Borrelia: The Unkillable Curse

Shall we go back to basics and address the unkillable-ness of relapsing fever spirochetes? This is an issue that inevitably is raised in the long-term antibiotics debate. IDSA say the spirochetes are 100% killed (except in about 20% of curious cases) after a short course of antibiotics. ILADS say you may need to be on antibiotics for years. Well, if you’ve been following me, you know by now that it’s not really about the spirochetes, but the trashed immune system from the constantly-shed OspA, plus subsequent reactivation of herpesviruses and their resultant chronic, ugly, deadly sequelae. Lyme disease goes far beyond either a bacterial infection, or the “arthritic knee” definition put forth by Steere and his soon-to-be soap-on-a-rope chain gang.

But back to the point of this post: it was established practically in ancient times that borreliae cannot be killed. They go into cyst form when under attack. This, coupled with the amazing fact that they turn off the immune system to disable the host, make them a fabulous bioweapon! After all, when deploying bioweapons, one would first want to make sure that the mechanism of disease is undetectable by customary methods–that is, by identifying antibodies. Must I state the obvious? Antibodies are not produced in diseases of immunosuppression.

Oh, but I’ve digressed to my soapbox once again.

Here, look at this, from 1911:


Astonishing, right? How about the CDC, 1964–How to Weaponize Your Borreliae:


That one ^^^ is still on PubMed.

Next, check this out, from The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, 1976, by Jay P. Sanford, Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, Page 391:

“The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1).  The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently requires additional study.”

You can’t kill the mother truckers, even with ARSENIC.

More recently, David R. Nelson, at the University of Rhode Island, published an oft-cited study demonstrating the return of spirochetes from cyst to viable, OspA-bombing form, within one minute of the introduction of rabbit blood.

Who has referenced this report in their own peer-reviewed, published work? Here you go. Recognize any names there? Steere, Wormser, Radolf…along with Sapi, Stricker, MacDonald, among others. 

What does all of this research this tell us?

I’ll let the very famous, very guilty Mark Klempner explain.

And here are 20+ reports by the crooks, themselves, demonstrating that “Lyme” is a permanent brain infection.

So, you see, UNKILLABLE, says everyone. You might be able to deploy antibiotics to scare them into hiding for a while, but they will eventually come back out and drop those immune-suppressing OspA blebs all over the place, which doesn’t really matter if your immune system is already turned off.

I can’t wait to ask the crooks if their soap-on-a-rope makes them feel any cleaner, or if what they have is incurable.




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  1. I am new to your website and you have great info but your reference to Dr. Alan MacDonald as being a crook caught me off guard a bit. I understand your theory that OspA is the main culprit but if he is finding nematode worms in addition to Borrelia in Alzheimer, Lewy Body dementia and Glioblastoma patients brains then isn’t that cause for concern? I see this thread is over a year old so maybe I missed more of the story but isn’t the nematodes, Borrelia and OspA the perfect storm? All three make sure that the body will constantly be re-infected-the perfect slow, progressive killer. Check out how many baby boomers have dementia, in additional to ALS, Parkinson’s, etc. Maybe they had a plan to kill off the Baby Boomers before they all got to retirement age or soon after. My dad just passed away at the age of 64 from Fronto-Temporal Dementia.


    • If you look a little more closely, you’ll see that I listed scientists who had cited a particular source. I grouped them as crooks and supposed non-crooks. From people I know who have met Dr. MacDonald, I understand that he is a very kind man and definitely not a crook. He just may be a little misguided.


      • Thank you for your reply, I apologize if I misunderstood 🙂 I am just trying to make sense of all this, do you think he is misguided because his main focus is spirochetes as opposed to OspA?


      • No worries—I probably wasn’t clear enough. What’s happening is that herpesviruses are reactivated by the immunosuppression that’s caused by OspA and the other lipoproteins. So, yes, the focus should be on the viruses, as it’s already well known that they are involved in the MS outcome.


      • I read an interesting article by Dr. Williams Nordquist entitled “Protect your patients and practice from Prions, Viruses, and systematic disease”, I found this to be relevant to what you just commented on and the fact that maybe they are weaponizing Borrelia by putting virus DNA in it? So the spirochetes are not only shedding OspA but also delivering viruses….food for thought. I may be in over my head here but I found this part of his article interesting:

        “Spirochetes are associated with bacterial viruses called bacteriophages (Figure 5), which are normally lethal to bacteria. Eukaryotic dsDNA viruses (those viruses that replicate only inside the living cells) evolved from bacteriophages. The herpesviruses discussed earlier also evolved from a bacteriophage, but from a different evolutionary root.

        Papillomaviruses evolved from single-stranded DNA viruses and ultimately from plastids29. When phages attach to and inject their DNA contents into spirochetes, the cells react differently from other bacteria and are not lysed by the bacteriophage30.

        Instead, researchers realized that they could use these bacteria viruses as research tools31 to alter spirochetal DNA. Bacteriophages were used to inject virus DNA into spirochetes to increase their virulence, such as antibiotic resistance. The Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete is an alleged example of this potentially weaponizing alteration32. Bacteriophages have also been isolated in dental plaque3.”

        It’s all interesting and exhausting at the same time 🙂


  2. Then how do you kill them????


    • You don’t. You instead have to deal with the immune system wreckage that is caused by the stealth-bombing of OspA and other lipoproteins that are on the surface of borrelia. That is what the CDC is denying, because the OspA “vaccine” caused the same post-sepsis disease as OspA from a tick bite.


  3. Wowww! Beaux Reliosis: Thank you for your exhaustive research! Criminals!!! They’re all complicit! 😭😭😭


  4. reblogged and G+ too – gotta do a blog about the active viruses in my system soon – maybe tomorrow.

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