Title Page for the Occupy Justice Criminal Charge Sheets

The “United States Department of Justice” (USDOJ) is not protecting us from corporate fraud, despite having been given the evidence of these frauds  in RICO-and-FRAUD complaints filed in July 2003 and January 2004, respectively. The charges were regarding “Lyme Disease,” the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), later being absorbed by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (idsociety.org or IDSA), and the American Psychiatric Association (Psych.org) as being a not scientifically valid medical practice (later confirmed by the National Institute of Mental Health).

It does not need to be said that invalid subjective testimony, particularly by an offended party – psychiatry – ought not to carry the weight of valid science in human lives.  It is long past time for this Soviet style henchmen society to be allowed to invent disorders to satisfy a working RICO relationship between the Child Protective Services (CPS) to produce un-owned children for drug trials, or to ruin the reputations and livelihood of immune-damaged soldiers.

In 2006 Senator Richard Blumenthal sued, civilly, the Infectious Diseases Society of America for “Anti-Trust”, lamenting that there was still no criminal Anti-Trust legislation in the Connecticut Statutes and that he had been pressing the CT legislators for one for years.  Blumenthal is a former USDOJ prosecutor and believes the Lyme case to be FRAUD and RICO.  At present, he and his senator associates are forcing the Food and Drug Administration to assure that the testing for Lyme Disease is valid according to the FDA’s rules (“Guidance for industry on the Validation of a Bioanalytical Method), because the current “Dearborn,” Lyme “2-tiered” case definition for Lyme was falsified in Europe by Allen Steere in 1992.  Steere excluded all neurologic or immunosuppression cases of Lyme and left out OspA and OspB – the former “primary immunodominant antigens” – for Steere and Company’s later monopoly on all testing for Lyme and vector borne diseases, and therefore any future patentable DNA in that blood.

The reason for this abuse re Lyme, Chronic Fatigue/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Gulf War Illness(es), sick children with chronic fatigue/mitochondrial-fatigue disorders, and the parents of sick children or parents and children who suffered vaccine damage, by the self-alleged CPS cult/union (ie., Munchausen’s and similar paranormal definitions and accusations such as “Somatization”), is because the mechanisms in these illness are similar or identical – immunosuppression – in the presence of latent viruses such as Epstein-Barr and the other human herpesviruses, fungal contamination of live attenuated virus vaccine vials, or the vaccination of immune suppressed children whose immune status is not assessed prior to vaccination.  The true name, confirmed by the National Institutes of Health, for all these similar chronic fatiguing outcomes, is Post Sepsis Syndrome, which implies ongoing infections of all kinds, including mononucleosis and chronic fungal infections in the blood that are detected NOT by throwing out the whole cells as the criminal CDC staff (Suzanne Vernon) tried to prove via research fraud and NOT by antibody testing.

Thimerosal is put in vaccines to prevent fungi, because fungi (TLR2/1 agonists) injected directly into the human blood stream results in the live, attenuated viruses becoming un-attenuated (activated).

The DNA-patent-profiteering Centers for Disease Control staff are working in their own self-interest in cahoots with Kaiser-Permanente (the ALDF.com was established directly in a relationship between the CDC patent profiteers, Kaier-Permanente, and the financially failing New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY; Kaiser-Permanente now trains their Medical School students) such as to collectively say, “There are no diseases, there are only vaccines.”

We DEMAND that the USDOJ do their jobs and protect us from corporate fraud, imaginary somatization accusations against vaccine- and other immune-injured persons and their families, to protect us from the government employee union cults and RICOs, such as the profiteering CDC and the “Child Protective” criminals, protect us from the criminal Pentagon and Veterans Administration who deploy the likes of foreigners (Simon Wessely and other dual citizens who act in behalf of the corporations), such as to deny the rights, reputations and  livelihoods of soldiers.

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