Lyme and Punishment


Being a long-tortured victim of the Lyme criminals, it’s easy to fantasize about justice being done, and their pathetic sacks of heartless flesh being dragged off to a cold, dark prison cell that reeks of toilet and mold. But I’ve come to realize that such a line of thinking is a trap. Don’t worry, I can still have my snark–my “bad [Lyme] attitude.” It’s just that things seem to have shifted, in an otherworldly sort of way.


Of course we want them tried in a court of law and sentenced appropriately. Of course. It goes without saying. The more I think about it, though, the utter magnitude of the cryme sinks in a little bit further, and I hesitate to imagine any punishment that we humans might impose. That’s the trap. Its a very slippery slope to a place that’s really hot, and let’s say…unproductive.

This cryme is bigger than any of us, and even bigger than the sum of all of us. It hurts my heart to think of the ones we’ve lost: young mothers, babies, best-dads-in-the world, people who just couldn’t take it any more. Lost to pain, despair, cancer, neurologic disease, immune senescence…death from old age, at 52. I hope they have their say when it comes to the Lyme criminals doing their time in the spirit world. I hope they don’t easily forgive.

But ultimately, this is so big that only God’s punishment can be truly just. So I wonder, can we bring this Holocaust to a swifter conclusion by admitting our humanness, and placing our trust in God to take care of those who need Him? Please, end this now-forty-year plague and heal the innocent. I believe that the criminals will get their due…and I now consciously choose to set aside all thoughts of their worldly punishment, if only the living victims can be blessed with relief.

What I want to come of this prosecution is for all Lyme sufferers to be relieved of the enormous weight that has been crushing them in mind, body and soul. No more being ostracized, blamed for being sick, or worse: blamed for a child’s sickness. No more denial of basic human rights. No more abuse from the very people who have taken an oath to first do no harm. No more mis-treatment, non-treatment, malpractice treatment. No more desperation, homelessness, abandonment. No more deaths of despair.

I know it wasn’t too long ago that I proclaimed, I absolutely DO wish this disease on my worst enemy. Well, maybe God will do that and maybe He won’t. I’m going to leave that up to Him, in His almighty wisdom, and keep my heart open to the guidance of the good souls who have brought me this far in battle.

One thing we know for sure is that the truth will prevail.

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  1. Well said, but I do as well wish this disease on those criminals at the CDC….and their children. It just makes me feel better and satifes my lyme-beaten ego. Those who caused us this arm have to be punish in some ways.


  2. Amen!! 💗


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