Lyme’s Top True Cliches


Lyme’s top three true cliches—It’s a countdown!

3. Ignorance is bliss.


When you have Lyme disease, doctors’ ignorance of grade school biology becomes frighteningly clear. Lyme patients become victims of binary reasoning: if it’s not A then it must be B. Antibiotics didn’t work, so it must be a virus. “Go home and rest, and drink plenty of fluids,” they say. Meanwhile, you’re in the throes of severe neuro Lyme and the only reason you’re out of bed is that a seizure put you on the floor.


Do M.D.s even remember taxonomy or the tree of life? It has a lot more than two types of organisms that are infectious to humans. And with the epidemic spread of Lyme disease, one would reasonably expect a doctor to know what a spirochete is, that it’s not your run-of-the-mill bacteria, and that they can’t throw a Z-pack at it and call it a day.


Remember this, from about fifth grade? How all living things on earth are classified:


Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.


This graphic from a fifth grade presentation illustrates for us the six kingdoms that represent all living things.




Let’s use some familiar examples from the animal kingdom to demonstrate how very different spirochetes are from your run-of-the-mill bacteria that you can treat with a Z-pack.


Within the Animal Kingdom, humans are a part of the Phylum Chordata, or vertebrates. Then there are eight different invertebrate Phyla, encompassing all things spineless, from jellyfish to nematodes, to Lyme crooks, and even arachnids—ticks.


Within the Kingdom of Eubacteria, Spirochetes are a Phylum. Another example of a Eubacteria Phylum is Actinobacteria. Strep pneumonia is an example of an illness that can be caused by a member of the Actinobacteria Phylum.


So, you see, taxonomically speaking, spirochetes are about as similar to an easily treatable bacteria as we are to the ticks that bit us.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.34.53 PM


Doctors don’t know this and apparently don’t care to know this; they are blissfully ignorant.


Some dear readers may think, “Ah, but ILADS knows!” Maybe. But they remain ignorant of the real cause of what we know as “chronic Lyme disease.” And it’s not the spirochetes.


Ask any M.D., “what is OspA?” and they will probably think it’s a model of luxury vehicle or an exotic vacation spot. This includes ILADS.


I think what we’re dealing with here are two different classes of the Phylum Ignoramusata™: Iladsids™ and Idsatodes™. The Iladsids™ sorta know what a spirochete is, but they’re making so much money claiming to be spirochete slayers that to now say, “Eureka! Borreliae shed these toxic outer surface proteins that shut down the immune system!” would surely mean disaster. Best to remain ignorant.


The Idsatodes™, in addition to having completely forgotten fifth grade, also do not know or care to know that Spirochetes are their own PHYLUM, shedders of fungal antigens (TLR2-agonists), and not regular “bacteria.”


And no “doctor” in all of America or even Western culture can tell you this.


They simply never used Google, Wikipedia or PubMed, the contemporary version of Medline, which was created specifically for their use. If they had an intellectual curiosity gene they might use any of those sources to find out what is very different about spirochetal diseases. If they did, they would know how and why LYMErix (Pam3Cys, tri-acylated) caused the same immunosuppression diseases other fungal diseases do.


Say what you will about IDSA, but at least they will jointly defraud both you and your insurance company for their quackery, whereas ILADS will financially r@pe you straightaway with their cash-only “services,” AND pocket the jack they would’ve paid the medical billing employee whom they’ve cut out of the equation.


We are asked on a daily basis, how do I get my doctor to treat me—really treat me for the immunosuppression outcome that we know is chronic lyme? Well, not in those words, exactly, but that’s what is meant.


One thing we are not doing is playing doctor. We cannot cure anyone. We are only telling people what the disease and the crime actually are.


It is not for us to explain to you what is the mental disorder acquired in medical school, where one becomes a pseudo-deity because they merely do what BigPharma tells them. Such a creature really is a mere technician.


We can’t explain to you why your doctor doesn’t know how to use PubMed or say big words like lipoprotein. We can’t explain why they have no basic science training. And when it comes to scientists, any Lyme “scientist” who can’t tell you what EBV-transformed lymphocytes in the spinal fluid of Lyme victims is about, is a hack.


Ignorance is an Audi R8 and a time-share in Miami. I mean, bliss.


Oh, I almost forgot the other two cliches:


2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  If the doctors haven’t killed you yet, then you’re doing great!


1. Everything happens for a reason. I’m gonna follow that up with another cliche: there are two possible reasons for everything—love or money.


Bonus cliche: God only gives you what you can handle. We’ve got this, Lymies. You can handle it. The science is clear. The best thing you can do is understand these things that the doctors don’t. What are Spirochetes? What is OspA? How did the Lyme crooks get away with passing off OspA as a vaccine? These truths will set us free. (My sincerest apologies if you have a strong gag reflex and that last one sent you over the edge.)


P.S. Our friends at Yale have an easy-to-understand explanation of taxonomy in the Animal Kingdom–go figure.


You can read about spirochetes and bacterial taxonomy on Wikipedia, even if you’re a doctor.


See our Occam’s Razor report for all the scientists who say what we say except they say it first and we just repeat them but doctors don’t read so we just keep saying it over and over and over.



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  1. This shows a total failure of the to keep an eye on “Iz r docters lernin?”

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  2. WE DONT KNOW why your “doctor” does not know what a spirochete is/does. Sorry.

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