Lyme Charge Sheets

Charge One: Falsifying the case definition- a CDC Staff Conspiracy; Steere, Barbour, and Johnson A) CDC officers Allen Steere, Alan Barbour, and Barbara Johnson conspired to falsify the case definition for Lyme. [Conspiracy to Defraud, see the as “Astroturf” or a… Read More ›

The New York Times Assaults Disabled Crime Victims

People are dying here. People are killing themselves because they can’t deal with the physical pain any longer, and they’ve been completely shunned by the entire medical profession, left to rot on the street because they can’t work, can’t afford a home, can’t buy food, can’t get well, can’t get anyone to believe they are sick, because we have institutions like the New York Friggin Times not questioning why so many people insist that they have Lyme disease, or Gulf War Illness, or Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue, or “SEID” or Autism, or you name it.

Borreliosis Basics

When I began my transformation from victim to activist, I had to understand the disease process. My world had just been turned upside-down by my daughter’s diagnosis. After a period of anguished grieving, my logical side took over. I knew… Read More ›