Anthony Komaroff Agrees with CFS Post-Sepsis Model

Who woulda thought that Anthony Komaroff would spill the beans on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome just two days before CDC’s fiasco of a webinar on the next (non)generation of OspA vaccines? Add to that the CDC’s admission that Lyme is about a “damaged immune system” and the Pope mentioning fungi (see #34) in his bashing of the corporate elite polluters, and it’s been a pretty good week.

First, CDC:

Check out this USA Today article from June 16.

Paul Mead says that there may be immune system damage, a reversal of their usual line of crap, “the immune system is over-active,”since a damaged immune system would be the opposite of autoimmune (working too well):

Meanwhile, the CDC says it isn’t known why a percentage of Lyme sufferers go on to develop PTLDS, but it states on its website that most medical experts believe the culprit is a reaction produced by a patient’s own body, or “residual damage to tissues and the immune system that occurred during the infection” – not B. burgdorferi itself.

So, thanks, Dr. Mead, for catching up with your buddies over at NIH, who for years have been saying that OspA is responsible for reactivating EBV and others, via immunosuppression, resulting in MS-Lyme, Lupus-Lupus-Lyme, chronic neurological Lyme. The NIH (NINDS, actually) has a “Lyme and Multiple Sclerosis” Division (Martin and Marques).  Yale used to have a “Lyme and Lupus Clinic” (now called “L2 Diagnostics”), but now they too say Lupus is most likely due to EBV. Therefore everyone agrees that OspA or the ridiculous Lyme non-vaccines were the very things responsible for the broad range of outcomes seen in Lyme.
This is the NIH (NINDS’s MS-Lyme Group) group that discovered that *** OspA *** was the cause of the MS/New Great Imitator outcome of Lyme reporting in the New York Times in the summer of 2013 (Martin and Marques, 2006):
When Lyme Disease Lasts and Lasts – Jane Brody

“Complicating the picture is the fact that some people with PTLDS symptoms apparently never had Lyme disease in the first place, Dr. Marques said in an interview. There are other infectious organisms — Epstein-Barr virus, for example — that can produce similar symptoms and may be the real culprits.” 
Here are the NIH’s 2 reports that say OspA (TLR2/1-agonist) is the cause of the MS/CFIDS/EBV-reactivated kind of Lyme (that also causes humoral immunosuppression or NO ANTIBODIES),… and that as a result of exposure to OspA-like antigens (shed constantly in a process called blebbing, as revealed by CDC officer Alan “Stealth Bomber” Barbour), you might not even have anti-flagellar antibodies (TLR5-agonists):

Borrelia burgdorferi Induces TLR1 and TLR2 in human microglia and peripheral blood monocytes but differentially regulates HLA-class II expression. 


Borrelia burgdorferi lipoprotein-mediated TLR2 stimulation causes the down-regulation of TLR5 in human monocytes. 
Here, Mead actually says there is a real illness going on, rather than the standard Trash-the-Victim approach of calling us whack-jobs who enjoy making ourselves magically sick:

What’s more, Mead adds, because the symptoms of Lyme disease can mimic many other infections, such as the food-borne illness campylobacter and the sexually transmitted infection chlamydia, a diagnosis of “chronic” Lyme disease risks overlooking the real culprit. “In some cases, it turns out patients had an entirely different disease,” Mead says. “That’s another harmful effect … a pitfall of chronic Lyme disease diagnosis.”

From the soon-to-be-infamous webinar–Hilarious, still insisting that OspA is immunogenic:

…When we can hop in our PubMed time machine back to 1994 and see that Fikrig reported that OspA vaccination just causes a different type of OspA and can’t be used:

Selection of Variant Borrelia burgdorferi Isolates from Mice Immunized with Outer Surface Protein A or B

Infection and Immunity, May 1995

A nonclonal population of Borrelia burgdorferi N40 (passage 3) that survived protective immunity following challenge inoculation of outer surface protein (Osp) A- or B-hyperimmunized mice were characterized for the molecular basis of evasion of immunity. Two of six B. burgdorferi isolates, cultured from OspA-immunized mice, had antigenic diversity in the carboxyl terminus of OspA and did not bind to the protective OspA monoclonal antibody designated IXDII. However, OspA-immunized mice challenged with these variants were fully pro- tected. Moreover, B. burgdorferi isolates with a point mutation in ospB, which results in a truncated OspB that does not bind to protective OspB monoclonal antibody 7E6C, were frequently enriched after infection of OspB-immunized mice. These studies suggest that the incomplete efficacy of an OspA- or OspB-based vaccine may be partly due to immunomediated in vivo selective pressure, resulting in the persistence of some spiro- chetes that do not bind to protective antibodies.

Anyway, enough about those losers. When you’re dealing with criminal babies, you can only expect baby steps and denying that they have poop in their pants.
But hey–how about that Pope? (Yeah, I just segued from poop to Pope. Sorry, NQ!)
Link to his Encyclical HERE

Gotta love this quote, where he blames the capitalist scum for destroying the environment and human dignity equally well:

56. In the meantime, economic powers continue to justify the current global system where priority tends to be given to speculation and the pursuit of financial gain, which fail to take the context into account, let alone the effects on human dignity and the natural environment. Here we see how environmental deterioration and human and ethical degradation are closely linked. Many people will deny doing anything wrong because distractions constantly dull our consciousness of just how limited and finite our world really is. As a result, “whatever is fragile, like the environment, is defenceless before the interests of a deified market, which become the only rule”.[33]

Thank you, Pope Francis!

Now, about this Komaroff dude. I’m not very familiar with his past antics, having not closely followed ME/CFS politics until recently. That said, I assume he’s a bad guy in the eyes of the CFS community. For what I’m about to say, I will probably get jumped by an angry ‘tiguer in the Dollar General parking lot. I just have to point out that HE SAYS WHAT WE SAY, in this NEJM report.

First, the validation that we’re dealing with a real disease:

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently concluded that CFS has a biological basis.2,3 Based on a survey of >9000 research articles, the IOM states that CFS “is a serious, chronic, complex systemic disease that often can profoundly affect the lives of patients.”2 Moreover, CFS “is not, as many clinicians believe, a psychological problem,”4 although some patients certainly have psychiatric comorbidities requiring diagnosis and treatment.

Next, neurological abnormalities (indicating infections in the CNS, thank you very much):

Many objective, measurable differences distinguish patients with CFS from healthy individuals or patients with other fatiguing illnesses (ranging from major depression to multiple sclerosis).5 Cognitive studies reveal slowed information processing and deficits of attention and memory in patients with CFS, and functional MRI shows that cognitive tasks require recruitment of more areas of the brain. Standard MRI studies point to white matter abnormalities and decreased gray matter volume. Encephalographic analyses have distinguished unmedicated CFS patients from healthy individuals and from patients with major depression.

The IOM has concluded that the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (and possibly several other neuroendocrine axes) is disordered. Compared with healthy individuals and patients with major depression, CFS patients have lower levels of overnight cortisol, 24-hour urinary cortisol, corticotropin-releasing hormone or arginine vasopressin (or both), and adrenocorticotropin hormone. Defects in the autonomic nervous system are clinically manifested by orthostatic intolerance (heart rate and blood pressure abnormalities when standing or during head-up tilt testing).2

And here you go. The part where he actually describes what post-sepsis syndrome is:

Many patients with CFS have poorly functioning NK cells (a lymphocyte subset that defends against viral infections and malignancy) as well as altered blood levels of various cytokines.2 In a study of 298 CFS cases compared with 348 healthy controls, analysis of 51 different cytokines and related analytes suggests that CFS is driven by an immune system that is chronically activated for several years following onset and then perhaps “exhausted” from this chronic activation as the duration of the illness lengthens.6

These results are provocative because the symptoms of CFS could well reflect cytokine production in the brain from a neuroinflammatory process. Indeed, a positron emission tomography study demonstrated brain neuroinflammation (activated microglia or astrocytes) in patients with CFS.7 Moreover, when cytokines are given therapeutically (e.g., interferon for hepatitis B and C), the infusion often produces fatigue and other CFS-like symptoms.

Then, as if that didn’t just feel like Christmas morning, he whips out the old Epstein-Barr Virus, along with our favorite, FUNGI, and some other gunk, before again emphasizing chronic infections of the brain:

CFS can follow infection with Epstein-Barr virus (and possibly other specific viral, bacterial, and perhaps protozoal infections).2 However, no infectious agent has been proven to cause the ongoing symptoms of CFS — and a single, novel infectious cause is unlikely to explain most cases. It is plausible (but unproven) that a significant proportion of cases are triggered and perpetuated by any of several chronic infections of the brain and infection of immune cells associated with peripheral nerves.

I will leave you with two final kickers from Komaroff.

1. Your depression is not causing your illness. Your illness is pissing you off and the stupidity of the medical profession is what’s depressing:

In contrast to people with major depression, patients with CFS generally do not appear downcast or express feelings of hopelessness and helplessness or describe anhedonia. The exceptions are those suffering from both CFS and a secondary (reactive) depression.

2. A little exercise’ll do ya, maybe, but don’t let it do ya in.

The AHRQ report concluded that counseling therapies and graded exercise therapy help improve fatigue and function in some patients. These approaches are not curative, and exercise therapy must be pursued very cautiously as it led to more adverse events and withdrawals in several trials.

Thank you, Dr. Komaroff for such a fascinating and enlightening lesson in Toldya So.

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  1. best informative blog in the whole wide web. Wow I missed this one.

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  2. This is a response about Gadolinium contrast MRI’s and MRA’s. Still undiagnosed in 2012, ( 6 years), knowing I’m severely damaged, figuring I must of had a stroke ( couldn’t think, couldn’t do math, I’m big on
    numbers and math ) I got a brain MRI with contrast. Normal. Then I got MRA of brain and cartoid. Both
    with gadolinium contrast. ” Don’t worry, it’s chelated so you will pee it out.”. The radiologist said everything
    was normal except that i have no plaque any where in my arteries. Unusual. Got diagnosed in 2014.
    Lyme, EBV, HH-v6, chlamydia pneumoniae. Luckily no babeosis, or bartonella. Did a toxic metals test. Comparing my results with the CDC’s ” Fifth Report ” where they test 1000 or so individuals and I am in the
    95th percentile for aluminum,arsenic,barium,cadmium, Gadolinium, lead, mercury, and nickel. There is no data for aluminum, Gadolinium, or nickel, but my levels are so high I included them. Interesting no data.
    must be hiding something. Also 50th percentile, Bismuth,cesium, tin, tungsten. no data on Bismuth. People
    with a proper Methylation ( the body’s broom ) system some of this stufff will be gotten rid of. I had been researching Lyme and found out that people with Lyme often accumulate heavy metals and the cysteine
    ( which is very important to the cycle ) levels are low. I asked my Brother ( ID doctor ). What happens to the cysteine. He didn’t know. But thanks to Kathleen and Beaux I know. Pam3cys. Before anyone does contrast anything, get your methylation cycle checked out. So then I did about 40 chelation treatments,
    most double and triple. I did three provoked ( CA-EDTA and DMPS ) and 1 unprovoked test near the end
    of my treatments.
    Provoked ( creatinine corrected ug/g creatinine Normal urine
    2-8-14 10-8-14 3-12-15 6-5-15
    Summary: Aluminum 42 82 130 4.3

    Arsenic 21 31 59 9.9

    Barium 0.5 3.1 0.9 7.6
    Chelation seemed to interfere with removal of barium

    Cadmium 4.3 3.3 6.3 2

    Gadolinium 3 3.6 3.4 not detectable
    My body cannot get rid of the Gadolinium without provocation

    I won’t bore you with the rest of it. But the methylation system in the body is fouled up By the uptake
    of cysteine by the spirochetes.


  3. LONG INFORMATIVE: many Lyme patients are given MRIs with contrast pls read all way through!

    One day I will be writing a book, meanwhile I am dealing with a 20+ year undiagnosed Lyme (Babesia & b.burgdorferi) for which I have received 8 MRIS with contrast and others w/out. WARNING: It is not just the patients with kidney disease getting sick with NSF (Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis) we have a lot of people with odd findings (high amount of gad in skin, urine, blood etc) Fibrosis of skin etc.pain, tightness of skin NTO diagnsoed as scleroderma
    Please go to for up to date concise research on patients with NSF and those of us who believe they’ve been harmed via GADOLINIUM and having damn hard time of it in the medical community (sound familiar) ONCE they’ve poisoned you they don’t want to know you, IATROGENIC illnesses abound in the medical community! I still have Barium in bowel since 2008, discovered in 2010 but you will get a scar” when I ask to have it removed! It is in the way!
    COntact me on FB if you need to I hardly come onto wordpress (its too mcuh for my Lymebrain to fathom and I am trying to schedule TOS surgery-YES my arteries won’t carry the bloodflow correctly either, so they have to take my ribs out (GOOD I can use them for my Empty Nose syndrome!) and I’ve already had thyroid out (cancer) and left styloid (elongated and calcified) WHY? Perhaps LYME blocked proper flow culminating in the TOS but I could have also been BORN this way-too convenient!

    SO go to website above, read and heed, if we keep allowing these chemicals to build up in our bodies, we are DOOMED! BE SAFE know what your levels are and get checked, if you HAVE HAD MRIS with contras, even if it was years ago, my levels are HIGH even thouh it has been seven years sinc elast MRI w/contrast! t:

    Gadolinium, 24 Hour, Urine
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue
    Gadolinium, Random, Urine
    Gadolinium, Serum
    Gadolinium/Creatinine Ratio, Random, Urine MRI GADOLINIUM CONTRAST MAYO MEDICAL LABS NFL

    what modality we think is going to FIND a problem, is perhaps indeed CAUSING ONE, and has so in my own case and I don’t doubt many others as well. Being BORED & TIRED to use a finger to scroll through a few links , should NOT stop anyone from getting answers about your health, so YOU can get better!

    Continued good health to all! and as I am not a doctor, consult yours with some of this info; but be sure to let me know if you’ve found anything out!

    Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    Comprehensive Research on Gadolinium and links to some of the best information on NET about GADOLINIUM TOXICITY

    after reading the above links and deciding if YOUR particular issues may be Gadolinium related, you may want to ask your doctors for the following:

    Your local doctor or hospital does the blood draw and random urine sample and gives you a bottle for 24 hr urine testing, it is then done as a SEND OUT to Mayo, your SAMPLES travel, so you do NOT have to! But your local hospital or doc has to have an account with Mayo for billing purposes. This may mean only a few places in your local area might only be able to perform testing. I got mine done via Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch NJ and they sent it out, within one week, I had my positive results in hand! I never wait for my next docs appointment for my results, instead I get them straight form the lab. Not sure what they allow in other states. the disc office shave to contact Mayo for PROPER HANDLING OF SAMPLES as they are going to possibly contain heavy metal GADOLINIUM, they must be done in certain manner. Mayo’s website addresses all of this, so don’t let your docs’ offices tell you, “I don’t know HOW to get this achieved” they do if they know how to use a phone and a website and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

    Page upon which “G” catalog tests appear:

    Gadolinium, 24 Hour, Urine
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue*
    Gadolinium, Random, Urine
    Gadolinium, Serum
    Gadolinium/Creatinine Ratio, Random, Urine
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue, will need to be done if and when I test POSITIVE for GADOLINIUM In blood and/or urine.

    a note to write to your doctor if they refuse you any of the above tests:

    If you are REFUSING to order any lab studies, I would like to request that you sign a copy of this letter and place it in my medical chart. You will also receive a copy of this letter via registered mail.

    Mayo Medical Laboratories: Reference Laboratory services for hospitals worldwide


    AUNT MINNIE & GE & $5 Million verdict

    Study links Gadolinium MR contrast to brain abnormalities
    By Wayne Forrest, staff writer

    Radiology. 2014 Mar;270(3):834-41. doi: 10.1148/radiol.13131669. Epub 2013 Dec 7.
    High signal intensity in the dentate nucleus and globus pallidus on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images: relationship with increasing cumulative dose of a gadolinium-based contrast material.

    Kanda T1, Ishii K, Kawaguchi H, Kitajima K, Takenaka D.

    Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric
    GE Failed to Adequately Warn about Dangers of its MRI Dye, Jury Finds

    by Jeff Gerth
    ProPublica, March 22, 2013, 2:41 p.m.

    $5 Million Verdict In The First Gadolinium Injury Trial

    Tags: claims, Gadolinium Verdict, GE Healthcare, lawsuit, lawyer, litigation, Product Liability
    A federal jury in Ohio has awarded $5 million in the first case to go to trial in the multi district litigation involving patients who claim injury from the body scan contrast agent gadolinium. The jury found that GE Healthcare failed to provide adequate warnings of the health risk posed to those with impaired kidney function from Omniscan. As we have reported, the GE product is a gadolinium-based contrast dye used in MRIs and other imaging scans. The plaintiff in the case, Paul Decker, contracted a debilitating skin disease — nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) — as a result of being injected with Omniscan for a magnetic resonance angiogram in 2005. At the time, Decker was also undergoing dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.

    It is my theory that in addition to those NFL and other sports players having suffered concussions and that have HAD MRI CONTRAST, their conditions may be additionally affected via GADOLINIUM CONTRAST, that their brain abnormalities are being INCREASED because and MRI with contrast is THE MAIN TESTING they get to DIAGNOSE the issues in the first place; FIRST DO NO HARM, means NOTHING to GE & Bayer Healthcare (Manufacturers of some of the MRI contrast, namely MAGNEVIST) they have controlled the media on this in the past and will continue to do so until held accountable for ongoing damage to the brain and body @ FIBROSIS.

    (see the above case, a $5 million settlement in Decker Case!) many who have been harmed and had no pre-existing kidney disease, if they wind up with kidney disease after use of MRI contrast, it will be blamed on kidney disease having been “an underlying issue that went undiagnosed” i.e.: go blame the docs for not figuring this out BEFORE you got to us! then patients will have to scramble to get to the TRUTH!! I was told by a major toxicologist, Dr Lewis Nelson of Bellevue Medical Center, NY, that “You will NEVER PROVE your conditions are from GADOLINIUM, so go see a Professional to help you deal with your the way you are feeling about your issues” Heavy metal toxicity brought on via GADOLINIUM, is not an “issue” it is a disease process and I will quantify this with testing of proper type: blood, urine, hair, saliva and dermal biopsies, and even bone if the situation calls for it.

    OF note, Mayo Medical Labs as of now will only quantify NSF from a DERMAL biopsy, just because it appears in a urine and blood sample, the telling test is having a dermal biopsy and clinically POSITIVE office visit showing that your symptoms are consistent with the disease process. Because the initial patients that had gotten diagnosed with NSF, had Kidney disease (as they were the ones getting most of the early MRI’s with contrast the doctors think that limiting exposures will STOP this and in that we are finding it is NOT the case, as there are a few of us in other , groups harmed that have NO KIDNEY DISEASE WHATSOEVER any type of test that will quantify the amount of a toxic heavy metal chelate, called GADOLINIUM, Magnevist brand name has caused to me. By this I hope others may find it in them and help gain perspective of what their health issues stem from and to get help for them.
    these NFL links are so people can see what GE has been up to; they have a captive patient population in the NFL Players and I for one hope that none of them are being additionally harmed via Gadolinium contrast.
    Federal judge approves NFL concussion settlement
    NFL Faces $950 Million in Total Concussion Claims: Report

    PS: FDA Strengthens Fluoroquinolone Warnings, Facial Paralysis Surgeon Responds to Nerve Damage Risk

    Top facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, responds to the FDA strengthening the warnings on fluoroquinolone antibiotics. (I had LEvaquin twice post-sinus surgery and developed severe tendinopathies from it over a year later!) watch out! IT is NOT just happening in elderly, if 50 were an elderly person!)


  4. Thank you so much for your work, excellent information.

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  5. “1. Your depression is not causing your illness. Your illness is pissing you off and the stupidity of the medical profession is what’s depressing:” Been saying this for years……

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  6. My fav to date. You Rock! Thank you.
    Love, Mamma Jen

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