Thanks, CDC! Not-Lyme is Awesome!

You’re bitten by a borrelia-infected tick.

The borrelia shed their outer surface, which is covered in toxic, fungal-type antigens called outer surface proteins (Osps).

85% of the population are immunologically disabled by the likes of OspA, and are susceptible to what we know as “chronic Lyme.” It’s more appropriately called “post-sepsis” or “immune paralysis.”

15% of the population have the genetic haplotypes that are associated with an autoimmune, “monoarticulate” arthritic knee response.

Those 15% are the ones who produce enough antibodies to test positive by CDC standards, or what is known as the “case definition.”

This distinction was made–the case definition changed to exclude the 85%–at the CDC’s 1994 Dearborn Conference. The LYMErix (OspA) vaccine trials were underway, and the adverse events looked exactly like what we know of as “chronic Lyme.” In order to fraudulently eliminate those adverse events from the trial results, they excluded them from the case definition, meaning they changed the diagnostic protocol.

Now, when you are injected with OspA by a tick, you can thank the CDC for dumping you into disease purgatory. They chose to lie and profit from a vaccine that *scientifically* COULD NOT WORK. We still have the fraudulent case definition and they pretend OspA disease is an arthritic knee.

They say what you have is not Lyme (because according to their false definition “Lyme” is an arthritic knee). You don’t have “Lyme.” But we don’t know what you have. For 40 years.

Thanks, CDC!

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  1. I wonder when CDC will start to run into a serious credibility problem. I have to say, before Lyme I would have believed them concerning most anything. After Lyme (actually during as I’m still sick after 15 years), I wouldn’t believe them about anything unless I read the research myself and happened to agree.


  2. Some good info, could be better.

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  3. “Not-Lyme disease.” we should think up something rhymy to go with that.

    Not-Lyme-and-LYMErix are one and the same.
    We did not make up this semantics game.
    Not-sure if it’s about Dole-Bayh Act-ish ($$$) Royalties’ Glory
    or a Tuskegee Bad-Blood-ish White Man’s Story.
    Either way we’re F***ked;
    More than just Ticks Suck.
    Good thing the CDC does not work for NASA, GM, GE,
    FEMA, the FAA, or the DOT…

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