Revolution Lyme

WHEREAS “chronic Lyme disease” is really post-sepsis immunoparalysis, an AIDS-like condition that is denied by our entire government and “healthcare” system, as was the original AIDS crisis;

WHEREAS neurologic, post-sepsis immunoparalysis outcomes of relapsing fever borreliosis were fraudulently written out of the disease case definition and replaced with “Lyme disease,” an HLA-linked hypersensitivity response producing an arthritic knee;

WHEREAS such fraud was allegedly committed by CDC officers with financial interests in a monopoly on vaccines and test kits for vector-borne diseases; these government officials own patents related to tick-borne diseases, and as stated in the formal “enterprise,” the, established under false pretenses (this is not a non-profit, but a front for the crooked CDC officers and their cronies at Yale), they would see a “goldmine” in patenting DNA related to this new genre of vaccines and test kits;

WHEREAS the was established in 1990 as a false front for CDC officers, especially Alan Barbour, Barbara Johnson and others, and this group were the ones responsible for FALSIFYING the case definition for “Lyme Disease,” in Dearborn Michigan, October 1994;

WHEREAS alleged research fraud committed by Allen Steere  proves that “Lyme disease” testing was manipulated to exclude the neurologic, post-sepsis cases at the same time LYMErix vaccine trials were producing neurologic, post-sepsis-like outcomes;

WHEREAS such fraud made the LYMErix vaccine appear to be safe and effective when in fact the neurologic, post-sepsis outcomes were simply excluded from the fraudulent case definition so they would not be counted;

WHEREAS the LYMErix vaccine antigen was Pam3Cys, a synthesized form of outer surface protein A (“OspA”), a highly toxic fungal-type antigen that is shed by “Lyme” borreliae and which causes immunosuppression in 85% of victims;

WHEREAS LYMErix was pulled from the market only after a whistleblower exposed it as a toxic, fungal-type immunosuppressant agent;

WHEREAS victims of borrelia-infected ticks, and congenitally infected children are denied diagnosis and treatment due to the falsified case definition which has remained in place for 22 years;

WHEREAS “Lyme” victims for 22 years have been slandered and abused by members of the LYMErix racketeering organization and CDC officers attempting to conceal their alleged crimes;


We demand a hearing by our employees, the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, to force the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate these crimes against humanity.

We demand our employees, the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ), to DO THEIR JOBS to protect U.S. citizens and the world from these psychopaths who masquerade as public health officers, academic research scientists, pharmaceutical & insurance executives, by PROSECUTING them to the full extent of the law and seizing all of their assets, to be used for future care of victims.

We demand retraction of all “scientific” research articles published in the journals by the Lyme racketeering organization and any associated academic institutions who have been complicit in perpetuating the false case definition and abuse of patients.

We demand compensation for all victims and the families of the deceased victims for ongoing medical neglect, torture and slander.

We demand special sentencing for the perpetrators of the most egregious and sinister of crimes of deploying psychopathic narcissists to discredit “Lyme” victims by calling them crazy, falsely accusing them of stalking and other crimes, and building false public perception that the victims are fakers, malingerers, and child abusers, often resulting in estrangement from family and caregivers.

We demand a public, international apology and compensation to the LYMErix whistleblower who was harassed, framed, slandered and falsely imprisoned for the “crime” of exposing the fake vaccine and preventing the racketeers from profiting off of their scheme.

We demand proper treatment at no cost to the victims, since for the last 40 years we have been paying for insurance while being denied treatment, and in many cases, denied any illness at all. And when insurance failed we were tricked into paying out of pocket to a shadow industry of “doctors” who emerged to take advantage of the situation which the CDC and HHS allowed to careen disastrously out of control.

We demand that all medical doctors be required to complete training in basic chemistry and phylogeny, as well as the basic mechanisms of fungal diseases, immunosuppression, exosomology and vector-borne diseases, in order to continue practicing medicine.

We demand accurate diagnostic tests (no more of this antibody BS) for acute borreliosis, and in late disease, VALID tests for immune system function, reactivated viruses and opportunistic infections.

We demand future care at no expense to the victims since half will become disabled according to Alan Barbour and UCSF.

We demand immediate housing and disability coverage for victims who have been too sick to work but were denied disability, frequently becoming penniless and homeless due to: the falsified case definition, stupidity of the entire medical profession, greed of the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, obstruction by non-profits, and lies perpetuated by every national, state, county and local health agency.

We demand the non-profit status be taken away from the worst offenders in Lyme advocacy schemes that only enrich the estates of their highly compensated executives, namely and LDA, as well as the fundraising arm of ILADS and the RICO false front

We demand a complete dismantling of the criminal CDC and notice given internationally that it is nothing more than a breeding ground for corruption, deceit and pharmaceutical executives who cycle back into government roles when it suits their corporate interests.

We demand our lives back. We demand respect.



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