BLAB: The Bad [Lyme] Attitude Blog

After 19 years of having Lyme disease, it’s imperative to have a bad attitude. Seems unhealthy, one might think. Well, so is having a disease of immune suppression–similar to AIDS–with no known cure, no effective treatment, and very little acknowledgement. 

One might argue that attitude is everything, and you can’t heal with such a negative mindset. I would argue right back that no one with this disease will be allowed to heal until the criminals who sought to profit from our suffering are prosecuted. More on that in future posts.

My point is, this is war. You don’t win wars with happy thoughts. You win wars by getting angry enough about the status quo to change it. Sunshine and inspiration have their place, but it’s not here. 

Yes, I have a bad attitude. Damn right I do. I am effin pissed at the *establishment* that has created this situation. And in my darkest moments that anger provides the fuel I need to fight another day– for my own life, my daughter’s, and the lives of millions who have Lyme or something like it. 

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