Lyme & Vaccine Antics Earn Yale the Moniker “New Hellmouth”

Oh, Yale.
Yale, Yale, Yale.
It is widely acknowledged that the State of Connecticut is more aptly referred to as “Corrupticut,” but now we know for sure that the heart of the beast lies directly within the medical and research complex of Yale University.
As if it wasn’t bad enough that they are co-conspirators in the medical scandal/fraud/RICO/homicide known as Lyme disease. Now they are coming up with ways to further cover their tracks, in a strategy that’s so poorly disguised as vaccine development that it’s frankly a little awkward.

By now, we should all be well aware of the fact that Yale’s Erol Fikrig and Richard Flavell own the only FDA-valid method for the diagnosis of Lyme disease, a la U.S Patent 5,618,533:

“Diagnostic means and methods for Lyme disease comprising B. burgdorferi flagellin polypeptides and antibodies. Compositions and methods comprising neuroborreliosis-associated antigens useful for the detection, treatment and prevention of neuroborreliosis, arthritis, carditis and other manifestations of Lyme disease.”

This is a “validation” according to the FDA’s Guidelines on the Validation of Bioanalytical Methods; the gene product is not cross reactive, the vast majority of Lyme victims produce this antibody in response to B. burgdorferi, and it is the first antibody to show up. FYI, it’s band 41 on the Western blot.
We should also recall that Yale did not use their own test—the only VALID method—to assess the outcome of their other, later, patent for the LYMErix vaccine.
Yale’s LYMErix Patent, 5,747,294:

Compare the dates on these two patents. Put quite simply, this is the Qui Tam complaint. Yale did not use their flagellin method to qualify LYMErix…Because Yale, et al, knew LYMErix would not prevent Lyme. Especially Fikrig, since he later wrote about how OspA would not work as a vaccine, anyway, due to antigenic variation or “selection pressure.”

This scientific conclusion means the same thing as “You can’t have a vaccine against Relapsing Fever, since the nature of the relapse is antigenic variation. Vaccines and antibodies do no good.”
So, they knew how to diagnose Lyme, and they made a “vaccine” that they knew would cause the disease, and because they knew, they did not use their own, earlier patent, to assess the vaccine outcomes. Cool, huh?


For more information on validations and why this is a problem, see Chapter 1 of CrymeDisease here:


Now we come to Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research.


Here is their load of crap description:

“Since its founding in 1982, the Yale Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has built a significant portfolio of inventions and patents and has grown into an engine of regional economic development. Its mission is to facilitate the translation of research from Yale’s labs into products and services that benefit society. OCR is recognized as a leading force for catalyzing economic growth by identifying, counseling and nurturing early-stage technologies and guiding the transition into robust companies.”

Translation: Through the prestige of our Ivy League status and the wealth and connections of our extensive alumni network and relationships with Pharma, government, foreign governments, insurance, organized crime, etc., we have built a multi-billion dollar corporate patenteering factory to further increase our considerable wealth with no regard for anyone but Yale and its stakeholders.
Simply follow the link to their spin-off, “VaxInnate” to see what the criminals are up to.

“VaxInnate, a privately-held biotechnology company located in Cranbury, NJ, is pioneering breakthrough technology that involves genetically fusing vaccine antigens to the bacterial protein flagellin, a potent stimulator of the innate immune system. Using this technology, vaccines can be produced by low-cost, highly scalable recombinant DNA techniques, avoiding many of the challenges and pitfalls of egg-based or cell-culture vaccine production. This vaccine platform is based on Toll-like Receptor (TLR) technology, which dramatically improves vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy. VaxInnate’s vaccines focus on infectious diseases, including seasonal and pandemic flu, dengue and Clostridium difficile.”


“VaxInnate has developed a dramatically improved vaccine platform and vaccines for infectious diseases, including seasonal and pandemic flu, dengue and Clostridium difficile. The company was founded in 2002 by Ruslan Medzhitov and Richard Flavell, both of Yale University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute and leaders in the field of innate immunity.”

Wait—Who was that? Richard? Richard Flavell? THE Richard Flavell, of Flagellin fame? The same Richard Flavell who patented the flagellin test method and then didn’t use it to assess the outcomes for his other patent, LYMErix?


Would someone please arrest this guy, already?


“VaxInnate’s proprietary Toll-like Receptor (TLR) technology genetically fuses vaccine antigens to the bacterial protein flagellin. This triggers an immune response in the innate immune system. Using recombinant DNA techniques we are able to produce unlimited quantities of vaccine in extremely rapid timeframes, with very low infrastructure costs.”

Got that? They will be able to produce “unlimited quantities of vaccine in extremely rapid timeframes, with very low infrastructure costs.”

After the LYMErix fiasco, these guys shouldn’t be trusted to feed the mice they experiment on, let alone come up with new “vaccines.” Whatever they have up their sleeve here, it can’t be good.

For 13 years since LYMErix has been off the market, we have been waiting for the Department of Justice to do its job and prosecute the LYMErix and Dearborn fraud. Thirteen years, and how many millions of people suffering because these guys were simply let off the hook? What new fraud are we going to allow them to perpetrate against humanity? Why are they still allowed in a lab?

It’s bad enough that the DOJ is ignoring this crime and allowing Yale’s mad scientists to continue developing vaccines. But what could be the worst case scenario?


If they were to use borrelia flagellin (knowing that most people produce an immune response to it) to rapidly vaccinate the world against flu or other common nuisances, everyone and their brother, uncle, cousin, dog, cat, hamster, evil twin and imaginary friend will test positive for band 41—instantly invalidating their earliest Lyme patent and solidifying Yale’s place as the lobby for the main office of Hell.

I certainly wouldn’t put it past them.
Stay tuned for my follow-up entry on the first step to take if you are a victim of Yale’s Lyme fraud.


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  1. Well, somebody here clearly claimed to potentially make a vaccine out of flagellin and the likes of the TOXIN, TLR2/1 agonist OspA whose company name is VaxInnate:
    Compositions that include hemagglutinin, methods of making and methods of use thereof
    WO 2007103322 A2
    Methods of making and compositions that stimulate a protective immune response in a subject include a portion of a protein from a naturally occurring viral hemagglutinin, wherein the portion includes at least a portion of a globular head, includes at least a portion of at least one secondary structure that causes the globular head to essentially retain its tertiary structure, and lacks a membrane fusion domain, a transmembrane domain and a cytoplasmic domain. Compositions comprise a flagellin component or a Toll-like Receptor agonist component that is at least a portion of a flagellin or a Toll-like Receptor agonist, wherein the flagellin component or Toll-like Receptor agonist component includes at least one cysteine residue and whereby the flagellin component or Toll-like Receptor agonist component activates a Toll-like Receptor 5 or Toll-like Receptor. Compositions comprise a flagellin component that is at least a portion of a flagellin, wherein at least one lysine of the flagellin component has been substituted with at least one arginine, serine and histidine, whereby the flagellin component activates Toll-like Receptor 5. Compositions can further include an antigen, such as an influenza antigen, a flavivirus antigen, a pathogen-related antigen, a bacterial capsular antigen and a carrier protein. The compositions are used to stimulate an immune response and a protective immune response in a subject.

    Another one, seems identical.

    64. A method of stimulating an innate immune response in an animal and thereby enhancing the adaptive immune response to a foreign or self-antigen which comprises co-administering a PAMP with the foreign or self antigen.
    65. The method of claim 64 wherein the innate immune response is stimulated by activating one or more of the Toll-like Receptors.
    66. The method of claim 65 wherein the animal is a mammal.
    67. The method of claim 66 wherein the adaptive immune response is enhanced by the activation of APCs by the activation of the one or more Toll-like Receptors.
    68. The method of claim 67 wherein the antigen is of bacterial, viral, protozoan, metazoan, or fungal origin.
    69. The method of claim 68 wherein the PAMP and antigen are co-administered in the form of a fusion protein.
    70. The method of claim 69 wherein the PAMP is selected from the group consisting of: bacterial lipoprotein, bacterial outer membrane protein, bacterial outer surface protein, ***Flagellins, or porins.
    71. The method of claim 70 wherein the PAMP is selected from the group consisting of: Borrelia ospA, Borrelia ospB, Borrelia ospC, the lipidated tetrapeptide of bacterial lipoprotein and Klebsiella ompA.
    72. The method of claim 71 wherein the PAMP is the lipidated tetrapeptide of bacterial lipoprotein.***

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    • VaxInnate was founded in 2002 by Ruslan Medzhitov and Richard Flavell, both of Yale University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute and leaders in the field of innate immunity.
      In 2004, the company expanded from its original New Haven, CT location and established a development team and corporate headquarters in Cranbury, NJ. Today, it occupies approximately 20,000 square feet of laboratory and office space, including molecular and cell biology labs, cell culture facilities, a protein pilot plant and analytical laboratory space.
      VaxInnate has raised over $100 million to date and is backed by well-known venture capital firms, including HealthCare Ventures, Oxford Bioscience Partners LLC, CHL Medical Partners, New Leaf Venture Partners, Canaan Partners and The Wellcome Trust.

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  2. You cant have a triacyl lipoprotein as a vaccine (see, and Barbour said the reason they’d never use a flagellin vaccine is because the antibodies against flagelling cross with human heat shock protein 60. So, I guess Yale never got the HSP-60 memo.

    But I am glad to hear this vaccine is going down “for other reasons” … perhaps related to Yale not being the least bit trustworthy and screw up everything they touch, from Infectious Diseases to psychiatry?

    The recently-former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Thomas Insel, said this about psychiatry (it is not valid, it’s just a religion or a belief system):

    “The goal of this new manual, as with all previous editions, is to provide a common language for describing psychopathology. While DSM has been described as a “Bible” for the field, it is, at best, a dictionary, creating a set of labels and defining each. The strength of each of the editions of DSM has been “reliability” – each edition has ensured that clinicians use the same terms in the same ways. ***The weakness is its lack of validity.*** Unlike our definitions of ischemic heart disease, lymphoma, or AIDS, the DSM diagnoses are based on a consensus about clusters of clinical symptoms, not any objective laboratory measure. In the rest of medicine, this would be equivalent to creating diagnostic systems based on the nature of chest pain or the quality of fever. Indeed, symptom-based diagnosis, once common in other areas of medicine, has been largely replaced in the past half century as we have understood that symptoms alone rarely indicate the best choice of treatment. .. ”

    LACK OF VALIDITY is clearly something Yale excels at.


    Maybe instead of a university, Yale can become a marketing company. Or, maybe sell flowers.

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  3. I apologize for my first comment. It was written in haste before I had taken the time to read your entire story carefully a second time.

    After that second reading, the true depths of your idiocy are only beginning to be revealed. There is a sound scientific reason they did not use their validated diagnostic tests in the lymerx trial: the antigen in the vaccine is completely unrelated to the antigen in the test. The former contains OspA (outer surface protein A) while the latter detects antibodies specific for flagellin. Yes, both proteins are part of the same Borrelia bacterium, but they are antigenically distinct and not crossreactive, i.e., antibodies specific for the vaccine antigen OspA will NOT recognize or bind to flagellin.

    This is what happens when just any old uneducated dolt with an axe to grind is given access to the interwebs.


    • You’re seeming to not understand: OspA is the vaccine, owned by Yale, correct, while they *also* own a patent for a VALID (per the FDA) test that they could have used to assess LYMErix, What the valid testing (FLA- made specific to burgdorferi, pat 5, 618, 533) SHOWS, is that Yale knows what a valid test is.
      The test they claimed to assess LYMErix, the Dearborn method (see the vaccine trial report, they used the Dearborn 5 band criteria, they claimed, to assess LYMErix), was falsified, and very very far from valid. They could have used their own valid test, but they did not, because Yale knew LYMErix not only did not prevent spirochetes, it, a fungal triacyl lipopeptide, was the LAST thing that ever could have been a vaccine.
      The talk is that Steere will be “thrown under the bus,” (not my words) and the likeliest candidates to accept a plea deal from the prosecutors will be Fikrig and Flavell (“Inventors” of both LYMErix and the FLA valid test) over the charge that they did not try to say anything about the Dearborn case definition being false.
      See more about OspA and Lyme as an immune suppessing illness here:
      And thank you for your comments despite mangling the science twice.

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  4. You’re an idiot with an axe to grind. If you had bothered to do just a cursory reading of VaxInnate’s publications, you would already know that they DON’T use Borrelia flagellin. They use Salmonella flagellin. But then, you wouldn’t have been able to throw out that last cheap shot in your idiotic playground temper tantrum.

    Or more likely, you did know the truth but had to conveniently ignore it for fear of exposing your idiocy. That is the MO of most idiot conspiracy theorists. But never fear, VaxInnate is going belly-up even as we speak, for reasons completely unrelated to your idiocy, so your little snowflake world is safe once again.


    • Well, you’re awfully damned intelligent, aren’t you? Doesn’t matter. Whatever Yale touches turns to shit, and history speaks for itself: they own both the LYMErix patent and the valid flagellin test method which they didn’t use in the vaccine trials.


      • I’m intelligent enough to recognize a stab in the dark when I see one, and that cheap shot about VaxInnate using a flagellin which they don’t use (and that is public knowledge) is clearly a stab in the dark, thrown in to try to justify the ranting of an irrational individual.


      • LOL, I achieved my purpose, and that’s all that matters. Your hissy fit is priceless–so, thanks! 😀

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