Lyme Math

Companion documents for December 4, 2016 Facebook Live video by Beaux Reliosis on Lyme Math

CDC’s 2015 reported cases of Lyme disease by state:

CDC has admitted all along that cases are under-reported by 10-12 times, and they are referring to actual CDC, Dearborn two-tier positive cases that simply are not reported by doctors.


Allen Steere’s European research which took place during the early LYMErix trials, in which he committed research fraud by raising the cutoff to FIVE standard deviations instead of the normal, standard, customary, THREE standard deviations. This eliminated neurologic Lyme (AKA “chronic Lyme”) cases in what became the first tier of the Dearborn “two-tier” diagnostic standard.


The results of Steere’s shenanigans:


Dearborn Booklet:

Note: Only MarDx agreed with Steere’s testing proposal, because they had been given blood that was pre-qualified as “late-Lyme arthritis” cases (i.e. the only cases that produce enough of the selected antibodies to test “positive”). The average accuracy reported by the participating labs was 15%.

Gary Wormser, lead author of the current IDSA guidelines, saying that Dearborn was 20%-36% accurate, in his submission to the panel:


Gary Wormser again, saying in a separate report, the total number of late Lyme cases (IgG) who met the Dearborn criteria was 9/59. He is speaking about assessing the Dearborn proposal in the beginning, so when he says “criteria” he means Steere’s Dearborn panel, even though Dearborn had not happened yet.

Patients who met by Dearborn IgG *and* IgM (8) and who met by only Dearborn IgG criteria (1).  So, what is the sum of all the contestants who met IgG (late disease, which is the condition of most patients by the time they get around to finding a doc who sees they’re sick with something like Chronic fatigue Lyme?


9/59 = 15%



Then, if you want to go one step further, you can show that nothing has changed since 1989, when Dattwyler & Luft published that treatment fails in half the cases:


Charles Chiu and some of the Hopkins Lyme crooks, 2016:


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