You heard it here first, folks. Unless you heard it in 1937.

Read it for yourself, right here:



I simply wanted to know what a toxoid is. See what a little curiosity and the internets can achieve? Is this not what we have scientists for–to know this stuff??? I will reiterate my rant from just LAST WEEK: will the real scientists and MDs and public health officials please step forward? Because it’s asinine that little old me has to sit here and discover these well known but buried facts while you’re all –what? What are you doing? Playing golf? Running for office? Selecting China patterns? Seriously. This is getting pretty damned annoying, doing all your jobs.


See, I started out here, and said, “Huh. Self, it looks like we now know the difference between a toxOID and a toxIN. Maybe we should check out reference #1.”





And reference #1 is that doozy at the beginning.
Diphtheria toxoid is made by treating the diphtheria toxin with formaldehyde. In the absence of formaldehyde, or under improper storage conditions, the toxoid can revert back to toxin. In very small amounts, the toxin takes longer to cause symptoms, so diphtheria toxin illness from vaccines may be outside the typical window for adverse events. Read that first report.


Do you think maybe a refrigerated truck broke down somewhere in Brazil in 2014?
OK, I’m gonna step into my time machine now and find my happy place.

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  1. Pertussis science, in case you’re curious

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