IDSA Lyme Guidelines Vanish



February 12, 2016


IDSA Lyme Guidelines Vanish

Chico, Calif. – The online Lyme disease community was in disarray today, following the news that, a leading patient advocacy group, could not locate the Lyme disease diagnostic and treatment guidelines of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).


Lorraine Johnson, chief executive Lyme policy wonkadonker,

“When we didn’t see the guidelines on the National Guidelines Clearinghouse Website, we sort of panicked a little,” said Lorraine Johnson, J.D., MBA, lead ” Lyme Policy Wonk” of “We looked everywhere. We tried Google, and I even looked through my IDSA file folder for a hard copy, but there were only reminders to call John Halperin back about our survey.”

The office, located in Chico, Calif., reportedly was thrown into such turmoil that its staff had to go out for margaritas at Tres Hombres Long Bar & Grill to collect themselves.

Other staff commented that it was “really hard to use Google and find IDSA’s Website,” and that they “look to Lorraine to find missing things since she is the one earning upwards of $100,000 per year.”


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.30.12 PM

Indeed, shock waves were felt throughout the Lyme community. Many social media-savvy Lyme patients praised Johnson’s ineptitude and rejoiced as if the Berlin Wall were coming down all over again.

“This is a really big deal,” proclaimed one Facebook user. “The fact that Lorraine Johnson, who makes so much money to keep track of things like this, can’t find the guidelines, means that there’s a chance nobody else can find them, either. The whole world can now safely follow ILADS without fear of IDSA’s guidelines raining on our parade. We might even be able to pass a law saying that everyone has to buy Dr. Horowitz’s book before they can get their PICC line inserted.”


Others were not so certain that being stupid was a good thing. One insightful “Lymie” pointed out that IDSA’s guidelines are under review anyway, and an update is expected soon. “They could post the new guidelines tomorrow, though they probably won’t since it’s a Saturday. The point is, CDC and insurance companies probably have hard copies lying around their offices, and busting out of millions of patient files. I’m sure they also know where to find them on IDSA’s Website.”


Others seemed genuinely outraged by the leading non-profit’s blatant disregard for “overwhelming” amounts of scientific evidence that chronic Lyme disease is technically a condition of “post-sepsis syndrome.” 

One outspoken activist stated, “Considering that Lorraine and her gang can’t even find the guidelines, we don’t expect them to understand science. However, anyone can look at a map and see that UC Davis is not very far away from Chico. They could easily take some donated funds and go on a little road trip to see Dr. Nicole Baumgarth, who’s the bomb when it comes to proving that Lyme causes immune suppression and even causes the immune system to stop reacting to common viruses.”

Despite the critical feedback,’s Johnson remained firm in her conviction that the guidelines had vanished, and that this is a positive development in the decades-long battle over funding for fake research.

“Look, I get paid a lot of money to say things that get Lyme patients excited. I honestly could not find the guidelines, and I’m the expert, so that must mean they are gone forever. This is a good thing–no, a great thing. It proves that we are doing our job, advocating for patients, and raising their hopes so that when their hopes are dashed again, we will be there to poll them on how it affected their symptoms.”


For more information, contact, 530-574-0123,



February 13, 2016

Chico, Calif. – The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) yesterday released a research report which confirms yet again that Lyme disease is an immunosuppressive, and not inflammatory disease.

When our staff reporter tried to reach Lorraine Johnson for comment, he was told that she was running a tab at Tres Hombres and we should all come out and celebrate the missing guidelines.

BLAB will continue to bring you updates as this situation unfolds.






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  1. Lorraine et al, dont even know anecdotal data is not real data. That is sad. No one at the LDA office ever supplied her with a dictionary and she cant afford to buy one with a measly 90,000 dollars a year.

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  2. Hahaha- this is brilliant!!!

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  3. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, we see UCSF agrees with UCDavis that Lyme is a disease of immunosuppression. It’s only been 15 years, since the whistle was blown on OspA causing the same immunosuppression disease. I guess that’s not enough time for the LDA and ILADS to catch on:

    “Early Lyme disease prior to antibiotic therapy was characterized by marked upregulation of Toll-like receptor signaling but lack of activation of the inflammatory T-cell apoptotic and B-cell developmental pathways seen in other acute infectious syndromes,” wrote the study’s authors.”

    Oh and the Nat Clearinghouse Guidelines have been gone 5 if not 10 years. I guess Lorraine Johnson is really good at playing Solitaire on the computer, spending 50 hours a week at it.

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  1. Crazy, Crazy for being so Lymie
  2. IDSA Strikes Again

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