Arthritic Knee Syphilis

The official case definition of Lyme disease, since the 1994 CDC Dearborn conference, is an autoimmune arthritic knee. Allen Steere knowingly and intentionally threw out the “seronegative” cases to narrow the definition to the approximately 15% of cases that have an arthritic knee and no other symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why a rheumatologist was put on the Lyme disease case when the first “outbreak” was reported in the mid 1970s? It is sometimes said that as a rheumatologist, Steere saw what he was trained to see, and therefore the disease was simply mischaracterized. But his vast research bibliography proves that he indeed knew the sickest patients were seronegative and that the different outcomes were largely dictated by genetics. There are the few monoarticulate knee arthritis people, then there are the rest of us who are varying degrees of sick for the rest of our lives.

So, why was a draft-dodging rheumatologist an Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officer? And why would the EIS want a rheumatologist in the first place, versus a scientist trained in microbiology and epidemiology?

Is it possible the CDC already knew what was going on with “Lyme disease” and Allen Steere was their intended “cleaner”? How would they have known?

Have you ever wondered why Lyme diagnostics are categorized as syphilis tests by the FDA?

Have you ever wondered if there is an arthritic knee outcome of syphilis?

This is not an April Fool’s prank.

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  1. Google images brought me here for “syphilis knee”, congrats.


  2. Can I lighten the thread a bit by saying that from the first time I saw the address:
    that because I have Liz Dexia that I have always read it: Badly Me Attitude
    and I still do. I kind of self-identify with my version of it.

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  3. Hi Patrick. Thanks for the reply. I so appreciate it. I cannot find the appropriate button to reply directly to the your post.
    I m very familiar with Don Mau protocol and also after I read it…my view on Bartonella changed completely. I am trying to look for Don Mau contact for months. It intrigues me that Fucus Vesciculus is one of the “items” of its NB protocol and the entire calcium plaque building nanobacteria makes total sense to me. I think it must be treated topically as well . This is add on to all you said.
    Agree totally on all the rest including Dr. Brietschwart work. I have read extensively on this subject.
    I do not want to take up space rerouting this blog post from Beaux. Meh I got banned from enough web pages.

    I would love to chat on this particular subject.


    • Everyone is welcome to email me directly so that, as you say, we don’t take this blog for a slingshot orbit around Jupiter and back (although it really is fun). The reason why I don’t blanket endorse any one person or their method is hesitation over ingredients in supplements or the method. I rejected all of the black soaps due to what is rampant confusion in even ‘science’. The reason that Linneaus created his naming system is that there are a lot of ‘bloodroots’ out there but if you got the wrong one you might not show up for work the next day. So these African Black soaps all claimed to be the original formula yet were as similar as apples to orangutans. I know that Don recommended one brand but then the additional ingredients gave me pause. Coming from a background of chemical allergy I figured that if I was ever to use the soap that I would have to make it myself (once I knew the ancient ingredients). You’ll have to help me remember if the soap was for Morgellons manifestations or also bartonella. What I want to emphasize for this thread is there a dozens of talking heads out there with dozens of ‘cures’. What may be happening at best is a few people who have the same species revisions issued by DARPA might benefit from that specific intervention while everyone else will say it didn’t work. Rockefeller Institute published on their engineering bacteriophages with species specific Kill Switches, so the manufacture of pandemic bugs always work a leash into their laboratory pets so we are left with the hunt & peck trial & fail of figuring out what bug responds to what. The other side of the coin is that there is also the possibility that taking something like Stevia “proven” to “kill” Lyme (probably invitro) by a university could, for all we know, merely make it CWD therefore a worse problem but the person’s symptoms go away so they think they have been ‘cured’. (See: Beaux: I use “quotes” all the time just like you. I mean: nothing can be taken at face value anymore). Again, I’m not here to be a downer, but the kinds of things I bring up are basic confounding variables that MUST be answered by anyone pretending to do science or they really aren’t doing science.

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  4. If y’all don’t mind, I would like to think out loud here. I will provide the link if you bug me about it, but there is a very persuasive paper that says ANA autoimmunity is incorrect because you can’t have an immune reaction to Self since antibodies can’t get inside the nucleus. It goes on to correct the myth that in autoimmune conditions there can be antigens made up of DNA and they will be attacked by anti-DNA antibodies. But this is NOT the problem. The problem arises when these Circulating Immune Complexes embed in tissue and then the garbagemen of white blood cells bring out the oxygen spray hoses to clean things up, but that process burns everything around it including healthy tissue as well. The analogy was a bank guard that shoots all of the patrons to get the robber. Now pay attention to the language here:
    Two models have been proposed to explain the role of complement in lupus. The first is based on the hypothesis that complement plays a substantial role in the clearance of immune complexes and/or apoptotic debris (8, 9), which is thought to be impaired in lupus. Apoptotic bodies are a potential major source of lupus self-Ags, and failure to remove them could lead to inappropriate production of pathogenic autoantibodies (10). Support for a role for early complement in clearance of apoptotic debris comes from the finding that C1q binds directly to apoptotic blebs (11) and that mice deficient in C1q or C4 have defects in the clearance of injected apoptotic thymocytes (12). Moreover, mice deficient in C1q (9) or C4 (13) spontaneously develop autoantibodies against nuclear Ags. The presence of increased apoptotic bodies in the affected glomeruli of C1q-deficient mice (9) supports this model.

    The first time I ever encountered the word: Bleb was tutorials from the Lyme Cryme ladies. So like a baby duck imprinting on the first thing it sees, I wll always associate blebs with Lyme spirochetes. Since I have not seen detailed analysis published on this grossly dismissive phrase: anti-DNA antibodies there is no way in Hell of knowing in general but more importantly in specific if those who are generating anti-DNA antibodies are making them to their own apoptotic waste ‘blebs’ or if the DNA has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HOST NUCLEIC ACID MATERIAL BUT RATHER SPIROCHETE DNA? Of course we are told that antibodies have a phenomena of cross-over and we are led by the noses to believe that this class of anti-nuclear antibodies is to just DNA in general; so with that ambiguity then I can ressurect my LYME BLEB again to wonder if those with autoimmune disease weren’t triggered by Blebbing Lyme as opposed to some leftovers of host cell death that never got cleaned up. But then it really gets messy because I only know of two ways that our genes and metabolic pathways can get so messed up that we are unable to clean up cellular debris that has always been a housekeeping function since humans lost their tails: vaccines and lyme.

    I think the monkey just swallowed its tail on that one. And I will be a monkey’s uncle. Where’s my banana?


    • It’s the EBV. “Self” isn’t just self any more. Yale had a Lyme and Lupus clinic, L2 Diagnostics. (L2–get it? Lyme and Lupus. Aren’t they not clever?) So the cells are infected, apoptosis is inhibited by both EBV and Lyme, and people with certain HLAs have that “autoimmune” reaction to the EBV infected cells. Most of us are mainly fatigued by the EBV being reactivated all the time under immunosuppressive conditions caused by the fungalish Osps on our friends, the blebs.


      • Wow. Tons of stuff here and even rabbit holes. Conversing with you is like standing under Niagara Falls. EBV (possibly delivered to all boys and girls by the polio shot) is part of the Herpesviridae Family which makes it an Oncovirus = cancer causing virus so it it the gift that keeps on giving. L2 is a sadistic inside joke. I literally have so much information in my head that we covered in the past four months that without an index it gets lost, but I just saw something on how infected host cells are prevented from self-destruction by their invaders and that kind of senescence is zombification as I saw you ladies post on another one of your sites. Oddly there was a press release about “scientists” studying “longevity” who thought senescence was a way of achieving immortality. Imagine being a festering bag of EBV and Lyme yet not able to die? When I read stories like that, and because there are no coincidences, my thought was that they are currently in the Alpha Test stage of their goal using us as the Pigs of Guinea. Now I’m really freaking out on your reference to only those with the special HLAs reacting. A fact of separation for the human race is that they typically fall down an 80/20 split. The bulk of mankind will be either afflicted by something or amenable to palliation by whatever is the most popular Disease of the Day or Supplement of the Season. The rest of us are damned. I love the cancer testimonials: I quit eating fast food and my cancer went away. I will need you to explain what you mean by re-activation since the only thing that I can presume that “They”‘ mean by that is the viruses go back into their replication phase. Endogenous retroviruses take their clues from suppressed immunity, but even the top papers just repeat that meme without step by step explanation of how that happens. I have been left to presume that adrenaline being a master switch for thing to go horrifically wrong is at the leading edge of all of this (hence the false claim of: ‘stress’ to bring out something like a herpes blister when it wasn’t emotional distress but the physiology of adrenaline production that overwhelmed depleted adrenal glands, thus percieved as ‘stress’) but there has to be other cytoplasmic chemistry that says: Immune system offline, proceed to replication zone. Since Lyme as a weapon has been around since the 1940s I have to rethink the role of OSPs in the initiation or continuation of all modern disease. I watched a dark field microscope demonstration of live blood where the white cells were moving like sprinters until they bumped into aspergillis spores and then they stopped dead as if they were stunned. I imagine that was the intended purpose for grafting the OSPs onto borellia. People would know this kind of strategy from watching McGyver or other action shows where the hero wants to diffuse the bomb and wants to cut the red wire but it goes to a backup circuit that will restart the countdown timer so he wants to cut the ground wire but that is backfed into the trigger circuit to make it go off instantly…. so…. It’s called booby traps and failsafes. I have never seen anything as sophisticated in ‘nature’ as what happens with a borellia that protects itself and preserves itself even if it is being broken into bits. The only other frighteningly horrific fractal of self preservation that I have seen like this would be Hydatid Sand. Gives me chills.


      I was just sent this and although on the face of it, it might seem like it is not relevant, however they did a retrospective on the use of salvarsan the arsenic drug that the Herxheimer fakes are famous for to find that it didn’t KILL syphilis, it forced it to BLEB, therefore it was assumed to be dead, the visible ulclers went away and the patient was declared ‘cured’. I’m tyring to find out of arsenic was taken out of the US version of Roundup but left in all other foreign formulas because this is a world economy and the aresnic will come home to roost.

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  5. Here’s a link to five pages of posts at Lyme Net Europe under the title Doxycycline stop Prion Proteins. Syphilis is mentioned on page 3 if not before. These pages are full of Pub Med references.


    • I truly appreciate you sending this link. When I do an autopsy on third party work it is never with the intent to reflect on the person who sent it. When I read this I got a REALLY sick feeling. I’ve been studying the entire immune system signalling system from Complement Cascade to Toll Like Receptors to the full range of Cytokines; Ubiquitin and Proteosomes. Every time I saw an NIH publication on the topic of ‘autoimmunity’ (false label) or ‘inflammation’ (laughable deflectionary word) they would describe in detail how the process was SUPPOSED TO WORK, then tell of the mutations to genes or derangement of metabolic pathways to show how it DOESN’T WORK, and then their ‘solution’ would be something as ingenious as creating an ANTIBODY TO THE NATURAL PROCESS THAT WAS OVER OR UNDER PRODUCED due to genetic mutation or metabolic derangement. I can tell you who was deranged in this scenario. It was then that I realized that they had NO INTENTION of fixing things just limping people along with expensive palliatives with the Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of anyone who might run out of money. In fact their ‘fix’ was to damage the body further with literally more ‘autoimmunity’. When I read the use of doxycycline for interrupting prions I just about went into Low Earth Orbit. First: antibiotics take the cell wall off of monsters like Borellia and friends. This makes them cell wall deficient and magnitudes worse than if you just let them make you deathly ill with their winter coats on. Doxycycline is a second-line antimalarial which revealed itself like a Neon sign in Vega when i learned the full scope of Tick Spit. Babesia is Northern Malaria. So, I get why they like to drown Lyme victims and even Lupus victims with this poison. I don’t doubt for a minute that if you use Doxycycline that it might have an effect on prions. I haven’t looked at the science enough to say if it prevents formation of NEW prions or degrades the scrapie forms already made because there is a huge difference. Prions are natural components of cellular defenses when invaded by viri or intracellular parasites. The ONLY problem is when those countermeasures cannot be re-folded or recycled after they served their purpose. This is why it is INSANITY to break someone’s fever unless their brain is cooking. I imagine that if doxycycline interferes with the antigenic structure of organisms then when they breach a cell the cell defences might not be activated therefore there will be a lack of prion defenses being release and statistically that can lower the misfolded products. This is a TRICK because now you are left with a permanent cellular infection that cannot be recognized by the cell or the immune system. (White blood cells can get inbetween and I think inside host cells). Harry Potter cloak of invisibility.–live-.html
      I test everything on myself before I even dare to bring it into public consideration. It is clear that a prion can only be broken up if there is a detergent that opens up a bond so that an acid can cleave it so that serine protease can dissolve it. I will have to apply myself to doxycycline to see just what the Mechanism of Action is because I find it hard to believe that it could accomplish all three steps.
      Coconut oil, and lactic acid from ferments should be safe for most people. I find Black Stone Flower to be tasty and possibly helpful with making a person smarter but not necessarily close the holes on the Swiss Cheese already there. A WORD OF CAUTION: DAGAD PHOOL IS A LICHEN THEREFORE IT IS AN ALGAE/FUNGUS SYMBIOTE !!!! ****ANYONE***** SENSITIVE TO FUNGAL FORMS MAY NEED TO AVOID THIS.
      The only other sources of serine proteases are in your laundry detergent
      and now nearly all organic and commercial fertilizers for lawn and garden. Bacillus subtilis, buy the whey, is a rather dangerous spore-forming organism typically found in sewage treatment plants…
      The next source is from the Serratia bacteria found in the guts of silkworms. Since Serratia was used by the CIA for war games, I’m not inclined to be taking worm-gut goo.
      The role of serratiopeptidase in the resolution of inflammation
      Again, just like I explained above they are attacking the things that are attacking things in the body. All of these enzymes are touted for ‘breaking up biofilm’ but none of the baby bird gobbling up each new palliative never stops to ask: “why was the biofilm there in the first place?” let alone “why am I eating a sewer and silkworm bugpoo to try to get well?”
      I’m tired, so I’ll stop; but please don’t stop sending me stuff, we’re hot on the trail before the trial.

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      • Riiiight…the infamous “biofilm busters” that the “LLMDs” prescribe so their antibiotics can “work”. It’s tough to have to communicate with so many quotes around things. I did not realize until now that serratia = serrapeptase, which is one of their very favorites. Oy. Thanks for cleaning that window.


      • Hey Beaux. Sorry about your grandmum. We pretty much resolved ourselves to the notion that any alphabet disease is related to the Lyme constellation. Not just the spirochetes although they are favored players. MS, ALS, Lupus, ME, I’d even be willing to include MCS in the picture along with FM, and CFS all can be traced to some arthropod vectored illness. Syphilis need not be the flavor of the day but is always a possibility. Once we saw the Alan MacDonald material on filarial worms compromising the cerebral spinal coompartment to act as troop carriers for borellia then all bets were off with all forms of neurological disorders. These days I assume that everyone has Lyme & Company worldwide. I would like a better name for it. I like Tick Spit Disease TSD, but I’m open to something really catchy… hey! dual entendre: since it is now transmissible by all human and pet body fluids it really is ‘catchy’.


      • Hey Beaux,
        this response was intended for your biofilm buster comment but somehow it got out of sequence. I will try again. There were ‘tests’ done by the NAVY in the 1950s using Serratia marcessens
        so regardless of what might be cultivated as an enzyme host for serrapetidase, I can’t get that image out of my mind so I refuse to use it for two reasons: what I just outlined and the fact that there has to be something that didn’t come from silkworm poo that can do the same job.
        If that wasn’t bad enough – and it is…
        here’s a little more admission of crimes regarding Bacillus subtilis the Magilla Gorilla of sewage bugs that they now put in PROBIOTICS…
        “In succeeding years, the UK’s biological warfare program became more oriented to defensive than offensive capabilities. By the late 1950s, rather than employing actual biological weapons, the British commonly used “simulants” in what became known as large area coverage (LAC) tests. The simulants were principally Bacillus globigii (also known as Bacillus subtilis), Escherichia coli, Serratia marcescens, and the chemical zinc cadmium sulfide.”
        I’m conversant in language in quotes to get the point across so I know the need sometimes for putting each single word in a sentence in quotes. The notion of breaking up biofilm was questioned by either the veterinarians that are now on the lyme circuit or perhaps even MacDonald. One of my hesitations comes from autistic kids that are given probiotics where a lactobacillus strain puts out D-Lactate that can spontaneously break up biofilm which would seem to be a good thing, however these kids are so neurologicaly damaged that as the biofilm and the related endotoxins hit the blood it so harms the kid who can’t process the poisons that it was better left alone. We are often in a Catch 22 with trying to undo weapons that were perfected since the 1950s. We’re still working on it though.
        Oh, and I forgot in my list of lyme-related diseases to toss in Alzheimer’s and Autism as possible candidates. That’s why they call Autism a Spectrum.


      • I was unaware of the doxcycline damaging the cell wall…..did i understood it correctly? I never took it simply because after rrading E.Sapi research on it it showed to triplify the number of spirochetes 2nd generation.


      • There are just a few strategies of antibiotics. Some are supposed biocides meaning that they kill the organism and if you follow the likes of Breitschwart and Horowitz they will tell you that for the ‘kill’ you can’t do antibiotics orally they have to be done I.V. For the record I am totally against pharmaceutical antibiotics. The other form of antibiotic is a cell-wall synthesis inhibitor. As we dig into the essence of life itself I am seeing the fringe, almost scifi aspect of what mavericks (and some legitimate nuts) say about the microbial world and am trying to rectify it with the current clinical science. It seems that ALL organisms respond to threats with adaptive behavior. Instead of E.coli dying when exposed to heat, it simply goes dormant. News to me. (You can keyword search my content, I’m too pressed for time to send links). But then DARPA and other weapons developers have hacked the genomes of a lot of life forms including extremeophiles so all you really have to do is a software patch for E. coli that might have died in the BBQ and all of a sudden its picnic pandemic. Antibiotics are environmental triggers for microbes to gentically switch to countermeasures so when confronted with cell wall synthesis inhibitors many of them like the lab-created borellia simply dig into their Transformer kitbag and turn into what is called Cell Wall Deficient or stealth forms. I used plural, because if you watch the Lida Mattman stuff she chronicals about 7-8 different adaptations of just spirochetes that range from CWD to blebs to things that she says are viral in nature. How do you ‘kill’ a thing that can turn from a vampyre to a bat to a wolf to mist? I’m not being flippant. I have never seen anything like this in all of my schooling since 1974. So, it is my considered opinion whether they did it with knowledge, therefore malice aforethought, or not, that the ‘blessing of Penicillin’ was the very trigger to create CWDs of all of the horrors that plagued mankind throughout history thus changing them from obvious monsters with outward signs (like syphilis) to transdimensional demons that possess the very souls of the infected. (I know of no way within science to speak of this insanity so I go outside of it to make analogy). A CWD spriochete can embed itself into tissue like muscle or Bartonella can burrow into connective tissue and the lining of your blood vessels and sit there (possibly wrecking havoc) until there is a signal to make it do something else. We have been looking for triggers to make these organisms re-acquire their cell walls where the immune system can ‘see’ them again and attack them (unless the organisms are living in your very white blood cells like Ehrlichia or red blood cells like Bartonell and Babesia thus rendering your immune system totally useless) and we think that it might be Cold Shock Proteins that effect the change. Jury is still out. Heat Shock proteins might have a role in killing things like Borellia since a fellow in Switzerland is using hyperthermia and antibiotics (probably a horrible idea) and ‘claiming’ to kill the buggers. Hard to know if he didn’t just switch it to any of the 7-8 other forms because when they are stealth you often don’t ‘FEEL’ bad. You are as contagious as Typhoid Mary and go about your daily life thinking you have been ‘healed’ but it may be that the stealth buggers are simply partying below immune detection. Sorry to be so grim but you will find NO ONE telling the truth on the net to this level because they are all trying to protect their guruhood and incomes while promoting ‘protocols’ that can’t work based on what I just attempted to explain. We know most of the obstacles to getting truly cleaned up and restore health, but the task is herculean so it must be understood to the molecular biological level in processes that are not even covered in any of my medical texts. That’s why I just bought Lida’s book. Of course I will post when we make headway.

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  6. While I don’t have a smoking gun, I am trying to find the comment I read recently about Salk first developing the polio vaccine with HeLa cells, and then supposedly switching to another cell line.

    This 1956 historic footage was linked of HeLa cells dividing. Not a smoking gun, but creepy to watch.

    I will keep looking for the info.

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  7. Yes I always wondered….what ever happened to syphilis? Sounds like the title of a comedy movie. Treponema was for centuries, no…millennia was a pandemic. Hitler, who was sick with it, had his medical officers experimenting in concentration camps, with the hope to find a cure. And then after WWII, it dissipated….slowly (minus the Tuskagee abomination).

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    • When a friend got Lupus and we traced it back to Lyme we then spent three months non-stop investigating Lyme & Company. Our friend came across Lida Mattman and when I watched her video I knew instantly that all of the science and medical training I got since the 1970s was totally useless and that everything that I was studying within Samuel Hahnemann’s investigation into Chronic Diseases had a clinical foundation. Here’s the spoiler: SYPHILIS NEVER WENT AWAY! BECAUSE ANTIBIOTICS TAKE THE CELL WALL OFF OF THE ORGANISMS IT SIMPLY WENT STEALTH AS DID THE TUBERCULOSIS AND LEPROSY THAT LIDA CITES IN HER LECTURE. Syphilis is a miasm that Jenner and his insane acolytes embedded into everyone in the 1800s. Leprosy/TB relates back to the Psora miasm (as does Scabies) that Hahnemann said was 7/8ths of all disease. The reason that these diseases are ‘chronic’ is because without antigen presentation the host will not have an immune response so they won’t often ‘feel’ sick. The Cell Wall Deficient monsters are crawling through our bodies like Swiss Cheese and that will definitely make you ‘ill’ but that is ammunition for the freaks called psychologists and psychiatrists who say it is psychosomatic because their collegues’ fake tests don’t show CWD organisms. Lida was the master of simple chemistry to demonstrate them and I just bought her textbook. There are no clinical tests for anything in the DSM – it is all consensus opinion. So, whereas we should be able to detect Lyme (or syphilis, or h. pylori, or leptospirosis) on table tops in our own kitchens the big boys have created a FRAUD to cover up for their pets. When I read Harris Coulter’s book on Syphilis and AIDS he gave line-item lists of how antibiotics of all classes destroy or suppress immune cells. So not only have they created CWD organisms with drugs, those same drugs then induce immune suppression. We are up against a foe that is masterful at chess. But they will be no match for the Lyme Cryme ladies and us.

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      • Thanks for your insights. No-antigen-presentation is one of the calling cards of Lyme, too….so, yeah: nothing to see here. I saw last week that some company has been awarded a cooperative agreement with the CDC for Zika diagnostics. Funny how that hysteria petered out but we still need a fake test for it. 🙄

        Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m working on things that have some big potential but may require more minds to work through strategy. It’s really time to put some crooks behind bars, but who will have the cojones to do it?


      • We like to say that the hysteria over Ebola diminished because like all uncontrollable pandemics that lack a vaccine it simply went on vacation, probably with Usama Bin Ladin or Sadam Hussein in the bahamas sipping mixed drinks. I think the adrenals of the herd have been so squeezed dry that they can’t be riled up anymore so the hucksters just throw something out there to see if it sticks but if it doesn’t they don’t care because the world including the adults now have autism (it’s a word: adult autism) and the attention span of a housefly.

        Regarding legal pursuits, I unfortunately have experience within the highest levels of governmental medicine to say that the entire thing is corrupt beyond imagination. It is like going to the Devil to petition Him to turn the thermostat down in Hell. I’m not saying to not try but you have to be totally prepared and you cannot sue or charge a ‘class’ or an ‘entity’ (like a corporation or agency) it has to be living people no matter how long that list is and you must demonstrate means, motive, opportunity and INTENT, and you must have a petition for relief. I’m telling you, and those who might be interested, what I learned from studying this stuff from the 1800s to the present. NEVER CITE LEGAL CODE. It is meaningless! There are only Substantive Rules promulgated in the Federal or State Registers that have Force and Effect (even under this military occupation) so nothing but Substantive Rules can or will be ajudicated on. This is the horror that people face not knowing how the system is run. They are allowed to posture or have their Esquires of the Court (attorneys) posture for them, while the judge already knows that the petitioners have no idea what they are talking about so he or she just bides their time doing crosswords until the nattering is done and then delivers a finding as they had already pre-determined. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, bring up the Consitution or the Bill of Rights or any other useless scrap (George Bush term) because you will be summarily ajudicated against for trespass on a private contract unless you can provide geneology of being First Families of Virginia. Then you have to understand the type of law that you will be entering the complaint into: CRIMINAL, civil, adminstrative (stay the hell out of that!), equity (useful but a trap), chancery, and give up on the patriot myth of Common Law because they did a Bait & Switch with Case Law where they have hedged their bets in that there will be cases decided on either side of an issue so a judge will rule based on what outcome was traded on the Security and Exchange commission board (I’m not being flippant on that). I’ve watch the Lakota Nation go all the way to the Haige in the World Court for literally nothing returned for their efforts so enter your venue prepared to be a defeated by a system that will do anything including lie, threaten and make law from the bench in order to protect itself. Again, not an un-pep talk to discourage but just to show the stark realities of the monster that we face. All my best. I’m here for you any time public or private.


      • >>>>”Leprosy/TB relates back to the Psora miasm (as does Scabies) that Hahnemann said was 7/8ths of all disease. The reason that these diseases are ‘chronic’ is because without antigen presentation the host will not have an immune response so they won’t often ‘feel’ sick. “<<<<< Yep, that is why Bartonella intracellular is treated exactly with the same antibiotic than the above cited.

        I always feel more empowered when I get informations from this site. In a tragic way tho……I love you guys, but I wish I my new founded interest wasn't Bartonellosis narrative books and papers.

        I got Bartonella from Scabies, in 2011 –I got it from cleaning scabies infected bedding in my son room. — Took me 2 tick bites (2014 & 2015), subsequent lyme positive CDC testing, and 18 months of non stop antimicrobial protocols Lyme specific to figure out I had Bartonella. Still to date fighting Bartonella non stop. These miasma are kept secret and no MD would even acknowledge them. Hell most MD's are illiterate in this area.

        You guys see how they are moving about with the entire vaccine scare? …..This is a long planned, decades long scam to reduce the population to a new form of slavery. Make everyone sick and nearly dead (but not quite), refuse them medical care, derail people to other, made up diseases, and now you have a totally subjugated population at the global level.

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      • This comment format is a bit odd so this reply is for Diana and Bartonellosis. I can’t ever find a button to reply directly to someone’s already posted comment.
        I’m not endorsing anyone because Brietschwart has a grant from Merck, but you can tell when someone is truly scared because his collegues are falling off the twig from just handling animals. His message was about the full range of tick spit disease but with a focus on bartonella. Again, I am not endorsing anyone but I have been assembling the material of Don Mau to test on myself for safety and efficacy because he has a lot of solid data (I do not endorse the use of MSM) on bartonella as the chief bad bug putting borellia so far down in the orchestra as to be unnoticeable. When I saw that bartonella was a calcium-plaquing NANOBACTERIA it changed my entire view on topics I can’t even get into on this post. I will say that we have been working for two years straight for a straight answer on why ancient mariners could CURE scurvy with a few lemons or sauerkraut but today it takes an IV with 40 grams of vitamin C just to not die. Bartonella has an affinity for connective tissue. Collagen is a protein that cannot be formed without Vitamin C so the noose has been closing on mysteries as to why we can’t get well no matter what lifestyle corrections we make or which guru program we follow. Not being a doctor so I can’t give medical advice I would encourage you to find the best homeopath available to try to work out the Scabies = Psora miasm with Psorinum or other properly chosen remedy because that little bastard brings not only the horrors we are talking about but also Beta hemolytic Strep if memory serves. That can give anything from sore throat to RHEUMATISM (CHECK THE REFERENCES TO THAT IN THIS THREAD) and if it takes out your kidneys with Glomerulonephritis it will be gone in two weeks so no one would ever know what happened because it won’t be recoverable by culture. Heep Bad Bug.
        Regarding the vaccine scare; take a look at the independent study that was done in Italy to show that even the labeled ingredients weren’t in the vaccines they tested. I wrote to the lab to ask them if they could sequence anything in the proteins or nucleic material listed as UNKNOWN CONTAMINANTS to match to at least borellia, but I never heard back.
        Consider: Lyme is a pandemic. How does that happen even in a world of air travel unless the thing was made into a communicable disease and might even be in that clear fluid inside the shiny needle that you are being told is a Flu shot? One of the maxims I made up in 2008 was: If you didn’t make it – you have no idea what is in it. Proven by the italians. They could be shooting any number of organisms into us and it is known that mycoplasms ‘contaminate’ nearly all biologicals.
        Sorry. Whiskey and Paxil all around on me… Nitey night.

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  8. I just read Harris Coulter’s: AIDS & Syphilis the Hidden Link. There is a lot of useful info in that book but only a few nods to ‘Lyme’ probably as part of recent editions. What I have found eeirily sinister running through this whole topic is that Lupus (that for all rational inquiry is an autoimmune condition caused by Lyme & Company) is lumped under Rheumatology. For the life of me I can’t understand why when it can affect the CNS, the Kidneys and a host of other tissues in the Host. Even more creepy is that the first signs of Visna Virus (Mad Sheep disease = Scrapie) is ARTHRITIS. Again, a rheumatic condition. The other thing that has disturbed me greatly within the Medikill system is that most hospitals have DEPARTMENTS of ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES. It was through synthesizing the work of Theron Randolph and Clemons Von Pirquet that I came up with the concept of Continuum that there is no sharp delineation betwen allergy or addiction or immunity or hypersensivity (of which allergy/anaphylaxis is Type I) or detoxification. They are all part of an integrated whole that was already pre-saged by hospitals and clinics already naming their departments that way. So much purposeful occultation, yet in plain sight.

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  9. Beaux- Thanks for another provocative post.

    There is a connection between the “immortal” HeLa cells and the creation of (polio) vaccines using the HeLa cells in the 1950s.

    But did Henrietta Lacks have syphilis in addition to cervical cancer? I have read that her husband had syphilis.

    Did mass vaccination of children in the 1950s-1960s place this spirochetal pathogen into millions of people?

    Or was there another spirochete?

    The HeLa cell line has contaminated many other cell lines, which are still being used in vaccine production today.

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    • Hey Montana. One of my list members had brought up the syphilis connection with Henrietta but they were unable to provide any clinical background on it. I have come to accept any bad news as true until proven wrong and the more horrifically outrageous it is the more true it is held to be. However, I do operate in a world of clinical science so if you can find the smoking gun on the syphilis connection I would be extremely full of grate.

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    • I bet she did. Would love to see that smoking gun. My grandmother died of “MS” but all this reading on syphilis lately really has me wondering what really made her blind and bedbound.


      • Hey Beaux. Sorry about your grandmum. We pretty much resolved ourselves to the notion that any alphabet disease is related to the Lyme constellation. Not just the spirochetes although they are favored players. MS, ALS, Lupus, ME, I’d even be willing to include MCS in the picture along with FM, and CFS all can be traced to some arthropod vectored illness. Syphilis need not be the flavor of the day but is always a possibility. Once we saw the Alan MacDonald material on filarial worms compromising the cerebral spinal coompartment to act as troop carriers for borellia then all bets were off with all forms of neurological disorders. These days I assume that everyone has Lyme & Company worldwide. I would like a better name for it. I like Tick Spit Disease TSD, but I’m open to something really catchy… hey! dual entendre: since it is now transmissible by all human and pet body fluids it really is ‘catchy’.
        (this was tagged to another comment so I reposted it here)


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