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I thought the “Tick Borne Disease Working Group” was a bad idea. After all, it was Pat Smith’s (LDA) idea 20 years ago, and what has the LDA accomplished other than finally getting this committee formed? They gathered a bunch of anecdotes and called it “Big Data,” and Pat got herself a sweet three-year appointment to the “Programmatic Panel for the Tick-Borne Disease Research Program (TBDRP), a new program in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)…” where she gets to weigh in on grant awards.

Well, maybe this working group isn’t such a bad idea, starting with Pat, herself. See, she knows that this chronic disease that plagues so many of us is caused by OspA, alone. Otherwise she wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of calling a big meeting with the FDA to say so, a full year after the whistle had already been blown on LYMErix (OspA) and Dearborn.

I don’t understand why she has never spoken of OspA since then, though. Maybe she has been waiting for just the right opportunity, AKA her precious TBD Working Group. Go Pat! OspA speaks! And it hangs out with DoD!

It appears that “Da Worm” Gary Wormser didn’t even make it to the first meeting before being voted off the island. It’s almost a little sad, since now we won’t be able to repeatedly ask him, on the federal record, whether he recalls publishing several times that this plague we call “chronic Lyme” is a disease of immunosuppression. Oh well. The remaining Working Group members are free to discuss such matters now, without wasting time on his back-pedaling.

So, we’ve established that the disease is caused by OspA (pam3cys, a fungal lipoprotein) and that it’s actually an immunosuppression disease. And that’s after examining just two (now one) of the Working Group members! Yay team! Will you look at that? All the work is already done!

Surely some of the biodefense experts in the group know what I’m talking about. Like Dennis M. Dixon, Ph.D., Chief, Bacteriology and Mycology Branch, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That’s the guy we want on our team! The one who’s a mycology expert! A mycology expert definitely knows that fungal endotoxins like OspA/pam3cys are about as far from a vaccine (LYMErix) as you can get because they are responsible for this tick bite post-sepsis AIDS outcome that mysteriously doesn’t produce antibodies and slowly disables its victims through the reactivated viruses and opportunistic infections.

It’s funny; if I didn’t trust the government I might think that Dr. Dixon and the other bioweapons dabblers in the group were appointed for nefarious reasons. But just look at Dr. Estella Jones’s credentials: “Captain Jones serves as Director for Medical Countermeasure Regulatory Science and as Senior Regulatory Veterinarian in the Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats in the Office of the Commissioner at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She currently serves as Chairperson for the NIAID Integrated Research Facility Animal Care and Use Committee at Fort Detrick and represents the FDA on the National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) Fort Detrick Interagency Coordinating Committee (FDICC).” If “Lyme” is a stealth disabler (ask any of the victims) then Dr. Jones knows for sure what’s going on here! This is getting pretty exciting!

Then there’s Charles Benjamin (Ben) Beard, Ph.D., Acting Deputy Director, Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Associate Editor, Emerging Infectious Diseases. What has this man NOT accomplished in his long and illustrious career? I mean, he was at Yale at the time they were working on patenting stuff like LYMErix and the valid-but-shelved-for-all-eternity flagellin test method that might have spared about a gazillion years of human suffering.

From Yale, he became a lifer at the CDC, first at the Division of Parasitic Diseases, and later at the CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases. He coordinated CDC’s programs on Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne relapsing fever, Bartonella, plague, and tularemia and wielded influence not only domestically, but globally! In addition to his work as Chief of the Bacterial Diseases Branch, in 2011 Dr. Beard was appointed as the Associate Director for Climate Change in CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, a network of biodefense labs, where he coordinated CDC’s efforts to mitigate the potential impact of climate variability and disruption on infectious diseases in humans. Vector migration, anyone? “In 2017, he was appointed as the Acting Deputy Director of CDC’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases. He has published over 125 scientific papers, books, and book chapters collectively, and has served on a variety of committees and panels both inside and outside of CDC, including working groups or advisory panels for the World Health Organization” and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Wow. Is this Dixon/Jones/Beard trifecta the Lyme dream team, or what? These three definitely know that OspA causes tick bite post-sepsis AIDS. DEFINITELY. How can we go wrong with this crew?

Add to that caucus the brilliant Dr. John Aucott, and this Working Group is sure to make great strides. Aucott hails from Johns Hopkins University, home of spirochetal crimes against humanity, a la Tuskegee and Guatemala. Therefore, he surely knows that spirochetal neurologic disease (“Great Imitator” and “New Great Imitator”) isn’t just your run-of-the-mill somatoform disorder, despite what so many of his patients say. It could be a really, really good thing that the Famous Lyme Doctor from the Famous Spirochetal Crimes Institution is Chair of the Working Group!

I’m going to “think positive” and hope that between Pat Smith, Aucott and our Tick-AIDS Trifecta, we have enough great minds to educate the ones who aren’t quite with the program, so to speak. Help out Dr. Horowitz, who keeps publishing entire books that avoid addressing the mechanism of disease and yet earn him celebrity status. Help out Dr. Nigrovic of child-stealing Boston Children’s, who publishes things like “Doctors need to strong-arm parents into accepting lesser treatment for their sick kids”:; “The fraudulent two-tier testing is awesome”:; and “Be careful not to over diagnose Lyme because that might validate people’s suffering”:

Yes, this Tick-AIDS expert contingent could educate the likes of Kristen Honey, Ph.D., P.M.P. (Vice-Chair), who is a policy maven and “transforms scientific methods through open data, open science, open source, and open innovation (e.g., crowdsourcing, citizen science, prizes, challenges, and public-private collaborations).” I have no idea what that means, since there is but one “scientific method,” and it’s very stringent and not able to be transformed while maintaining validity. Anyway, here’s your “crowd sourcing”:

Crowds of scientists were sourced to explain this disease of tick bite post-sepsis AIDS, and we crowds of victims would appreciate it very much if you’d get on with the task of putting some policy in place to address this scourge, instead of the current policy of pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Also, would some of the old timers on this Working Group please advise Wendy Adams, M.B.A., Research Grant Director, Bay Area Lyme (BAL) about her organization’s unsavory affiliation with Alan Barbour, TBD Patent King & Supreme Owner of All Things OspA? The optics of having one of the 1994 Dearborn conference ringleaders on BAL’s scientific advisory panel are not great; besides, he knows what tick bite post-sepsis AIDS is all about–probably better than anyone–so clearly he is behaving dishonestly by withholding this knowledge. I hate to see a perfectly good non-nonprofit taken for a ride.

In closing, I’ll just reiterate that I’m impressed with the depth of knowledge in this group about spirochetal/fungal/stealth disabling/bioweapons-ish diseases. That’s great, because a bunch of the Working Group members can cut right to the chase and deal with the scientific facts of OspA/pam3cys AIDS, and finally start to help the 85% who were excluded from the CDC’s Dearborn case definition. While you’re at it, why don’t you form a subcommittee to put the kibosh on the new fake Lyme vaccine? I’ve been fighting the damned thing by myself and could use some help explaining that it’s a bad idea to inject OspA into people intentionally, when injection by tick is such an obviously horrific outcome.

Laura R. Hovind

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  1. Here is my thought on this all. I already caused the CDC to stop answering questions, EPA meeting and the secretary of health and Human service to resign (yes due to supposedly unauthorized flying expenses but oddly his comment “CDC is doing a great job” did not seem to fit. What I did was send email to CDC that water contamination is the root of all including this pandemic of persons passing chlamydophila C pneumonia from staphylococcus aureus (gram neg bacteria0. It has been occurring for decades with most diseases from this bacteria. This CDC response was one day after my final message to CDC. A little later I send faxes with all kinds of supportive documentation to 5 senators : Grassley, Warren, Klobuchar, Blumenthal, Feinstein. The only one that appeared to have done something (maybe) is Feinstein. I also send the Minnesota health department my findings especially it is spreading like wild fires and totally no tick involvement. The area that started it is also one of the highest level of Lyme. How can it not if the water is contaminated.

    SO this is what I have posted on another site based on what I have experienced in self, others and seen

    .I believe that some are cured with ABX but the problem everything is labeled as just Lyme. CO infections also play a huge role. I am even suspecting two things.

    Each animal bitten by a tick results in a different co infection. So humans are also in that picture. In what I have observed also believe that humans who are infected and infecting each other on a worse than pandemic way due to water contamination/staph aureus (yes animals too/insects most likely) are attracted to ticks/mosquitoes or anything that has the appetite for “sweet blood” This observation is what I think as this year was the first year since coming to the USA that mosquitoes have left me alone. They were however attacking my husband and dog who both have issues. My dog tested pos for lyme this Febr / vet said he was able to fight it off/ I am now questioning this. My husband is having all kinds of stuff including hearing difficulties and feeling crummy. I have spoken to others who also identify such a phenomenon. In addition I also spoke to a person who has lyme and that she gets all kinds of ticks on her but her neighbor does not when both walked the same area. This would explain also why they are migrating in search for their food. I know this is far fetched but why are there so many around trails ? also all getting much closer to populated areas. In addition I am able to smell infections in people. I have had that ability for years. It even came handy when I worked with DD pop and one individual had an infection that nobody picked up. I think this hypothesis would be easy to test.
    Zika is also another form of Lyme and because mosquitoes may be attracted to people already infected the 2nd infection causing the birth deformities. So double/different specy infections are much harder to cure then if tick only has one (without having bitten another animal prior to biting a human. Hell I know that sounds crazy !! Just my opinion. based on also knowing that most people that go see doctors have low body temps (like I did) which is indicative of chronic infection.

    Tom Keith Joyce Dahlberg no doesnt sound all that far fetched at all with this i have learned rule nothing totally out as far as symptoms transmitting it or treating it and the different co infections!!! i admire your wisdom and ability to to think out side the box!!!! to bad main stream medical and such didnt think the same way????? instead they have there very narrow minded arogant opionion that they know it all and were stupid!!! when in reality when it comes to this ive had to shake my head and bite my toungue and really tell my self not worth it Tom!! there have been a few times i just wanted to smack a Dr and say what the F is wrong with you!!
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    I wish to add that this situation arose from my initial Lyme (of course neg with traditional test) .I asked to be tested for mycoplasma, turned out to be chlamydophila C pneumonia. Brain has returned and start was 1977 when boyfriend (1978 husband) had staph infection. Yes Kanabec County in Mn (one of the highest Lyme area). He and entire family and millions others with severe stuff. So I knew the water contamination was the root. Just found out I also have/had Epiglottitis and antithrombin 3 deficiency. For whatever reason this test from 2016 was misplaced ??? Really ??? Doctor also never informed. So I did research again. enterobacterial infection (gram neg) all fitting with #41 being removed from the testing and parasitic bacteria with fungal type junk. So in the 80’s when these so called viruses were found to be bacteria and many persons were showing to have an infection resulted in the testing to eliminate any kind of brain entering bacteria and only the knee type which is most likely only the water infected tick to cause that.
    This even explains the less severe Morgellon that I have as this water bacteria has oxygen so it does not come out to the surface. Also explains why it goes to the brain as the concentration of oxygen is higher in brain. May also explains why Morgellon is more severe if ticks/insects/mosquitoes somehow remove the oxygen when transmitting this mutated bacteria. The need for oxygen remains so it comes out of the skin.
    This is just my opinion and through the hell I have gone through and still going. Sadly I am still being labeled as nuts in the system.


  2. The “government” is so frickin useless. This summary makes that all abundantly clear. We should go back to Washington – just visit the foreign embassies (again) – and tell them to Boycott the US Dollar, Goods, and “Services” – especially the Military. Dont Buy American – Save Lives.

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