If you want to torture someone, give them Lyme disease.

Under the Eighth amendment, criminals are protected from torture. What about ordinary citizens who have done no wrong but became chronically ill from a tick bite? Where is our protection from cruel and unusual punishment, withholding of medical care, the torture that is every day existence, just trying to survive when nobody will even admit that we’re deathly ill? All while the government and academic frauds who redefined the disease to exclude our cases and leave us in a medical purgatory torture chamber, are continually allowed free reign to act as arbiters of scientific truth in the realm of tick borne diseases.

We are treated worse than criminals.

What do you do when someone assaults you? You call the cops. We’ve done that, many times. FBI, Attorneys General, DOJ, ICC. It seems nobody has an interest in protecting you and me from government-sanctioned torture. It’s too hard. There are too many criminals. They are too powerful. The crime is too big.

I don’t know the answer. Protest used to be the answer to problems like this. What do we do, aside from making everyone see that the fungal gunk shed by spirochetes causes a B cell AIDS?

Here is a short video explaining a recent grant application by Linden Hu of Tufts University. Linden Hu coauthored with Mark Klempner the fake “retreatment” study that became the basis for the existing IDSA Lyme guidelines. This grant signifies a complete about-face, acknowledging what Kathleen Dickson has been saying for 16 years and presented to the FDA in 2001. “Chronic lyme” is a disease of immune suppression, or tolerance and cross tolerance.




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  1. Thank You again, as usual, for all the time you take to explain this. Unfortunately I am coming to the conclusion that people just want to believe what they want to believe. And this is a HUGE problem with the like AIDS illness….I cannot even call it lyme anymore after all your blog posts.
    Most people are stupid. Literally duped by a system carefully put in place to continuously make them stupid.
    Like everyone who is has been hit by this disease, I have had ups and down of hope and despair. My main despair now, however, is not the illness itself but the attitude our society has toward the truth. People not only do not like truth, not matter how you show the evidence…they love to be consistently lied. Living the lie/s allow human beings to keep “hope” up. Hope is just another word for a skewed lie in my world. The truth about a like AIDS illness signify the end of the hope. The lie allows humans to live in a fantasy-like reality.
    “Lie them enough and they will believe it”…..Hitler words. He was right on target.
    For many, this is the fear of death. There some of us who have this illness ready to die any time soon. Literally, for me it is this way, and, believe me, I have it better than a lot of other people afflicted by the same thing. Way better.
    Lie and create confusion, so now people cannot discern anymore between the two.


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