Lyme Cryme: How it all Went Down


“Lyme disease” was originally known as a “relapsing fever” or borreliosis, due to the taxonomy and nature of the organism that causes the disease. Spirochetes are their own phylum, and they shed their outer surface in a mechanism called blebbing. Through “antigenic variation,” or the ability to modify their outer surface proteins (Osps), the organism causes “relapsing fever” because the host immune response must constantly address the variable antigens. For this reason, it is not possible to vaccinate against borrelia.


These shed layers, or “blebs” are covered with Osps, referred to as OspA, OspB, etc. OspA is a toxic, fungal-type (TLR2/1 agonist) antigen that causes sepsis and subsequent post-sepsis immunosuppression in 85% of the population. This is another reason a vaccine is not possible. Examples of parallel failed fungal vaccines include tuberculosis and HIV.

CDC officers and others who were involved in the commercialization of OspA (ALDF, Mayo Clinic, Yale’s L2 Diagnostics, Corixa, Imugen, SmithKline) knew all of this during (and likely prior to) the phase I and II trials of the OspA “vaccine” patented by Yale University (5,747,294).

CDC officer Barbara Johnson owns five patents with SmithKline, the manufacturer of LYMErix. One of her patents from 1992-93 explains that there are two distinct outcomes of OspA exposure: one being an HLA-linked (genetic) hypersensitivity, or allergic, arthritic knee response (15%), and the other being the post-sepsis immunosuppression response (85%) that patients refer to as “chronic Lyme.”

Allen Steere, in 1992-93, published research in which he 1) developed fraudulent diagnostic testing that left out OspA and OspB despite those being highly immunogenic, primary diagnostic antigens; and 2) added an ELISA to be used as a “screening” test, to exclude the neurologic, or immunosuppression cases from diagnosis. This was in direct opposition to his own 1986 research which was the basis for the original,1990 case definition, and also stated that only Western blot band 41 (flagellin) was necessary to diagnose Lyme borreliosis.

In 1994 the CDC, led by Barbara Johnson, held a conference in Dearborn, Michigan, in which they changed the disease definition (“case definition”) to include ONLY the 15% arthritis cases who otherwise are not sick. The diagnostic standard was changed from one that reflected the persistence of spirochetes and their variable surface antigens (few, changing antibodies based on Steere’s 1986 report), to one that reflects only the hypersensitivity response, or the production of many antibodies, using Steere’s fraudulent ELISA. The labs that were invited to participate did not agree with the change, and reported an average accuracy rate of 15%. This “two-tier” testing protocol is still the only testing accepted by the CDC, insurance industry and medical societies, despite not meeting FDA standards for method validation (specificity, sensitivity, etc.).

Yale, in addition to owning the LYMErix (OspA “vaccine”) patent, owns the patent for the only VALID test method for diagnosing “Lyme disease” (5,618,533), a flagellin method as previously indicated by Steere as valid. They did not use their own test method to assess the outcomes of the LYMErix trials. Instead, the new, falsified Dearborn method was used, and adverse events (immunosuppression outcomes) were discarded.

Dave Persing (Mayo) owns a patent (6,045,804) for testing based on Steere’s research in which the OspA-B antigens were left out. The patent is described as a method for distinguishing OspA vaccine recipients from OspA tick bite victims. Once LYMErix was on the market, a strain of borrelia that did not have the vaccine antigens in it would have to be used. Vaccine efficacy is never assessed with the very same antigen as the vaccine antigen. Otherwise, it would not be known if the victim has the actual infection in question, or that the antibody that shows up came from the vaccine. Had LYMErix stayed on the market, this test method would have created a monopoly on Lyme disease testing in North America, with Corixa (Persing) Imugen, and L2 Diagnostics (Yale/Robert Schoen) being the only labs licensed to test for Lyme. These entities were listed with the SEC as formal partners and advertised as such. With all tick-borne disease blood samples being processed through only these three labs, they would have had sole access to whatever other tick-borne pathogens could be identified and then commercialized as additional “vaccines” and test kits.

The American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF), founded in 1990, is a False Claims-and-Racketeering organization, where the wealthy “sponsors” were apparently given some inside information regarding the companies that would be manufacturing the bogus recombinant vaccines and test kits. Those companies would be given some assurance against the prosecution of the testing scam necessary to pass off these bogus recombinant products. Members of the ALDF Board of Directors simultaneously owned patents for such products, sat on the CDC committee that approved Dearborn, and were members of the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s (IDSA’s) panel responsible for setting diagnostic and treatment policy for all of North America, and which is followed internationally.

ActionLyme started the national campaign to get adverse events like Lyme disease reported thru the VAERs, resulting in the 2001 FDA hearing in which Kathleen Dickson testified that OspA was immunosuppressive and never could have been a vaccine. The FDA issued an ultimatum for SmithKline to pull LYMErix from the market, or the FDA would. SmithKline was allowed to quietly discontinue LYMErix and claim that it was due to poor sales.

The downfall of LYMErix meant the ruin of the monopoly scheme, and the racketeering organization proceeded to slander and harass Ms. Dickson and others who sought to bring them to justice. Additionally, they have continuously slandered ill and disabled victims–under the pretense that Dearborn was legitimate– in an effort to conceal their crimes and paint the innocent victims as “crazy,” “hypochondriacs,” “loonies,” and “hysterical,” through published “reviews” of research, blogs, Internet news groups, social media, and manipulation of the media.

Senator Richard Blumenthal in 2006, then Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, filed an antitrust lawsuit against IDSA. The lawsuit should have contained a charge of fraud over the falsified case definition but that would have backfired against the State of Connecticut as University of CT (UConn) participated in Yale’s vaccine scam and such a claim would have made the State of CT liable for a class action lawsuit by the other 49 States and perhaps even by other countries. The State of Connecticut and Yale Assaulted Czech Children with a known fake vaccine (OspA or LYMErix) just to see how serious would be the adverse events. Blumenthal’s staff had previously advised ActionLyme to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice, and this was done in 2003. Thirteen years later, we are waiting for them to take action.

All sources are cited in the criminal charge sheets: Charge Sheets at TruthCures

Watch our video for more on what the disease is and how the CDC conspired to deny it.

LYME CRYME from TruthCures on Vimeo.

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  1. My daughter is bedridden she met all cdc bands for Lyme and RMSF. has tested positive to several Co infections TWICE!!. She was enrolled in nursing school and once ran 3 mi. Per day. She has cried everyday since last October due to the unbearable pain. Mornings as hell she screams from the pain. Her bones n muscles in her legs feel as tho they are being shredded, sawed and drilled into . We done everything possible in the states and recently took her to germany. We’ve spent 60,000 trying to get her better. Still in inhumane pain. Our lives have been ruined from this wicked disease that those cowards you mention say doesn’t exist! ! May they all rot in hell one day! My heart is shattered beyond a million pieces. I’ve even seeked other countries where she could be legally euthanized with dignity and be at peace. No parent should have to watch their child suffer on such a torturous way over a disease that’s not acknowledged in our country ! PATHETIC! !

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  2. I am in total support of the “three things on our agenda” you refer to however with all the knowledge and research you have done, a fourth item would be a recommended treatment for Lyme patients and their immunosuppression.


  3. I have been suffering for years. I grew up in a little town in northern California and I had this relapsing fever for years. As a child I suffered headaches, sharp pains muscle and joints, stabbing pains as I got older in my chest and private parts, tongue, eyes, muscle spasms so severe, that would lock into place for hours ending up in the emergency room. Everything always went away and I had kaiser up until last year. I have been bit by so many ticks, I cant remember them all. Ranch life on 1800 acres is going to draw a few of them. I would pick them off of my horses by the hundreds daily in the spring. As a child I would rescue blue belly lizards, snakes, frogs, and located at the base of their necks were these little tinky ticks. Placed so perfectly on their host that they were there until they got there fill and fell off. The lizards with the most ticks were very slow, sickly, and easy to catch. I would remove the ticks with tweasers as a young child. Their aren’t just 1 or 2 ticks but dozens on these small reptiles and animals, birds too. So now 20 something years later. I have suffered my entire life on and off. Three years ago, I was bite again by a female deer tick, it was so painful I thought I was punched in the ribs. I was at a all day event and went straight to a church affair. I left early that evening because I didn’t feel right. I got home and I had a huge bullseye, removed the tick and made an appointment with kaiser for the next day. This is when my life will forever be changed. Kaiser sent me home said the tick wasn’t in me long enough to create lymes disease! I kept getting sicker and sicker. The flu, rashes, fever, headache by summer I was bed ridden, they said I had fibromyalgia? I couldn’t eat, my limbs were so heavy, I couldn’t breath, I had no balance, numbness on my face, tongue, hands, twitching muscles, slurred speech. Then they put me on a antidepressant! It actually perked me up, but my symptoms became worse and worse. I started my own regimen of antibotics, herbs, vitamins, which I had become vitamin deficit in b12, iron, magnesium, got off the antidepressant and dumped kiaser! They almost killed me. I started researching, asking other victims, talking to herbal pharmacies, and still was caught stuck in between reality and a dream stat, panic attacks, dejavu, most of my days. I couldn’t speak right, couldn’t remember words, my recall was horrible and I have to college degrees and one as a paralegal. I am a smart person and I felt so dumb now. 2 years later I am still recovering its been a long road and its still a long road ahead. I appreciate your research and yes lyme is a big fucking cryme. I am mad because I can’t get my life back and it’s been taken all because thoses bastards are greedy with their own agendas! Love and peace in our journey together. Thank god for the Internet and people like you.

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    • I’m so sorry, Amy. You’re far, far from alone.

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    • Oh Amy,we had the same thing with our son. We live in Southern CA. We also had Kaiser.
      Randy got bit and he got the bulls-eye rash. His leg hurt so bad we took him to the ER. They
      told us it was a spider bit and they opened it up and packed some medicine in it. Gave him a month antibiotic. He was around 20. He started getting horrible pain all over. They said he had fibromyalgia,different things going on. It continued for years feeling worse all the time. By the time Randy was in his 30s. He started hurting so bad that he found a pain specialist
      that he thought could help him. It was 1 1/2 hrs away but that was fine. He found out that Randy had muscle degeneration and after he examined him good he said “I think he may have Lyme” that was the first time we had heard that. So he found a Lyme dr that knew about it and worked with people who had it. Kaiser said because Randy was having so much pain he was wanting opioids because he was an addict. That did it. Oh yes the drs said we have no Lyme in CA.We left that place for good.Randy had 2 excellent drs. Even though he was getting sicker he was able to become a respitory therapist and started working in a hospital. That didn’t last a year. During that time he moved out bought a puppy and got sicker. Had to move back home with mom and dad. He got permanent disability. His dr really worked with Randy. If he had been given more antibiotics At the beginning of this nightmare it would of turned out differently I think. He was a Lyme warrior. He started a Lyme group with Char. He ended up with lesions in his brain,seizures,he was always sweating or in cold weather clothes. We had to get an oxygen concentrator and time suicidal but he told me how he felt and we got him help.
      He passed away at home at night. We found him the next morning that was on Dec 8,2016.
      Death certificate says Chronic Late Stage Lyme. We are taking care of his dog. Miss him so much. Oh yes Randy was very healthy before he got bit. (At the end Randy had 5 drs Lyme,pain,neuro,psychologist,heart. He was 35.

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  4. Why would you use the words “hilarious” and “criminal nerds” in the title image to describe this situation? Nothing about this is hilarious, even lyme patients may take offense. Name calling is also not helping. Please understand language like that is counter productive to this very important cause and is part of the reason why those who matter do not take our cause seriously. If we want to be taken seriously, we must communicate seriously. Thank you for the informative article and for helping to spread lyme awareness and making progress for this critical cause which affects so many lives.

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    • I have to disagree. There is nothing wrong with taunting the crooks, and my irreverence is one of the things that many of my readers enjoy. Everyone finds something to take offense at, and I’m not going to worry about who might be offended by any little thing. Stupid crooks are hilarious, and yes, it is hilarious that they never anticipated that all of their lies and bogus research would be on the internet for all to see and share so freely. What is counter productive to the cause is people getting upset by how facts are presented instead of how we are crime victims who aren’t being helped by anyone–not even the the top cops in the land. That is serious, and people should be pissed off enough to DO something about it.

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      • Agree, I think people who make these kinds of criticisms (they don’t like “how” we say what is verifiably true) are insincere. Perhaps they’re not even Lyme victims. Perhaps they’re just upset that they were not involved in exposing this crime. Perhaps – and likliest – they’re just not putting any effort into understanding it, because they ones who do understand it are all furious, too, to know this is just a stupid crime. Stupid like the mafia or drug dealers or the Bernie Madoffs of this world who *always* get caught.

        Ever listen to cop-talk? They always say “scumbag” and the like. And that is what we have here: Low-lives trying to cheat the public out of a buck and “wasting” them when they complain. It’s not just Fraud and RICO, it’s a Color of Law case – which, duh, who’re the victims of trash-talking?

        We know these criminals will each get at *least* 10 years and probably die in prison. Some of them are probably in their 70s by now, like Allen Steere, Alan Barbour, etc. People like Edward McSweegan and Durland Fish will probably get even more prison time due to all their stalking and harassing Lyme victims and “LLMDs.” These latter 2 were the thuggier elements. You can’t call them “scientists.” McSweegan never even worked in a lab.

        And these are ^^ the kinds of things Lyme victims should be spending their time thinking about now.

        Free psychotherapy for the abused: Think like a cop. Think like a prosecutor.

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    • In the big scheme of things and the crime being committed against those suffering with Lyme disease this is what you choose to worry about? The use of a couple of words?
      Good grief.


  5. Howard Bloom authored a book: Global Brain: Evolution of of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st century (2001). In his review of this book for the “Skeptic”, Michael Shermer felt compelled to introduce “a linquistic.reference: that if the word metaphor. Now hold it for a minute most people understand the word, or think they do. It is I very powerful piece of language machinery. As Shermer points out in modern Greece many moving vans and luggage carts have the word “metaphora” (posted) on their side. It if from the Greek word meaning to transfer (based on the root, “phor” meaning ‘to bear carry’

    The WWW has the ability to capture and carry – transfer (as metaphors do) the idea of nerve cells comunicating across a brain to across a world.

    (Interestingly Shermer notes the idea of a planetary mind/communication goes back before Al Gore, and long long before computers. It dates back 3 1/2 million years ago to the earliest ancestors – bacteria and their colonies)

    Kathleen has taken a part of the WWW/Internet and has successfully improved by historical review, narrative, metaphor, badly needed intellectual argument

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  6. Prayers for all of us, for no one will escape the ravages of Lyme disease. Many have suffered and died for decades, diagnosed as something else and then tortured by monsters who used their potions, fancy poisoned-filled gadgets and greedy evil-sucking, dark-filled hearts with the last drop a of a person’s trampled, beaten poor life and many times their family’s. May all sufferers please acknowledge and praise the glorious, most loving, forgiving, accepting, merciful, supremely honorable, all-knowing, ever-present Father, who by His power will slay the evil creatures who work for the dark. Soon there will be only light, the darkness will be gone. Pray for those captured by the shadow, who are trapped by false gods, who strive for earthly pleasures through the misery of mankind. Pray that they repent, denounce evil and come to the light. Perhaps we all can enlighten the world with forgiveness, praise and prayer for all of God’s children, lost and found!

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  7. I was told no law firm wanted to take on UConn because they have “a children’s hospital.” One that assaults children with known fake vaccines and kidnaps their FAILED victims a la “child protective services.” Good one.

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