Pertussis science, in case you’re curious

I’m not convinced anyone actually works at the CDC. I mean, maybe the guards and their dogs, for show, but the alleged scientists? I think they just work in pharma and have government email addresses to make them seem official. You know–your basic sock puppet.

Or maybe the “employees” streaming in and out of the guarded facility in their Ferraris are just highly paid crisis actors. Whatever the case may be, they’ve completely dropped the ball on recent science concerning the DTaP and Tdap vaccines.

If we want to believe that the entire Department of Health and Human Services of the United States of America is simply ignorant to the last few years’ research and the graphic below was created in good faith, OK. I won’t question your religion if you won’t question mine. However, if that’s the case, it makes a strong argument that those CDC “employees” truly are sock puppets, crisis actors, or worse.

Here are some tidbits I gathered about just how ineffective pertussis vaccines really are.

“Because of the small number of antigens (3-5 in DTaP vaccines vs >3000 in DTwP vaccines), linked-epitope suppression occurs. Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility.”

“The effectiveness of pertussis vaccination and duration of immunity are thought to correlate with both antibody and T cell responses. Humoral responses to wP and aP have been characterized previously (16–21). Interestingly, protection against infection persists even after antibody titers have decreased (22–24), suggesting that a cellular component contributes to immunity to Bordetella pertussis.”

“We recently characterized antibodies and CD4+ T cell responses to pertussis antigens in individuals originally vaccinated with either wP or aP using an in vitro and cross-sectional study approach (43). Notably, the differential Th polarization was maintained even in teenagers and adults. Since polarization is maintained for years after the original priming, even after identical boosting with aP (35, 43), data support the notions that wP priming enacts a differential molecular program in the vaccine-specific T cells and that this imprinting is essentially lifelong.”

That means infection with the whole pertussis organism confers protection that may be lifelong, whereas antibody titers invoked by the acellular vaccine are temporary and do not correlate with protection from pertussis.

Which isn’t surprising, considering that vaccine component filamentous hemagglutanin (FHA) is immunosuppressive.

The second report I cited goes on to state that acellular pertussis vaccine boosters don’t produce any significant immune response. (wP is the whole cell pertussis vaccine that was discontinued because it caused the disease itself. aP refers to the current acellular pertussis vaccine.):

“Overall, for donors originally vaccinated 18 years (or more) earlier with wP, ex vivo responses were boosted by approximately 2.5-fold. In the case of the donors vaccinated with aP, no significant booster effect was noted at the level of T cell responses.

“To address this issue, we recruited a third cohort of donors, also originally aP or wP primed (Supplemental Table 1C). In this cohort, responses were followed at days 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, and 60/120 after boost. The results shown in Figure 2C indicate that the peak booster effect was indeed reached at the 1-week point for the wP donors and that, regardless, no significant boost was detected in the donors originally primed with aP.”

Essentially, what is happening is that the DTaP and Tdap vaccines are tolerizing us so we spread the infection without having the telltale cough. We’re “asymptomatic carriers”. This effect is described in another report:

“…several studies have shown that symptom-less carriage of B. pertussis in adults is more common than previously appreciated (10–14). In fact, asymptomatic transmission may be a major driver of the resurgence of pertussis in highly vaccinated populations…”

“Studies with non-human primates have shown that both the whole-cell and acellular vaccines provide strong protection against pertussis disease (meaning the visible symptoms) but none of them prevents infection by B. pertussis.”

“Local mucosal immunity is not induced by the current vaccination regimens, which is likely the main reason why pertussis vaccination fails to control B. pertussis infection and only induces at best modest herd immunity.”

Lastly, if the point of just about everyone getting vaccinated is to protect those who can’t get vaccinated, we need to rethink that strategy. Because certainly everyone unknowingly walking around with more virulent mutant strains of pertussis infection can’t be good for those babies we’re trying to protect.

“I think pretty much everyone agrees pertussis strain variation is shaped by vaccination.”

Recap: The vaccines don’t work, and in fact, make the problem worse both at the individual level and the community level. Natural infection confers lifelong immunity; the vaccines cause a transient but useless antibody response, and boosters are pointless. The vaccines cause immunosuppression, which would make one more susceptible to disease.

If this were any other consumer product, it would be recalled over its dismal safety profile. If it were any product on the open market, the press would report these findings and consumers would refuse to buy it.

Instead, we’re expected to believe the CDC just doesn’t know. Maybe, if we’re not total CDC-evangelists, we believe they just don’t care. Or maybe, if our thinking has evolved to the point we believe they’re corrupt to the core, we know the truth.

“Go ahead and get that shot, pregnant women of America. It hasn’t been tested for safety in pregnancy, but we’re sure you and your baby will be juuuuuust fine.”



Guardians of Public Health and a Big, Highly Secured Campus (or two) Where Taco Tuesday is Every Other Thursday and if a FOIA Can’t Cure it, Nothing Can

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  1. Sorry about the grammar I am a little tired had a rough week.

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  2. Thanks for all your hard work. Their back are against the wall and they are getting desperate. Great work.

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      • They don’t get it. We are not as selfish as they are. They are starting to through each other under the bus to protect themselves. They did not expect us to be so self sacrificing and protective of each other. They tried to pit us against each other and to get us to be selfish like them and it only got us to work through each others short comings and to work even harder on being united yet focused on our own area of that we have researched concerning these things. So they have manage to broaden The battle fields because each of us has researched something different exposing many areas of corruption and deception. So their attacks on us have increased the battle lines. For example when I see people researching things similar to what you have knowledge of I send them to you blog so they can be accurately educated. When I see them researching things similar to what I have I send them to my blog. They are battling so many fronts now that they are starting to make mistakes and are in a state of panic. Because they want to arrest us it has caused many provaxxers to switch to our side and I am now educating them and they are even more vocal then we are. Many realize they are vaccine injured and did not know it. You blog has been a tremendous help I have sent many here so they could learn.


      • Thanks, Lee. I have noticed a different feeling in the air. We’re also getting better at seizing opportunities when they present themselves, which sounds like what you’re doing with your virtual deprogrammer van 😆. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sending referrals.

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