Why You Are Sick & What To Do About It

I had the most wonderful conversation last night with one of my best Lyme friends. It spanned four hours, at least four different phones, two dropped calls (one due to a dead battery) and the gamut of topics, from shoes and gossip, to life and work, to dying from Lyme disease. This was going to be a post with a feminist angle, which also was discussed, but after sleeping on it, I’m compelled to jump right into the topic of what’s causing our demise and what we can do about it. That’s your cue to turn around now if you’re not up for the deep-dive into a serious, scary and provocative topic. 

As victims of the medical mafia, I imagine all of us Lymies have faced our own mortality at least once. We hear over and over, “I thought I was gonna die.” In the Lyme community and in Facebook groups, we hear the most horrifying, heartbreaking, true stories of people barely hanging on, and others losing their grasp and succumbing either “naturally” or by their own hand. There are entire groups dedicated to saving a single person, where other patients whose lives were touched by this person band together, pool resources, and offer as much help as they can muster to deliver life-saving measures – a doctor to pay attention, money to heat the apartment, food, medicine, sometimes even a place to live. 

In what kind of world is it okay for people to be left to die? In what kind of world is it okay for dying people to be ignored, shunned, or worse, mocked, helped only by others who can empathize with their plight – those who are themselves sick, and have the least means to provide assistance? 

This used to be a war of two ideologies: the IDSA camp and the ILADS camp. In my assessment, we are far beyond arguing about which treatment guidelines to follow. At this point, both camps want to keep that battle going either to avoid prosecution or to keep the money train on its tracks. That’s beside the fact that scientifically, they are both wrong. 

So, forget the ideologies. This is now a war between those who are sick and those who are not. 

Ample research tells us that Lyme disease, or more accurately, borreliosis, is a disease of immunosuppression, much like AIDS. If you were infected via tick bite, you may recall an initial acute, severe illness that was written off as a bad flu. If you are still sick, what happened is your immune system responded to that cytokine storm by downregulating into a state of immune suppression. This is what happens to victims of sepsis, one of the hottest topics in medical research these days. 

Recent (2014) research by a team led by Dr. Richard Hotchkiss at Washington University in St. Louis showed that this dynamic leads to a post-sepsis, chronic illness in which multiple herpesviruses are reactivated. Those viruses are well documented in the medical literature as leading to cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, lupus, and other chronic, incurable diseases. 

Here is a timely example. A Kansas man known to have had multiple tick attachments died last summer from a “new” “tick-borne” virus. Look, it has already found a home on Wikipedia: Wikipedia – Bourbon Virus.

Multiple organ failure points to sepsis. What can be easily gleaned from this situation? The University of Kansas, a prominent teaching hospital with Wolfram Zuckert (an experienced researcher of borreliae) on its faculty, either completely missed a dual diagnosis of borreliosis and sepsis, or they intentionally covered it up so there wouldn’t be media reports of a Midwestern man dying of Lyme disease. Because God forbid the world know that “seronegative” Lyme can kill a person, or that Lyme does exist somewhere other than Connecticut and Minnesota, or that respected doctors at eminent institutions of higher education ***actually know*** what OspA is and does. (See my last post, “Borreliosis Basics.”)

I pray for the comfort of this man’s family, as they certainly are left with more questions than answers.

Where does that leave those of us who survived the initial sepsis? In a state of chronic sepsis, with multiple herpesviruses acting synergistically with opportunistic fungal and bacterial pathogens, and made permanent by ineradicable spirochetes constantly shedding OspA, the antigen that caused the same systemic disease in victims of the LYMErix vaccine. 

We literally are the walking dead. 

When it comes to the Lyme criminals – those associated with Yale, LYMErix, and the Dearborn stunt (involving CDC officers), our silence is what keeps them alive in this war between the sick and the unsick. Their strategies are obvious, and involve the three rewards most valued by psychopaths – money, power and fame – in addition to their desire to stay out of prison. Case in point: the University of Kansas doctor credited with “discovering” the Bourbon virus. His patient died, yet he is rewarded with the fame of discovering a new, deadly virus that possibly isn’t deadly at all, but an innocent bystander in the fungal-viral-bacterial septic soup that the CDC can’t acknowledge for fear of losing all credibility, once and for all. (Plus that prison thing.) He’ll likely patent the organism, then get research funds (our tax dollars at work) to invent a vaccine, which will generate more fame and fortune (in the form of royalties) not only for him, but his employer, the State of Kansas. 

So, as we lie dying, what can we do to fight this enemy who has all the power and piles of money at its disposal?

When I think about it, I see them literally digging their own graves. Consider the behind-the-scenes cover-up that likely is happening with this “Bourbon” virus. I smell desperation. We are reaching a critical mass of sick people, and Lyme disease has become deadly in parts of the country where it gets noticed as being rare or unusual. As more people die from vector-associated illnesses in states that are considered non-endemic, the CDC cabal will have to create more and more diseases to explain away this little spirochete that got out of control. It’s like the lies are snow that they’ve been rolling and rolling all over the yard, rolling a bigger and bigger snowball…but now they are down to the dead grass and leaves and mud that make for an ugly, dirty snowman…the snow is running out.

We have them by the (snow)balls. 

We know what the disease is. We have data and documents to prove a crime and who committed it. We have a whistleblower who filed a complaint to the U.S. Department of Justice. We have patients who are fed up and angry enough to take action. Here is what I ask you to do:

  1. File your adverse event report at the FDA’s Medwatch site. If you were ever tested for Lyme, were told you did not have Lyme, but were later diagnosed with Lyme, you need to do this. If you tested CDC-negative, but had a positive ELISA or any positive Western blot bands, you need to do this.  Join the Facebook group CDC: No More Tiers for helpful information and tips on completing your report.
  2. Join our Occupy movement for all abused groups: #OccupyTheUSDOJ, to learn what this disease is, how to talk about it like an expert, and get involved in pressuring the DOJ to prosecute the Cryme.

Thank you, my dear friend (you know who you are) for being the most excellent commiserator and partner in anti-cryme. Talking with you was inspirational. 





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  1. I think you write very well and takes up mighty important points in this debate. Espesially this one i think was a good one :

    ” This used to be a war of two ideologies: the IDSA camp and the ILADS camp. In my assessment, we are far beyond arguing about which treatment guidelines to follow. At this point, both camps want to keep that battle going either to avoid prosecution or to keep the money train on its tracks. That’s beside the fact that scientifically, they are both wrong. So, forget the ideologies. This is now a war between those who are sick and those who are not”

    I think that MANY will see that is more and more important to focus on. If we attacts the crime and the “mechanisme” we will get better help. Science will show that immunsuppresion and reactivated viruses and what we perhaps will call chronic sepsis is VERY IMPORTANT KEYS we cant avoid talking about. And of course why accept that the tests are falsified?…

    Keep up the good work!

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