to profit personally from the obfuscation and denial of an insidious threat to public health. The CDC/ALDF racketeering organization created an atmosphere in which awareness of the seriousness of the disease is completely lacking and those who say otherwise face persecution.
  • One obvious implication is that while the HIV-AIDS crisis was happening, there was this parallel Lyme-AIDS crisis that the government actively sought to obscure. In fact, Anthony Fauci, a central figure in HIV-AIDS policy and research, owns a patent for a potential treatment of similar fungal/immunosuppression diseases. There are far more victims of this AIDS.
  • Victims may be further harmed by receiving improper treatment, since they are frequently diverted to a “fibromyalgia” or “chronic fatigue syndrome” diagnosis, and the medications prescribed for those equally “mysterious” symptom sets are immunosuppressants. Then there is the whole other racketeering organization (ILADS) that developed from the vacuum that this crime created. This is a medical society that claims to protect patients from the CDC thugs, but bankrupts them with out-of-pocket payments for malpractice treatments that prey on patients’ desperation.
  • CDC has failed in its primary duty to protect public health and warn the public of the devastating effects of borreliosis infection, ostensibly because the officers in charge of its management and policy instead sought to profit off of its victims.


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  1. Yes, I would like to make a copy of this and send it to everyone in my family, including friends, as a holiday letter.

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  2. WELL DONE, Beaux. Naming names and specific activities of those perps. Thank you.

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