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imageLyme disease. We know what it is. We’ve compiled a ton of science that explains what it is. See the Occam’s Razor report. Do you have chronic Lyme or something like it? ME/CFS? Fibro? The NIH KNOWS WHAT IT IS and it’s all basically the same thing: post-sepsis syndrome. The research is done. Here it is on a silver platter: www.actionlyme.org

Now that you don’t have to look for common mechanisms (because that has been done, too: http://www.ohioactionlyme.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/150430_COMMONMECHANISMS_SASH.pdf), why don’t you spend your time on something productive? Have a healthy dose of outrage and channel it toward exposing and prosecuting the crime of the Lyme research fraud and falsified case definition.

Get angry about our government health agencies allowing this crime in the first place, and letting it maim and kill for 20 years post-Dearborn conference. Get angry about the top cops in the United States, the Department of Justice, not having prosecuted the Lyme criminals years ago. Get angry about our children being subjected to the same abuse–and worse–because adding the CDC vaccine schedule to a Lyme-suppressed immune system can be devastating. Get angry about ILADS not addressing the science that we Lyme victims were smart enough to figure out and share for FREE, while their focus is on selling their own books and not taking insurance.

Ask yourself: Is ILADS really so dumb that some PATIENTS had to put this puzzle together for them? If so, do they deserve our business? If not, what are they hiding? And do they deserve our business if they are being dishonest?

Do they deserve the support of patients, with limited energy and financial resources, to push legislation that intends to protect their pathetic butts from state licensing boards, when they don’t even deserve our business? If a mechanic charges you a bunch of money but does not fix your car, do you say, well, gosh, let me go pass some legislation to make sure you can keep doing that to other cars? After all, they are treating viral infections with years of antibiotic cocktails and technically, probably should lose their licenses.

Why can’t I get better? Because these stupid obstructionists keep insisting that it’s about biofilms and persistent spirochetes and co-infections and heavy metals and really–must I go on? Get angry about ILADS and the Lyme non-profits protecting their business model instead of you and your family. Get angry about IDSA simply telling ILADS that they are wrong, instead of explaining WHY they are wrong.

Get angry about the fact that your disease will never be accepted or properly treated until ILADS and LDA and their supporters get out of the way. Because as long as they waste our time and energy and money to protect THEIR interests, the truth stays buried under their faux activism and manufactured controversy.

I am livid about a 22-year-old mother losing her life to Lyme, and her baby daughter losing the one person who would, without question, throw herself in front of a speeding train to save her daughter. That’s what mothers do. And now this child has no mother. Doesn’t that make you FURIOUS?

I am angry about celebrities flitting from gala to gala in the name of Lyme research. Note to celebs: the research on the basic disease mechanism is all wrapped up in a neat little package, right here. I am angry about the time that is wasted in proportion to dollars spent by wealthy people with Lyme disease. Tick tock, tick tock. How many more lives will be lost in the name of annual awareness galas?

People say it’s not healthy to be so angry. You have to be positive or no one will listen. I say NO. I am ?!&$@ pissed off and you should be, too. It’s not about rainbows and bunnies and unicorns, unless the unicorn has skewered the bunny and cooked it in the pot on the other end. Look at what being positive and complacent has gotten us for 20 years: dead friends and a damned quilt.


Where is the anger? Where is the outrage? Where is the activism?

This is a war. It will not be won with gentle hugs or doctor protection bills. It cannot be won by supporting anyone who denies the undeniable science of the disease. IT WILL BE WON by those of us who are MAD AS HELL about our sisters and brothers being tortured to death. I refuse to let this continue another 20 years, or 10, or even 5. I intend to get this done.




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  1. Reading Beaux’s rants reminds me of listening to Jesse Jackson speak. A bunch of big words strung together but no coherent thought.

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  2. You are right… What do you have in mind as far as activism, action, etc??
    as long as the two sides are fighting it out, nothing will ever change…. We need to take the reigns…… This is something I’ve been thinking about, furious about, disgusted about for years……
    Let me know if you have any ideas to put into action…..

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    • We tried a protest last June, but most people are too sick and broke to make a trip like that. We ended up with 12 or 13 meetings with legislative staffers in DC, and we dropped by about 20 different foreign embassies with our fact sheets. We have a few ideas we are discussing for 2016, but nothing solid yet. Open to ideas!


  3. You are dead ON.

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  4. My bartonella rage wants my to hack idsa cdc ilads top scam artists bank accounts hold thier funds hostage, ok no i just wanna kidnap and hold them hostage in person and inject each one of them with lyme and bart and babe. Then have them take 28 days of abx.

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