THE Lyme Petition.

image“Officers” of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention own patents related to tick-borne diseases, and as stated in the formal “enterprise,” the, established under false pretenses (this is not a non-profit, but a front for the crooked CDC officers and their cronies at Yale), they would see a “goldmine” in patenting DNA related to this new genre of vaccines and test kits.  The was established in 1990 as a false front for CDC officers, especially Alan Barbour, Barbara Johnson and others, and this group were the ones responsible for FALSIFYING the case definition for “Lyme Disease,” in Dearborn Michigan, October 1994.


The new and current “case definition,” which we call “Dearborn” says that only the late, HLA-linked hypersensitivity response (lots of antibodies) of Lyme arthritis may be considered a “case” of “Lyme Disease,” and that this disease was autoimmune, or not due to the presence of any organisms.


They say this exclusive (and imaginary) disease needs no antibiotic treatment.  These criminals created this false definition because they knew the recombinant OspA antigens that they owned (Yale and CDC officer Alan Barbour) caused the same, “multi-system” disease indistinguishable from what we know to be “chronic neurologic Lyme,” because it was a fungal antigen, causes immunosuppression, is a TLR2/1 agonist, is Pam3Cys, and causes septic shock.


The real outcome of tick bite infections, most of which are bearers and shedders of fungal antigens, is an AIDS like disease, also called post-sepsis syndrome or endotoxin tolerance or immunoparalysis, and is a well known chronic illness, chronic *disease* outcome, with reactivated latent herpes virus infections of all kinds (NIH,, Hotchkiss).  THIS OUTCOME, the post septic shock from exposure to immunosuppressing fungal antigens either by Borrelia (not regular bacteria but their own PHYLUM) or vaccination is the real disease, and is the reason Lyme is not curable with antibiotics.  It is a disease like AIDS.


We want these criminals prosecuted, their bogus articles retracted from the journals, all INDIVIDUALS in the insurance companies and BigPharma companies who participated in the scam prosecuted, their property seized, compensation, and future care at no expense to ourselves, and a public, INTERNATIONAL APOLOGY to the world for having committed this crime and caused so much suffering in the world, not to mention misdirected research dollars.  We could have learned 25 years ago that the likes of OspA cause the immunosuppression that activates the likes of Epstein-Barr and related latent herpes viruses that are responsible for so many diseases: Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Cancer, etc.


The mechanism of illness caused by the first step, inhibition of apoptosis of infected cells with a fungally contaminated vaccine or vaccinating a child who is already fighting an illness – dual infections, especially when one is fungal – betrays the mechanisms of illness in the Autism pandemic.  Children are getting the viruses and not the protection.


We demand this be investigated.  These crimes ruin the USA’s reputation as competent to science.  As it stands right now, Yale, the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and the ENTIRE NIH have stated verbally that they “don’t know what OspA is,” because to admit OspA was Pam3Cys or a fungal antigen would be to admit it was never a vaccine, but a fungal, immune-suppressing toxin that turns off the immune response to many other classes of pathogens, viral, and bacteria bearing LPS or TLR4 agonists.


See for more of this science and the published journal articles explaining fungal-antigen induced immunosuppression and the post-sepsis outcome.


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  1. My son has chronic Lyme disease. He was first diagnosed with epilepsy. We had him tested and he has borrelia garinii. He wasisiting Germany 6 months before his first seizure.


  2. LYME is a an illness filled with suffering,,that takes away ones quality of life..


  3. I have chronic Lyme disease


  4. It’s all very sad, very pain filled and the consequences of a lifetime with chronic LYMES already lived. Sores on my face, pains in my head and it is all a disillusion. LOTS if fresh bananas, magnisum, sulpher, lugols solution, and still the pain keeps coming. It is hard to find the want to live, your sharing helps and I give thanks for your courage and pray for peace for you also.

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  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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  1. Relapsing Fever Borreliosis | The Trilyme Zone

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