Three Times Wormy

“I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me… You can’t get fooled again!'” Said former President George W. Bush. Supposedly he has Lyme and it’s all top secret and we should just pray for him and let him do his painting.

There’s someone else in the Lyme realm who bears mentioning, as someone who has fooled the world not once, not twice—but three times! That’s Gary Wormser, more affectionately known as “Da Worm,” or “Wormy,” or just pus-breath. See, he has now published three times that Lyme disease is a disease of immunosuppression.


Gary Wormser, known among the lab ladies as Mr. Clairol


2000: Wormser’s ever infamous inverse-of-an-OspA-dog-vaccine attempt

FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2000 Jul; 28(3):193-6.

Modulation of lymphocyte proliferative responses by a canine Lyme disease vaccine of recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA). Chiao JW1, Villalon P, Schwartz I, Wormser GP.

“The modulation of human lymphocyte proliferative responses was demonstrated with a recombinant outer surface protein A (OspA) vaccine preparation for the prevention of Borrelia burgdorferi infection. After exposure to either the unaltered vaccine preparation or OspA prepared in saline, normal lymphocyte responses to the mitogens concanavalin A, phytohemagglutinin-M or pokeweed mitogen, or the antigen BCG were consistently reduced. Whole cell extracts of B. burgdorferi also modulated immune responses but required a much greater quantity of protein than needed for the OspA preparation. The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression . Future studies designed to delete the particular region or component of the OspA molecule responsible for this effect may lead to improved vaccine preparations.”
Or, you could try NO vaccine preparations, since you KNOW they can’t work.



2012: “Negative regulatory pathways” means you’re screwed.

Arthritis Rheum.
2012 May; 64(5):1311-5. doi: 10.1002/art.34386.
The Toll of a TLR1 polymorphism in lyme disease: a tale of mice and men. Sellati TJ, Sahay B, Wormser GP.
Snip from the full report:
“…negative regulatory pathways intended to mitigate the severity and duration of the inflammation” means exactly post-septic shock response with long term immunosuppression afterwards.



December 2016: Lyme Cabal members Gary Wormser, Allen Steere, “CDC officer” Paul Mead, and others admit Late Lyme and LYMErix diseases are immunosuppression outcomes, saying the “TLR2/1 agonism” (immunosuppression) is probably the “more important” driver of the disease outcome.
Nat Rev Dis Primers.
2016 Dec 15;2:16090. doi: 10.1038/nrdp.2016.90.
Lyme borreliosis.


“This finding suggests that there is redundancy in the ability of the innate immune system to recognize B. burgdorferi and/or that these components can activate pathways that produce anti-inflammatory cytokines……the anti-inflammatory effects might be the more important function of TLR signaling.”


There you go. Three times he’s taken us for fools (and surely there are countless other examples), while turning around and publishing garbage like this patient-slander, with his Lyme Cabal buddies:


Lancet Infect Dis. 2011. Antiscience and ethical concerns associated with advocacy of Lyme disease. Auwaerter PG1, Bakken JS, Dattwyler RJ, Dumler JS, Halperin JJ, McSweegan E, Nadelman RB, O’Connell S, Shapiro ED, Sood SK, Steere AC, Weinstein A, Wormser GP.


“Advocacy for Lyme disease has become an increasingly important part of an antiscience movement that denies both the viral cause of AIDS and the benefits of vaccines and that supports unproven (sometimes dangerous) alternative medical treatments. Some activists portray Lyme disease, a geographically limited tick-borne infection, as a disease that is insidious, ubiquitous, difficult to diagnose, and almost incurable; they also propose that the disease causes mainly non-specific symptoms that can be treated only with long-term antibiotics and other unorthodox and unvalidated treatments. Similar to other antiscience groups, these advocates have created a pseudoscientific and alternative selection of practitioners, research, and publications and have coordinated public protests, accused opponents of both corruption and conspiracy, and spurred legislative efforts to subvert evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed science. The relations and actions of some activists, medical practitioners, and commercial bodies involved in Lyme disease advocacy pose a threat to public health.”


No, Gar-Bear, I’d say YOU are the threat to public health.


See the Occam’s Razor for much, much more.

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