Fighting LYMErix 2.0

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When offense is the best defense, have a complete do-over of the fake vaccine that  ruined science for 30 years and gave people the chronic illness that it should have prevented.
SmithKline was forced to pull LYMErix off the market in 2002, and now–guess what? Their latest incarnation, GSK, is pushing OspA again with a new partner in crime, Belgian biotech firm Valneva.
Regardless of whether it’s a bizarre twist of fate due to GSK pulling an asset swap with Valneva’s original partner, Novartis, these drug lords should know better. OspA is pam3cys, a triacyl lipoprotein that is a potent sepsis inducer that causes global immunosuppression. It is about as far from a vaccine as you can get without going full-on ebola.
I’m assuming that these companies employ actual scientists who know what chemicals are and do; and since they’re developing drugs to treat diseases, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that they have a pretty good understanding of some of the mechanisms of disease and how vaccines work and stuff like that. Therefore there is absolutely no excuse for these scumbags not to know what OspA is and what it did to its victims the first time GSK called it a vaccine.
LET ME BE CLEAR: OspA is pam3cys and that means it can never be a vaccine. See our Occam’s Razor report for a comprehensive ‘splainer on how OspA/pam3cys ruins the immune system rather than what Valneva claims:

“The strategy for the new Lyme vaccine isn’t like the familiar flu or tetanus vaccines because the pathogens get killed outside the human body. The company, Valneva, based in Lyon, France, has redesigned a protein, OspA, used in previous Lyme vaccines. The vaccine trains the human immune system to fight OspA, found on the surface of B. burgdorferi. When a black-legged tick starts sucking human blood, human immune cells get slurped in too and kill the Lyme-causing pathogens before they leave the tick’s gut. “The idea of this vaccine … is vaccinating the tick,” says CEO Thomas Lingelbach.”

That guy is full of shit.
Trials are already underway for this apparent LYMErix 2.0. It appears that they are happening in three locations: Belgium, California and Nebraska. I wrote the following to the Nebraska Attorney General, through their Website, back in August:


There is a clinical trial underway in Lincoln that has the potential to cause egregious harm to the unwitting participants. you can see, this is a Phase I trial for a Lyme disease vaccine. First of all, it is important to know that the organism that causes Lyme disease CANNOT be vaccinated against because its mechanism of immune evasion is called antigenic variation. Antibodies produced against the antigen being expressed become useless because the organism sheds its outer surface to express different antigens, thereby becoming a moving target. Secondly, the antigen being used in the vaccine is one of the outer surface proteins, OspA. The vaccine maker claims, ridiculously, that an attached tick will ingest human OspA antibodies which will then travel to the tick’s midgut and kill the spirochetes. Never mind that ticks have been called “nature’s dirty needle” and can transmit disease within hours of attachment, or that antibodies against a single outer surface protein do NOT have the ability to kill an organism which undergoes antigenic variation and has been known since at least 1911 to be unkillable.

Additionally, the antigen being used, OspA, is a well known “fungal” type endotoxin, meaning that it is co-managed by toll-like receptors 2 and 1 (TLR2/1), immune receptors that manage other “fungal” type antigens such as mycoplasmas, m. tuberculosis, and some of the antigens on the surface of the meningococcal serogroup B organism, among others. These types of antigens have the ability to cause sepsis and subsequent “post sepsis syndrome” or” immune paralysis” or “endotoxin tolerance” (see NIH or search PubMed; this is well documented), or a type of B cell AIDS.

Valneva is injecting unwitting victims with a known sepsis-producing endotoxin that is THE CAUSE of LYME DISEASE, and calling it a “vaccine.” In this report,!po=37.8788, they state that it is the lipidation of the molecule that causes the immune response. That is correct, and that is the definition of OspA, being a triacyl (3 fatty acid chains) LIPOprotein, or “Pam3Cys.” You simply cannot INJECT this stuff into humans. The degree of surface exposure of the lipids can affect their immunogenicity, but the authors state quite plainly that the unlipidated version does not produce the same immune response.


FYI, this is an exact repeat of the failed LYMErix vaccine which was pulled from the market via FDA ultimatum in 2002.

The perpetrators have gotten away with it to this day because the class action lawsuits against LYMErix focused solely on the few cases that have a genetic predisposition to an an autoimmune arthritis response. The CDC officers who held the patents, redefined the disease to suit those patents and dictated the diagnostic guidelines so that only those few arthritis cases could get a diagnosis. They did this in 1994 when LYMErix trials were underway and they knew that OspA could never be a vaccine because of the immunosuppression outcomes that the majority of victims suffer. They simply changed the testing to exclude those cases that do not have an HLA-linked arthritic knee.

What this means is that there is not a valid (by FDA standards for scientific validity) test to determine whether someone has Lyme disease. Subsequently, there is not a VALID way to determine whether any Lyme “vaccine” is effective, even if one completely ignores the scientific basis for the IMPOSSIBILITY of vaccinating against Borreliae. It also means that victims of Lyme tick bite post-sepsis have been lied to, slandered and medically abused since 1994, unable to get diagnosed, unable to get disability, ending up deathly ill, unemployed, broke, and homeless. You might want to let your health department know, as they seem to think that the testing is accurate and that “Lyme disease” doesn’t exist in Nebraska.

I live in Kansas and have contacted my AG, Derek Schmidt, about the Lyme crime, in general. You have a bigger problem on your hands with this “vaccine” trial. I have friends in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin who also are in contact with their AGs and legislators on this matter. It would be nice if we Midwesterners could team up and prosecute this crime so the millions of victims can get treatment and restitution.
PS:  The easiest target is Yale who owns a patent for a scientifically valid test for Lyme, but did not use it to assess the outcomeof their other patent, the fake LYMErix vaccine, because they knew LYMErix did not work.
They’re also the source of the majority of the slander and libel against the victims.
I received the following letter from the Nebraska AG in September:
Awesome. So the AG doesn’t want to deal with what I clearly told him was a crime that would harm people who had no idea what they were getting into.
Then I got an email saying the same thing. I guess they REALLY don’t want to deal with it. But do they think I want to deal with it? HECK NO. Why should I have to tell these government employees to put a leash on a bunch of criminal mad scientists?
But that wasn’t the end of it. Just last week I received a letter from the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services:
It’s a hot potato. Nebraska doesn’t want to deal with it. They think I should go to the Feds, probably because they think I won’t actually do it. Silly Larry.

“Dear OHRP Director of the Division of Compliance Oversight:

I am writing to you because the Nebraska Attorney General and Department of Health & Human Services don’t think it’s their job to put a stop to a fraudulent vaccine trial that is happening in their state. 
Here is the text of what I told them:
Here’s the kicker: SmithKline (now GSK) was behind the original fake Lyme vaccine, LYMErix, which got pulled off the market because it was making so many people sick. Now they are ALSO behind this new needle-full-of-endotoxin.
So, who is going to put a stop to this criminal idiocy?
Why am I having to police the supposed scientists and Pharma “experts?”
Why does anyone think it’s a good idea to inject the equivalent of bathroom scum into people?
Don’t you think SOMEONE at GSK knows what a sham this is?
My God, this is insane. Make it stop NOW.
[Lovable little old me]
Attachments: Images of the correspondence I received from the Nebraska AG’s office and NE HHS.
I’ll also take Larry up on his offer to review my complaint at the next scheduled meeting of the appropriate professional or occupational board. Can’t wait.
Update, December 4, 2017:
Update, January 12, 2018:
Here is Larry’s reply:
In other words, nobody in the entire state of Nebraska has the authority to do anything about a predatory and fraudulent pharmaceutical trial that officials at the NDHHS and Attorney General’s office have been informed has the potential to kill people.

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  1. I am sure it would happen the same if I sent it to the PA AG. Now consider this, Pennsylvania has the highest number of recorded case of LD/TBD to date, 12,000 with this. We are all on our own of course. The outrage is simply not enough even among to LD community to push for significant changes and “force”, literally….authorities to move.

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    • Exactly. I don’t understand why the victims are not outraged. This is insane. Maybe the PA AG would be interested in going after GSK corporate in Philadelphia. Doubtful, though.


      • Looking back at history and diseases that got attention such AIDS/HIV…it was only when the public realized that it was not the gays & heroine addicts disease. Anyone could get it. Then it finally got attention, because the disease is sexually transmitted. So it is lyme as we know, but the denial in this area is just as bad. It would take several prominent individuals in the entartainment industry as well as politics to divulge this information.
        In my, ofter poor, attempt to inform people about lyme disease, I found out that I get people attention right away when I say “it shares 40% of DNA with syphillis”…people ears perk more, attention increases. Just as the CDC as carefully crafted a make believe marketing campaign on “hard to catch and easy to treat”….WE should move toward that direction.
        Marketing the lyme and TBD danger as solely as a vector borne disease it is simply not enough.
        Personally, if had money, I would boldly advertise with bill boards on the parkways of main cities around the US saying that this is indeed a sexual transmitted disease. Place it on top of the list of transmission means. People pay attention when they are scared.
        AIDS also got a shit load of attention that lyme will not get unless the media will begin covering the correct way. The media is partially owned by the pharma companies which dictate the way the news is delivered. ALL the tick warning campaigns on TV t help only to support the CDC guidelines. They consistently spread lies.
        The result of all this is that 90% of the population could care less about lyme simply because according to the news, TBD falls in the category of hard to catch infectious diseases. How did Zika got the public attention right away. Look at the panic scare campaign the media launched. I mean people cancelled flights to FL because they thought they could get Zika. Never mind that mosquitos can give you bartonellosis or BLO… will never see that on the news.
        Again there are huge profiting interests behind each and every single disease, which means that for us in the lyme community we need to come up with better ways to convey to the general public the REAL DANGERS of TBD.


      • Technically, by definition, it is not an STD. Its primary mode of transmission is by vector, so it still is a vector-borne disease. I know ILADS has said that they’ve found Lyme spirochetes in semen or some such assertion, but that does not make it an STD. We stick with what science has proven (usually relying upon multiple research groups independently confirming each other’s findings). We also don’t rely on celebrities to spread facts. They’ve been shown to actually be detrimental to activism. I completely get your point about people not listening unless you sensationalize the message. It’s unfortunate, for sure, but we can’t twist the truth simply because it’s not appealing.


  2. Cowards. Here is what is wrong with America and “trickles down,” resulting in all the disorder and crime. The Govt is lame, lazy and cowardly. Wow.

    — KMD

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