Everyone Wants the Truth

Written Public comment for the February 12, 2018 Tick-Borne Disease Working Group meeting.

I am Laura Hovind, co-founder of TRUTHCURES, the only science-based Lyme activist organization in existence.

TRUTHCURES exists for one reason, and one reason only: Because all attempts at Lyme advocacy in the last 40 years have failed, and I dare say that most organizations revel in their years or decades of failure as a sick kind of celebrity status symbol.

There is a reason nonprofits are required to have a dissolution plan; because there is an inherent expectation that they will accomplish their mission and then dissolve. Nonprofits are not supposed to be forever. They are not meant to be personal profit vehicles for their directors, nor bank accounts for their mob associates. Suspicion should be cast upon nonprofits that tout their many “accomplishments” but have done nothing concrete to correct the injustice that prolongs the suffering of millions.

It saddens me to see certain names of longtime Lyme players on the rosters of the subcommittees. Anyone who has been in this game more than a few years but still speaks only of persistence, biofilms and coinfections, or who stupidly insists that a vaccine is necessary when it is scientifically impossible, is not in it for the right reasons. What their appointment says to the victims hoping, begging, praying for change, is that different perspectives are not welcome. Egos are more important than truth. Dogma wins over facts. The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group (TBDWG) is a bureaucratic feet-dragging sham, and change is a carrot being dangled for sport.

The one FACT that should be the driving force of all activities of the TBDWG is this: OspA is a sepsis-inducing fungal antigen that causes an acquired immune deficiency disease. CDC officers knew it could never be a vaccine, but they falsified the case definition at Dearborn to exclude the immunosuppression cases and get the fake vaccine, LYMErix, to market. They threw us out of the case definition, rigging the testing to detect only the hypersensitivity cases. They threw us out like trash, and for the last 23 years have mocked us and slandered us and subjected us to treatment that meets the United Nations’ definition of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment—or torture, pure and simple. The CDC perps should be tried in the International Criminal Court, but instead we’re wasting time discussing issues of irrelevance while the bodies pile up.

All of the lives lost, the human suffering, the monetary, physical, and emotional costs since that day in 1994, have all been due to pure greed. And everyone involved in this TBDWG who knows what went down at the Dearborn conference but has refused to discuss it—you know who you are—has a special place waiting in hell, because no amount of back-pedaling or excuse-making can undo the damage that your silence has wrought.

TRUTHCURES met with Dr. Richard Wolitski, the designated federal officer, and Debbie Seem, on October 5, 2017. Our message was:

1 Science has shown us what the disease is. We explained it in simple terms, despite Dr. Wolitski’s persistent objections to knowing scientific fact. Surely he was aware that it is impossible to un-know the ugly truth.

2 The TBDWG would end up stacked with purveyors of the “false dichotomy,” or the concept that “chronic Lyme” can only be either persistent spirochetal infection or a post-treatment “syndrome” of unknown, but implied psychiatric etiology. We warned Dr. Wolitski not to let that happen, because that is the only dialogue that has taken place in 40 years, and to continue it would be a death sentence for many.

So, here we are, advice unheeded, crooks and enablers sitting at the table. The few good souls trapped in the middle have a Herculean task ahead of them. My request of them is this:

Please, in all that you do, remember: LYMErix (OspA) caused the exact same disease that was written out of the case definition. OspA alone causes “chronic Lyme,” no spirochetes necessary. So, what is the disease? It’s the aftermath of a septic tick bite. It’s permanent immune wreckage that’s far worse than persistent spirochetes. It is a crime that many of the members of this working group are keenly aware of. It’s a government-created human rights tragedy that the government will continue to conceal at any cost, including by conducting this flaccid effort of a dog-and-pony show.

Don’t be fooled. There is one truth, and it always, always, finds a way to make itself known. Every person involved in this working group has a duty to the truth. Expose it, or be exposed as someone who was complicit in this crime against humanity. History will not be kind. Souls are at stake. Do the right thing.




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  1. Laura I always look forward to read your blog. As usual well said. I don’t have much to comments these days. I am very depressed from the pains of a disease that will never go away. Somedays it looks good to die.
    On the side note….and pertinent to this…..2 weeks ago I talked to this woman who told me that her brother got the LYMErix vaccine after a tick bite and got better. This was just before the “vaccine” was removed from the market.

    Say WHAT??????

    She said he was part of a clinical study of people who took the vaccine.

    Any takes?


    • That’s crazy talk! I have never heard of anyone “getting better” after LYMErix….particularly since they weren’t supposed to give it to anyone who was already sick. That would tend to screw up your trial. 😂


      • I know. It does not make sense at all. Unless it is like soap…..made from fat and use to remove fat. I am just shooting up bullshit but I thought if this guy did NOT have lyme after a tick bite and he was injected the “vaccine” then he would have got sick…sicker…. If he claims had lyme then he was injected something else and he did not have lyme at all. Strange that during a clinical trial they would reveal the treatment. It is usually kept in secret. I don’t know really what to think of it.


  2. May I send you my research. The disease is due to staph aureus bacteria. Ticks are a result and not the cause. I (an millions others) are proof of that. My Lyme is actually chlamydophila C pneumonia from a person/the entire area contaminated/thousands in that area/ many dying with cancer. A huge connection with TB an dyes both are mycobacterium and latent stages.


  3. Well said it’s a travesty. I got bit by a tick & had the rash 3 years ago! Had no help at all completely had the door shut in my face. I now have developed cancer I’m only 48. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Thanks for fighting for us. You made some really good points.



  1. Verbal Comments to TBDWG |

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