Lyme Awareness: 33 Real Facts

Squash Lyme FictionIf you’re going to share “Lyme facts” in the name of Lyme disease awareness, first make sure they are facts.
These are Lyme facts that can be proven with supporting data throughout my blog site.

1. “Lyme disease” is an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response to borrelia that presents as an arthritic knee. This is how the CDC currently defines it and this is what the diagnostic guidelines are designed to diagnose.

2. Prior to development of the Lyme vaccine (LYMErix), diagnostic guidelines for borreliosis were straightforward and valid. Now they are NOT VALID, in terms of the FDA’s rules for validation of a scientific method.

3. NOW the guidelines diagnose an arthritic knee and NOT what we know as chronic, neurologic Lyme. These are two distinct diseases, acknowledged by the crooks in their own research.

4. Lyme disease = arthritic knee (hypersensitivity, lots of antibodies), 15% of cases.

Borreliosis = post-sepsis syndrome (immunodeficiency disease) (few or no antibodies), 85% of cases.

5. The case definition falsified in 1994 at the CDC’s Dearborn conference to make LYMErix appear safe and effective, when in fact it made people sick. This is FRAUD and needs to be prosecuted by the DOJ.

6. More than 1,100 systemic adverse events to LYMErix were reported through the VAERS. Since the adverse events of the vaccine trial victims who got neuro “Lyme” did not meet the new case definition of an arthritic knee with lots of antibodies, they were written off as unrelated to the vaccine.


7. LYMErix caused the same disease as “Lyme” from a tick bite. Therefore, the disease is not about chronic spirochetal infection, but about the consequences of injection with a fungal-type antigen (OspA).


8. Not coincidentally, participating labs reported a combined accuracy rate of just 15% with the revised, fraudulent case definition. Their results were ignored, and the CDC, FDA and ALDF/IDSA went ahead with the revision despite protests from the labs and some FDA panel members that the new method did not detect “protean” (systemic) cases; only Lyme arthritis.


9. The 85% of Lyme/LYMErix victims who *genetically* have almost no chance of testing CDC-positive on the Dearborn standard are the sickest. The *actual* disease is one of immunosuppression, similar to HIV/AIDS. (The CDC Lyme tests look for antibodies that are not produced in immunosuppression diseases.)


10. With more than 300,000 people in the U.S. sickened with “Lyme” disease every year, Lyme’s magnitude is 5-6 times greater than AIDS.


11. Instead of being treated for borreliosis, the 85% are given garbage pail diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and psychosomatic disorders, for which there are no cures–only expensive drugs to mask some of the symptoms.


12. Borreliosis causes inflammation in the CNS/brain, but immune suppression (lack of inflammation) in the body.


13. Immunosuppression (post-sepsis syndrome, immunoparalysis, “tolerance”) causes the chronic reactivation of herpesviruses such as EBV, CMV, HHV-6, and zoster (shingles).


14. Chronic EBV is known to lead to the “New Great Imitator” neurologic diseases and cancers.

15. Outer surface protein A (OspA), a fungal-type antigen, is shed by borrelia on “blebs” or bits of outer membrane lipoproteins, in a process called antigenic variation.

16. Antigenic variation, and the fungal component of the organism, mean that a vaccine against “Lyme” is impossible. This was known prior to the development of the vaccine.

17. OspA gums up the immunity. It turns off the part of the immune system that manages fungal-type antigens. This is known as “tolerance.”

18. Mycoplasmas are fungal-type antigens which the tolerized immune system doesn’t recognize and therefore can’t fight. They adhere to red blood cells and prevent the transfer of oxygen through the RBC membrane, causing fatigue without classic anemia.

19. OspA mutates B cells so they stay chronically infected and can’t destroy themselves as they would in normal immune processes.

20. The permanent immune-deficient state creates an environment where opportunistic infections can thrive. Early AIDS patients did not die from the HIV virus, but from opportunistics.


21. The psych drugs and pain meds that frequently are prescribed to “Lyme” victims are contraindicated for CNS-depressing diseases. These are malpractice treatments.

22. The long-term antibiotics that often are prescribed by ILADS doctors are malpractice treatments. You don’t treat viruses with antibiotics.



23. The CDC officers and others who developed LYMErix in a racketeering business model hold patents on “Lyme” OspA and vector-borne diseases and stood to profit tremendously from the sale of vaccines and test kits.


24. In a clear conflict of interest, these same scientists make up the majority of the IDSA, in addition to being CDC officers and holding leadership positions at major research institutions such as Yale and Johns Hopkins. Their influence and funding from Big Pharma prevent the truth from being exposed, and patients from being properly diagnosed and treated.


25. Senator Richard Blumenthal’s staff, when he was Attorney General in Connecticut, recommended pursuing this as a False Claims/RICO case with the Department of Justice.


26. Now Senator Blumenthal is pushing a Lyme bill to provide for long-term antibiotic insurance coverage, malpractice doctor protection and a committee full of Lyme crooks, obstructionists and clueless patients. It’s clearly a stall tactic.


27. Since UConn was involved in the LYMErix scam, the State of Connecticut is on the hook for the crime, so it’s in Blumenthal’s interest to protect the state’s interests, rather than the state’s people.


28. The major “nonprofit” “advocacy” organizations, LDA and promote only stall tactics such as the aforementioned bill, gathering anecdotal symptom reports and arguing with IDSA over the “outdated” guidelines.


29. ILADS refuses to acknowledge the science about OspA immunosuppression and continues to lie about “persisters,” “biofilm” and “coinfections.” They will happily take patients’ money to “kill the bugs” and “bust the biofilm” even though they are wrong and likely know it.


30. ILADS doctors double-down by publishing books and holding conferences and retreats in a charade meant to prove that they thought they were right all along. This earns them more money but doesn’t cure anyone.


31. Despite LYMErix having been pulled off the market in 2001 (thanks to a heroic whistleblower), we are stuck with the fraudulent case definition leaving millions undiagnosed.


32. The LYMErix whistleblower, a former pharmaceutical industry scientist, filed a RICO Act complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice in 2003. For 13 years there has been a total failure by the USDOJ to prosecute this crime and protect U.S. Citizens.


33. It can be proven that this was all done with intent, and that the LYMErix patent holders also hold the patent to the only known scientifically valid diagnostic method for Lyme disease, which they refuse to make available.


Activists and advocates, please state the facts. What is awareness if it’s not based in truth?

Happy May.




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  3. Okay, now that it’s been clearly established I can’t trust anybody with what I’m dealing with, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?

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