Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Dear, Dear Mrs. Steere

FACT: All of this medical abuse is a direct result of the lies spoken and published by the ALDF/CDC/Yale enterprise since the early 1990s. That’s right: 25 years of ABUSE heaped upon FAILURE TO TREAT a real, organic illness that Allen Steere said was similar to cancer, before he said it was just a bum knee.


Some idiot this morning had the gall to tell me in a “private” message that the science saying that “Lyme” causes an AIDS-like disease in the majority of victims is, in his important opinion, “dead wrong.” I am not here… Read More ›


Apologies for the long absence! I’ve been working on our new Website and action initiatives. I’ll be back soon with some snark and circumstance. For now, check out TruthCures! And say a prayer for justice for the sick. Someone I… Read More ›