VaxXed: A Divine Meeting

It’s the scandal they don’t want you to know about; the movie they don’t want you to see. But that’s all the more reason to see it. Deep down, we’re all brats who don’t want to do what we’re told, right? Which is one reason I’m surprised by how many people are still lining up to get their shots like obedient goody-two-shoes. What happened to the Great American ideal of the rebel that this country was built on? Why are we so compliant when such behavior flies in the face of everything “American?”

This is a problem. Let’s see here…


Now, pretend I’m your mom or principal or intimidating authority figure of your choosing, and DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD:

Don’t go see this movie. Really–you’ll hate it worse than Brussels sprouts. It will only make you think harder than you like to think, and question things that don’t need questioning. Seriously. The CDC has everything all figured out, and all you need to do is trust them. Got that? Trust the CDC.

Trust the CDC.

How “American” do you feel?


I went to a screening of VaxXed last weekend in Kansas City.

One of the shocking statistics from an MIT scientist in the movie: At the current trajectory, in 2032, 80% of boys will be on the autism spectrum. Or maybe it was 80% of the boys born in 2032. No matter: either way, that is a terrifying statistic. I’m all for women taking the wheel of the world here, and fixing government, science and everything else, but then who will take care of all these vaccine-injured men? Who will father our daughters’ children? VaxXed is right: it’s a catastrophe nearly beyond comprehension.

These filmmakers were smart to take the approach they did: that the facts behind the MMR CDC whistleblower case should compel all of us to demand SAFETY, FREEDOM and ANSWERS. They focused on this single, egregious act of fraud within the CDC which has certainly led to the maiming of many thousands of children. If the CDC is crooked enough to commit this fraud, what other heinous acts lie beneath the shiny veneer?

The Lyme “vaccine” fiasco, for one. The “vaccine” caused the same disease as chronic neuro Lyme. Why? The antigen used, outer surface protein A (“OspA,” a fungal-type toxin/TLR2 agonist) caused immunosuppression in vaccine trial victims. To exclude those victims from the trial results, they committed research fraud and falsified the case definition so that only those with a hypersensitivity (lots of antibodies) response met the disease case definition. Twenty-two years later, that is the case definition that stands, and is the reason millions cannot get diagnosed with their AIDS-like disease.

But perhaps more importantly, this well-studied, well-documented, fungally-induced immunosuppression is a common mechanism of many of these diseases that are denied by the criminal CDC. Solve one and you solve them all. #Lyme #Autism #MECFS #Fibromyalgia #GulfWarSyndrome #PostSepsis

So, when I realized that I had an opportunity to speak with the very gracious Dr. Andrew Wakefield, himself, you bet I waited in that line. And this is what I told him.

I told him that I work very closely with the LYMErix whistleblower, who explained this mechanism of fungally-induced immunosuppression in FDA testimony. He smartly surmised that the vaccine caused the disease it was meant to prevent. He asked what happened to this whistleblower, and I explained that she received the standard treatment of false charges, prison time, having her children taken away, and then some. I told Dr. Wakefield that we have mountains of research that describe this mechanism in several parallels, including the vaccine parallel, wherein a fungal-type contaminant could cause immunosuppression upon injection into a victim and actually cause the disease that the vaccine is meant to prevent–like neurologic measles. Dr. Wakefield nodded his understanding throughout the conversation and in the end asked if I could direct him to a Website for more information. I said, of course, and wrote down and on a business card for him.

The thing *they don’t want you to know* is that fungal contaminants, common in vaccines, can reactivate live, attenuated viruses in the vial. They also cause immunosuppression and reactivation of latent viruses (mainly herpesviruses, like EBV) when injected into a human. Potentially, a fungal contaminant in a non-live virus vaccine could un-attenuate a live, attenuated virus in another vaccine administered at the same time. Think DTaP and MMR together. The government admits that live virus vaccines should not be administered to those with immune deficiencies. What they ***KNOW BUT FAIL TO DISCLOSE*** are the mechanisms of immunosuppression. It’s a cascade effect that leads to the diseases that are denied by the criminal CDC to protect profits instead of human life.



Thank you, Dr. Wakefield, for your passion and persistence, but most of all, your humility. In this crazy world of activism, no longer are the rebels, the truth-tellers, revered. They are shot down for not following the rules, being mean (telling it like it is), and not going with the crowd. The truth means very little any more.

Ah, but now our truths have met, and soon they will be fruitful and multiply.

I’d also like to thank the lovely Sheila Lewis Ealey, who has a vaccine-injured teenaged son. She appeared in the film and participated in the Q&A and the meet and greet afterwards. Sheila is an incredible warrior mom. The amazing Polly Tommey was also there, but was busy gathering video testimonials from parents who have said, “NO MORE.” Producer Del Bigtree was taking a much deserved break from this rockstar tour. Brave truth tellers, every one.

Below is some video from the evening’s events, shot by the VaxXed crew.


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  1. I drove 8 hrs to see it in OP, KS & was at the Q&A afterwards.


  2. Autism/Lyme mom, here…. and in KC. I attended this showing…and witnessed the protesting and explosive Q&A afterwards. Just discovered we were living the “Lyme-life” a year ago, for my son, daughter, and myself. Do you live in KC??? Always looking for more local comrades to join arms with….

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  3. Awesome, maybe now we can join forces with the Autism Moms. The mechanisms of immunosuppression-plus-activation or reactivation of viruses is a well known thing to science. To Wit: All those mab commercials (Humira and Stelara and the like) where they warn of the risk of lymphoma (from latent, and then reactivated EBV) from too much immunosuppression. That’s an in-parallel mechanism to fungal contamination of live, attenuated virus vaccines (“Autism”) and to the LYMErix fiasco, where OspA is a triacyl lipoprotein (TLR2/1 agonists) or fungal endotoxin, causing immunosuppression,… and then the “New Great Imitator” (mostly EBV, CMV) outcomes. only supports a model of disease where “the only outcomes to infectious diseases are HLA-linked inflammation (‘auto-immunity’)” – and every other outcomes is denied. Now we even see Adrianna Marques, formerly employed by NINDS with Roland Martin, and formerly having found OspA-ish antigens were responsible for the generalized immunosuppression – but with chronic brain inflammation – of “Chronic Lyme,” joining forces with the criminal CDC’s research fraud proposal that “Lyme is only an HLA-linked bad knee.”

    This, now, from the NINDS’ “Lyme and MS” division, Marques and Martin. MS is sorta different from “an isolated arthritis in a knee with no fatigue and dementia signs” – the current, falsified CDC “case definition” or “Lyme disease.”

    Roland Martin quit the NIH and went home to Germany after he and Marques discovered LYMErix and antigens like it were responsible for “Chronic Lyme,” which the NIH now admits elsewhere (Carolyn Bean, quoting Hotchkiss and Medvedev on TLR2/1 agonist outcomes) ***is really post-sepsis, or post-toxic shock.***

    Occam’s Razor means, “It’s not that komperkated,” but we don’t have a single “MD” yet, to our knowledge, on board with the “How could LYMErix have caused Lyme, too??!!” train. None apparently was trained to ask, “Well, what the hell *WAS* LYMErix, then??”

    That’s why we have a movie and a campaign called “Vaxxed,” put up by the people. The victims.
    “MDs” are afraid to show the world they don’t have Kool-Aid stained lips. In short, they’re all cowards.
    You call the protagonists rebels. I say problem is the arrogance of “MD America” – the majority not having been trained in basic science, and 100% without the will to ask obvious questions.

    Cowards are revolting. I really despise them. In the old days, all of America despised cowards, too. It used to be a thing – “cowardly, lyin…” -, we all hated.

    It was also a female, too, you’ll recall, who called Oz on his BS and melted the witch with a pure substance, water. We’re trying Truth, for once, in ‘Rebel” America, and hoping for the same effect. We don’t have anything else.

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