Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Whistle Blown

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 12, 2015 SASH Whistleblowers Declare Washington “Occupy” a Success Washington, D.C., June 12, 2015: Medical abuse-victims’ rights group Society for the Advancement of Scientific Hermeneutics (SASH) last week completed their planned grassroots protest and outreach efforts… Read More ›

Dear CDC

This is an email I sent to the CDC. Can’t wait to hear how they respond! Hello, CDC Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, I am wondering why the Lyme disease case definition from 1994 or prior is unavailable on the CDC… Read More ›

Calling All Foreign Press

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 17, 2015 Washington, D.C., May 17, 2015: Medical abuse-victims’ rights group Society for Advancement of Scientific Hermeneutics (SASH), announces its Occupy the USDOJ protest beginning June 1, in Washington, D.C. This Occupy movement, led by a… Read More ›

Good or Evil? You Choose.

Whoever has a conscience, please help. An estimated 30 million people are suffering from debilitating illness, shamed, blamed and unable to get treatment because our government does not want us to know the source of the autism pandemic. You inject… Read More ›


Title Page for the Occupy Justice Criminal Charge Sheets By Kathleen Dickson The “United States Department of Justice” (USDOJ) is not protecting us from corporate fraud, despite having been given the evidence of these frauds  in RICO-and-FRAUD complaints filed in July… Read More ›