Some idiot this morning had the gall to tell me in a “private” message that the science saying that “Lyme” causes an AIDS-like disease in the majority of victims is, in his important opinion, “dead wrong.”

I am not here to argue over treatments or whether the well documented model of Borrelia-post-sepsis disease is correct. If you are a Lyme victim, and you claim that this model can’t possibly be correct, because *you* got better with antibiotics, or pot, or whatever…just leave. If you can’t have the human decency or capacity for critical thought to realize that your personal case is not equal to the disease model (i.e. the center of the universe), then have a lovely day and be well. 

Just don’t run around telling people that because *you* are better (temporarily or otherwise) Lyme is not so serious as to kill people, disable children, and cause permanent immune system damage. I have zero tolerance for anyone who makes light of this disease to the detriment of those who are mere breaths from being six feet under.

We don’t discuss treatment–not only because nobody, really, is qualified–but for the very reason that everybody has different shit going on. Unless you fix the underlying broken mechanisms, it’s a vicious cycle of opportunistic infections, reactivated viruses, leaky gut, brain inflammation, and all kinds of random and varied horrors that we all read about every day on Facebook. Meanwhile, people are arguing about the science that we present, and wasting time, while others are dropping like flies. 

Some have claimed that we say “Treatment is useless.” This moron today tried to bait me into saying, “Don’t treat your Lyme because treatment is pointless.” We do not say that. We say, “Quit debating treatments and talk about the science and how the case definition was falsified to prevent people with an acquired immune deficiency disease from obtaining a real diagnosis and treatment.” 

We are saying, “Talk about the ONE thing that is causing this 40-year-plus tragedy to keep destroying lives.” 

If you are not evolved enough to see the big picture and realize that someone’s child is doomed to a life of misery, or that a child will lose her parent to this disease, or…name your devastating outcome…over and over and over, ad infinitum….then you have no right to complain to me about our approach of going straight for the bullseye here. NONE. Take your complaints elsewhere.

Complain to Gary Wormser, who has now published at least three times that Lyme is immunosuppressive. Complain to Alan Barbour about being an utter failure despite being widely recognized as the foremost expert on Lyme and tick-borne diseases and owning more patents than God. Complain to Fikrig & Flavell at Yale, who patented both LYMErix (which caused “chronic Lyme” due to it being OspA, a TLR2/1 agonist/fungal-type antigen) and a valid Lyme diagnostic test that will never see the light of day. 

Complain to Baumgarth and Barthold at UC-Davis for not saying enough times that this is a B cell disease. “Hey, assholes who are ON OUR SIDE, why don’t you look at whether spirochetes are permanent (yet again, for the 8,000th time) instead of your lame attempts to advance understanding of the disease mechanism.” I’d love to see them put you in your place.

And then, if you’re not quite satisfied with your attempted sabotage of real activism, go and complete one of the LDO/LDA/Pat Smith/DoD surveys on your symptoms and tell the world, “Aw, shucks, this Lyme thing ain’t so bad, because I’m doing pretty well after my last 9 months of antibiotics.” Go right ahead and be a selfish buttface. The next 19-year old who drops dead is on you. 

Complain to Allen Steere, who is responsible for the falsified research that is the basis for the existing fraudulent two-tier testing scheme. Complain to Barbara Johnson, CDC officer responsible for the Dearborn conference where the current case definition was adopted despite there being zero consensus from the participating labs. Complain to Mark Klempner, whose government grant fraud to the tune of $4.7 million laid the groundwork for the existing “guidelines.” Complain to the insurance industry, and Pharma, who pull all the strings at our public health agencies to ensure that the millions who are suffering continue to suffer without support or acknowledgement of their disease.

Complain to the DOJ for not protecting us from these psychopaths. 

Complain to anyone except those of us who dedicate our own ill selves every single day to the exposure of the Lyme Cryme. Because you’re missing the point, and there are far too many of us who have no time for that.

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  1. Yeah seems opinion trumps real science now a days.


  2. I just started to look into all this and found all this information last week. I have been reading a pdf of the crime sheet I downloaded on truthcures site. I saw the YouTube presentation but I wanted to go through all the journals and research they presented myself to understand it better. It’s amazing the CDC and the medical establishment can get away with things like this across the board. This is just a small part of what’s going on as a whole in the medical monopolies. I have the neuro-Borreliosis/immunodeficient disease and I’ve had it for at least 10 years and probably longer. And now that I know I have it and learning about symptoms they call ‘Lyme Rage’ and all the million other symptoms associated with chronic lyme or post-sepsis syndrome, so much of my life starts to make sense. Its like I was missing a big piece of information regarding my life situation and why I was a certain way and why things went so badly, and why I’m not further along in life. I was having bad symptoms a few years ago and it caused me to have fits of rage and I burned down a huge building near where I live and went to jail for 2 1/2 years. Now I have this stigma attached to everything I try to do in getting further along in life. I think if I had known or they hadn’t committed these crimes, maybe I would have been able to get a hold on what was hexing me so badly over the years and it wouldn’t have had to get to that point.

    Its funny how you can use their own admissions, prove it all just using their work, and yet somehow you’re this crazy ‘conspiracy theorist’ that has it all wrong. I found all the research to be 100% accurate. I don’t have a medical background but I understood pretty much everything I was reading in the crime sheet PDF. Its not that hard to understand its just that I’m not familiar with every term they use in the journals but once I figure out their jargon or language its easy to sum up so that a child could understand it.

    Are you a CDC or Medical Field Whistleblower? I have some good friends I know who run a YouTube channel and website that would probably be happy to interview you at some point. They have somewhere around 50,000 subscribers. I plan to get involved in this so I am going over all the associated sites, and pdf’s, etc. to get a more in-depth understanding of it.


  3. Nothing like a 1, 2 punch. Only it was ” a left, a right, an uppercut, body punch and a knockout”. Verbal ” Ali “. Yes, glad to have a real fighter in ” our ” corner. Thanks again Beau. Thanks for going 100 rounds and more. Longest professional fight ever.


  4. Many people feel threatened by the truth. Surprisingly, even the ones allegedly on our own side. I recommend this documentary since in the end it talks about basically teamwork:

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  5. Thank you, always love to read what’s happening here, cryme it certainly is. I always feel supported when I read your blog. be safe and healthfilled

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