Dear Mom Who Thinks I Need to Vaccinate My Kids Against Measles

Right… 1. There is no way to assess the immune status of kids before pumping them full of “vaccine” junk. 2. There is no way to ensure that vaccines will not be contaminated. Remember, fungi in the vial cause immunosuppression as well as reactivation of any live, attenuated viruses in the vaccine. Immunosuppression + live measles virus = spotless measles + CNS infection/encephalitis. In other words, brain damage. And those virus-shedding vax kids can stay away from my immune-challenged congenital Lyme child, thank you very much. Well done, Levi.

Levi Quackenboss

shutterstock_157245107Guest Post by Lazarus T. Jones

Yeah, I’m totally going there. I know this vaccination subject is pretty touchy with the undertones of intolerance, discrimination, and bigotry and all, but after seeing a letter written to a “mom who decided not to vaccinate her kids against measles,” I just couldn’t sit by while parents are thrown under the bus and innocent kiddos get sick and die.

To be perfectly frank, I was a bit offended that this letter wasn’t written to dads too but for the sake of prioritizing stupid, there are more important things to address…like the fact that kids in this country do not “get sick and die” from measles. Hello? When was the last time a kid died from measles in America? Here’s a clue…it wasn’t yesterday. Disney ain’t deadly and neither are the measles.

So here goes.

Dear Mom who thinks I should vaccinate…

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