This Week in #Vaccine News

I just can’t let these two news items go by without commenting.

1. By now we’ve all heard about the babies dying in Mexico, right?

“Mexico’s public health system has suspended infant vaccines and begun an investigation after two babies died and 29 became ill in an impoverished community in southern Mexico.
The Mexican institute for social security says six of the 29 babies are in grave condition after receiving vaccinations for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B.
The cause of the adverse reactions is not known, the institute said Sunday.
It had stopped vaccines across the country on Saturday.
Father Marcelo Perez, a Catholic priest, said families of the babies said they became sick within hours.
The adverse reactions began on Friday and the babies were taken to a hospital in Simojovel, Chiapas, where 93% of the people live in poverty, according to government statistics.”

^^^That was the story a few days ago. Mexico was awesome for putting a halt to the killing of its children.

Hold on just a second, though…

This is what we heard today:

The  became sick after getting shots against Hepatitis B in the indigenous town of Simojovel, southern Chiapas state.
“The fault is not on vaccines that were defective or medically bad,” said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, director general of the IMSS national public health care system.
“The contamination comes from outside. Certain bacterias have been found,” he said. “We have yet to determine the type of bacteria and origin of the external contamination.”
Ten of 24 children who were still in a hospital will be released on Tuesday and remain under medical watch for 72 hours, he said.
Two of six children who were in serious condition are now stable.
Gonzalez stressed that the government will continue its vaccination campaigns “because there is no risk.”
The IMSS said it had only suspended the lots of the hepatitis vaccine used in Simojovel.

So, we are expected to believe that two deaths and 29 illnesses, some “grave,” which occurred within hours of mass-vaccination, were caused by some unidentified “outside” bacteria? You’ve got to be kidding me. How stupid do you think people are? Clearly there was some kind of fungal contaminant in these vaccines. I’ve done a bunch of posts explaining this mechanism. Just peruse my blog, and you’ll be sure to find a fully-cited post that makes sense. 

Maybe for next year’s “Occupy” (if we need another) we should all go to Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and California to occupy the border. We could hold signs that read, 

Vete a casa! Nuestro gobierno nos está matando y matará a ti también!”

Google translate:

We’ll all be there in our wheelchairs, with our mountains of prescription bottles and IV drips, looking like all the hospitals in the country just dumped all their hopeless cases right smack on the freakin’ border of the United States of Medical Mayhem. The Zombie Army Welcome Squad: Enter if you dare!

All right, on to the next topic.

2. You may have missed this one, as it didn’t exactly make the mainstream news. Too komperkated, apparently.

GENEVA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Volunteers in HIV vaccine clinical trials in Switzerland and the US are being asked to return for medical follow-up. On May 4, 2015 clinical trial material of a candidate HIV vaccine (NYVAC-HIV-PT1) used in two phase I clinical studies in 2012-2013 was identified as containing a porcine mycoplasma (Mycoplasma hyorhinis). The studies were conducted in Switzerland and the USA and 94 participants who received the NYVAC-HIV-PT1 were exposed to an intramuscular injection containing Mhyorhinis. The EuroVacc Foundation, Switzerland, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, USA, were the sponsors of the clinical trials in Switzerland and the USA, respectively. The clinical studies were conducted under the auspices of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) Seattle, USA. The vaccine was manufactured by IDT Biologika in Germany.



I’m gonna get a concussion from banging my head against the wall.

We should have taken our Zombie Army Welcome Squad to Seattle and Switzerland to greet the guinea pigs as they deplaned. We could have had signs that read, “Welcome to AIDS-Land, courtesy of the land of the ethics-free and home of the brazen pharmaceutical dictatorship! (Oops! We may have just injected you with a shortened lifetime of misery. Here, take a tetanus shot and a measles booster and some pneumococcal-hep-ABCDEFG-pertussomatic happy stick!) 

Yeah, I guess that would be kinda tough for the networks to report, especially when they’re so busy making stuff up to cover the Mexico kerfluffle.

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