Crooks Drop Dearborn

More analysis is needed, but it appears the Lyme criminal posse have dropped the Dearborn standard for “early” diagnosis of Lyme disease.

But whether this development is of benefit to patients remains to be seen. I remain highly skeptical. After all, CRIMINALS DO NOT SELF-CORRECT.

For 21 years Kathleen Dickson has been saying the same thing about Lyme–it’s research fraud, they falsified the case definition, it’s immunosuppression leading to mostly EBV-driven “New Great Imitator” diseases, and the Dearborn standard needs to be trashed.

Now, the crooks have come up with a new test for early Lyme that appears to eliminate the first-tier ELISA test, and therefore, the Dearborn standard.


Crooks Drop the Dearborn Protocol; No ELISA, you only need 2 bands: —>PDF of full report available

This is Steere, now, totally rejecting his own Dearborn case definition after 21 years. Steere was the one who falsified the case definition in Europe in 1992, imposing the ELISA to screen out neurologic cases. See the posters below and in the Occam’s Razor report what Steere did to ruin millions of peoples’ lives (research fraud).

So, is he changing his criminal ways to avoid a homicide prosecution? Doubtful. We hear from several sources that he and his buddies are “protected.” So, what’s up with this  test? We’re examining the supplemental data to ascertain what kind of shenanigans they’ve pulled. Stay tuned for more info.

Just as a reminder, this other snip is Dattwyler at the June 1994 FDA meeting on serology and LYMErix, talking about the immunosuppression from fungal antigens like OspA, saying that the sickest Lyme victims produce fewer antibodies.

What this means for late Lyme victims is unclear at this point. Also, notice that Montoya of Stanford CFS fame signed on to this report. It seems they are trying to draw a clear distinction between early and late Lyme, and between late lyme and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Also, if you’ve tested negative on an ELISA in the last two years and were told you did not have Lyme, you should consider suing Yale.

More information to come as we further analyze the report and background situation.


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  1. Of course we have to give credit to the other group who knew all about this crime – the ones who performed it and then did a 180 on all their statements about “Lyme disease”: Yale, the CDC, the and later

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