Good or Evil? You Choose.

Whoever has a conscience, please help. An estimated 30 million people are suffering from debilitating illness, shamed, blamed and unable to get treatment because our government does not want us to know the source of the autism pandemic.
meme_truth1You inject a fungally-contaminated vaccine, along with a live, attenuated virus into a child, and the child gets the disease instead of the protection. What happens when you hypervaccinate thousands of soldiers who end up mysteriously disabled? What happens when you push a Lyme disease vaccine that uses the very same antigen that causes the disabling symptoms of Lyme disease?

Immunosuppression with reactivated viruses and subsequent opportunistic infections. Chronic mold exposure? Think black mold. We were all pretty hyped up about black mold removal a few years ago, right? The result is immunosuppression with reactivation of latent viruses plus opportunistic infections of all sorts.
Bad stuff, right? Do I have to say it again? The result is immunosuppression with reactivation of latent viruses plus opportunistic infections of all sorts. Starting to sound like AIDS, right? OF COURSE they don’t want us to know that Gulf War Syndrome, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, HIV and autism share a common mechanism. Fungal immunosuppression, chronic reactivation of herpesviruses and opportunistic infections leading to the “Great Imitator” diseases.

These government criminals will stop at nothing to destroy the lives of U.S. Citizens, children, and especially those who dare to speak out about these unspeakable crimes. In fact, it seems, they’d like to retract the disability insurance of one of our prominent activists, in the hopes that this person will die destitute, and the incriminating data will simply go away.

In the Lyme world people are dying, two or three a week. If it’s not from their illness, it’s because they couldn’t take the ABUSE any more.

FROM DOCTORS: ridicule, shame, blame, retaliation, ignorance, lack of care, lack of empathy, denial of treatment, psychiatric diagnoses, i.e we create our illness using our own magical brains.

FROM INSURANCE (NON)PROVIDERS: denial of illness, denial of coverage, ridicule, shame, blame, red tape and paperwork that’s difficult even for healthy people.

FROM OUR OWN FAMILIES AND FRIENDS AS A RESULT OF THE DOCTOR/INSURANCE VICTIM-BLAMING: disbelief, mistrust, divorce, shunning, ridicule, isolation, retaliation for being disabled and unable to do normal activities.

FROM OTHER INSTITUTIONS: denial of disability insurance, denial of unemployment insurance, denial of sickness by employers, bankruptcy, homelessness.

FROM ANYONE IN A POSITION TO QUESTION OUR PARENTAL RIGHTS: investigations by DCF, accusations of child abuse, neglect and “Munchausen’s,” government-mediated kidnapping of our sick children, criminal charges of child abuse for the crime of trying to get treatment for our sick children.
A complaint was filed with the USDOJ in 2003. The complaint stated that research fraud committed by CDC officers led to the fraudulent adoption of a “new” Lyme disease case definition so that the aforementioned Lyme vaccine could be fraudulently qualified. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD. And they meant to profit from it, as evidenced by the multiple patents owned by said fraudsters, by marketing diagnostic devices and test kits. RICO AND FALSE CLAIMS.
We are OCCUPYING THE USDOJ starting June 1. We DEMAND JUSTICE for all those who are denied care, denied treatment, denied of a physical illness that is killing us. We humbly ask for assistance in making TRUTH prevail. The truth will save our children.
Read the charge sheets:

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  1. Great to hear you speaking out about this. Pre-Lyme (was diagnosed with CFS), I had no idea how insidious this problem is globally. Good to read articles written with passion and oomph.

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  1. the facts are there – I am sick with it too | Slices Of Lyme Pie

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